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Perfect Day - Tái Phát Minh Sản Phẩm Bơ Sữa

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As many of our Earth-loving viewers may know, raising cows for their milk is very unsustainable and requires vast amounts of resources such as water, land and food. The worst aspect of the entire dairy industry is that hundreds of millions of cows are kept in a repetitive cycle of abuse, being forcibly impregnated, giving birth, then suffering the loss of their babies. One pioneering start-up is Perfect Day, a San Francisco-based company in California, USA, that is developing a yeast-derived milk. Started in 2014,Perfect Day, which was originally called Muufri, is now led by Mr. Ryan Pandya and Mr. Perumal Gandhi, who have assembled a team to create milk, exactly as many people have known it, but without a cow.
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