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Nguồn Gốc Cao Thượng: Phái Chishti Của Đạo Sufi - Thương Yêu Thượng Đế, Tôn Trọng Tất Cả

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Throughout the centuries, the Chishti Order emphasized the importance of keeping a vegetarian diet. “There are two things which speak against flesh-eating: one thing is that meat, as a substance, hinders spiritual progress, and the other is that the unkindness toward the animals in a breach of moral law. Morally, there is no doubt that it has a hardening effect upon the heart of man, which is meant to sympathize, not only with his follow man, but with every living creature. There is no doubt that if all the people in the world became vegetarian, there would be no more wars. A person who refrains from killing the lower creatures would surely not be inclined to kill his fellow man. ”
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