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Research finds ocean health could recover in one generation

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In a study published in the journal Nature, leading marine scientists from 10 different countries have determined that with concerted efforts, the ocean’s ecosystem could recover within 30 years as it is remarkably resilient. The researchers pointed to the successes of previous conservation efforts that saw the recent rebounding populations of humpback whales, seals and sea otters. They further recommended that the international community work to mitigate the climate crisis and stop pollution and overfishing. The study’s leader, Professor Carlos Duarte, said, “One of the overarching messages of the review is, if you stop killing sea life and protect it, then it does come back. We have a narrow window of opportunity to deliver a healthy ocean to our grandchildren, and we have the knowledge and tools to do so.” Thank you, scientists, for your hope-filled roadmap to return the planet’s oceans to their former glory. In Heaven’s grace, may we respect all ocean beings, for our own and our future generation’s survival.
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