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Nhạc Cụ Truyền Thống: Kèn Túi Scotland

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There are countless different types of musical instruments in the world. Their melodic sounds bring comfort, beauty and upliftment to our lives. "In ancient times, the spiritual practitioners who are connected to Heaven, at times tried to replicate the mesmerizing, wonderful music of the celestial abode by creating instruments." From the first instant we hear them, the euphoric sounds of the Scottish bagpipes seem to clear our minds and transport us to a faraway dimension. This marvellous instrument, also called the Great Highland bagpipe, is Scotland’s national instrument and one member of the diverse bagpipe family. The bagpipe is one of the oldest known musical instruments in the world. The first indication of such an instrument was found on a Hittite slab from the Bronze Age at Eyuk, in the Middle East. One of the most well-known and iconic songs played on the Scottish bagpipes is the Christian hymn, “Amazing Grace.”
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