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In today’s news, China donates to Cambodia’s landmine clearing efforts, UN declares 2021 the “International Year of Fruits and Vegetables,” Ethiopia builds giant wind farm, Russia developing an antidote for COVID-19, United States police officer saves baby’s life, vegan chicken drumsticks with impressive texture released in Singapore, and heroic dogs save family from house fire.

China donates to landmine clearing in Cambodia.

China donated equipment such as protective headgears, outfits, and boots, plus landmine detectors and vehicles to boost Cambodia’s mine clearance efforts. At an official ceremony in the capital city of Phnom Penh, His Excellency Wang Wentian, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, presented the supplies to His Excellency Ly Thuch, the First Vice President of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority, and expressed China’s wish to help Cambodia achieve its goal to eliminate all mines and such remnants by 2025. China is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wise Governance recipient and a laureate of six Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, Environmental Protection, Wildlife-Protection, and Compassionate Protection. Thank you, Your Excellencies and China, for your humanitarian and brotherly spirit. May Heaven bless the loving Cambodian people to live in safety, joy, and peace.

United Nations designates 2021 the “International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.”

The new campaign is to highlight the vital role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition and food security, as well as in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals of eliminating hunger and poverty and protecting our planet. At the launch of this proclamation, UN Secretary-General His Excellency António Guterres noted in a statement that fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet yet are not consumed enough. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization also released a promotional video: “Full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, history, culture, and traditions ... Because we’re what really makes you tick, what makes your eyes sparkle, and your smile dazzle. We are Fruits and Vegetables ... Simply Beautiful!” The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Many thanks for encouraging plant food consumption, United Nations. May all countries quickly shift towards veganism to build a more vibrant and sustainable world, in Divine resplendence.

Up next, Ethiopia builds giant wind farm. We’ll just take a little time to thank the hard-working freight and material movers at warehouses who bring heavy items to storage and loading areas. We will return with more high-thinking news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, gentle viewers, I’m Stephen the vegan Spectacled Bear. Who is watching my tip of the day? Oh, I know, my lovely vegan friends, how lovely You and I have become since we switched to a vegan diet, my friends say I am so adorable as a vegan and they follow suit. Now we are all soo adorable that everyone loves to hang out with us. Here is a pasta cooking tip for you. Let’s suppose you are boiling about 5 liters of water for cooking your pasta. When the pot has come to a boil, sprinkle in about 2 tablespoons of coarse sea salt for flavor. It is important that the water is salted before adding in the pasta so that the salt can be soaked up as the pasta is cooking. Just a small amount of salt will go a long way to add more taste! Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

Ethiopia sees construction of 100-megawatt wind energy facility.

Spain-headquartered Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy recently began construction of the Assela wind farm near the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa. When the project is complete in 2023, its 29 wind turbines will deliver clean energy to approximately 400,000 households and reduce 260,000 metric tons of CO2 each year. Blessed with an abundance of wind, Ethiopia has deployed 324 megawatts of wind capacity to date and has set an ambitious goal to become 100% renewable countrywide by 2030. Ethiopia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Earth Protection and a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace. Congratulations, Ethiopia, on your green accomplishments! May Heaven continue to guide your wise leaders and citizens on the path to lasting sustainability, peace and prosperity.

Russia developing world’s first antidote for COVID-19.

Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) recently announced that it has found a world-first COVID-19 antidote that can directly inactivate the virus within infected patients. FMBA reported that the medicine has so far been over 99% effective in pre-clinical tests and is also very safe. In addition, the nation is developing another medicine to treat highly complex cases of COVID-19, where it could lower overreactions of the immune system and thus reduce tissue damage. Russia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Wildlife-Protection, and a Shining World Generosity Leadership Award. Our gratitude, Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency, for your diligent work to help save people’s lives. In the grace of the Providence, may sound viral treatments soon become widely available as we meanwhile pray for humanity to switch to the pandemic-stopping vegan lifestyle.

United States police officer saves baby’s life.

Officer Philip Claibourne in Nashville, Tennessee saved the life of a 9-month-old baby who had a restricted airway. After seeing Officer Claibourne and his partner on duty while parked at a gas station, the distraught mother of the baby, Tanisha Rutledge, drove up, jumped out, and pleaded with them to help. Using his training for such emergencies, Officer Claibourne gently turned the baby on his stomach, patted his back firmly, and was able to clear the obstruction. The child immediately started crying and coughing, to the relief of his mother. A father of a baby girl, Officer Claibourne recommended that all parents learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the Heimlich maneuver. God bless you, Officer Philip Claibourne, for your quick life-saving actions. We pray that you will live a long and healthy life as you continue your noble job, serving your fellow citizens.

Coming up, innovative vegan chicken drumsticks released in Singapore. We’ll pause to play fetch with our puppy and give her some extra loving attention that she needs. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more friendly news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Loving News for a Compassionate World.

Singaporean company innovates vegan chicken drumsticks.

Singaporean plant-based startup Shandi Global has produced a vegan chicken drumstick that tastes and pulls apart like meat-based chicken. The product tastes like it has been roasted over bamboo charcoal, and is made from soybeans, mung beans, white beans, urad lentils, chickpeas, spices, and more. Apart from Singapore, the meat-free drumsticks will also be distributed in Australia, Canada and India, along with their other plant-based chicken products. The new item is high in protein, has the same amino acid profile as its animal-based counterpart, and will sell for the same price as comparable meat products. Wonderful news, Shandi Global, on this exciting release. May your delectable offerings help to displace animal products as the vegan world awakens in Heaven’s benevolence.

Canine companions save family from disastrous house fire.

The Kingery family of Lincoln, Nebraska, United States were getting ready for bed one evening when their three Pomeranian companions, Lady, Taz, and Coco, started barking continuously. This prompted the family’s teenage son to look out the window and see smoke and flames. The Kingerys immediately went outside and then realized that it was their own home on fire. The fire alarm had not gone off, and the most affected part of the house included the cars with full tanks of gasoline, so the dogs’ barking was vital. Firefighters arrived and entered the home to rescue the three canines, one of whom they had to revive. The whole family were thankfully all right, and their house is now undergoing repair. God bless you, Lady, Taz and Coco, plus our grateful salute to the firefighters. Wishing all of the Kingery family continued safety and a speedy rebuilding of their home.

Time to relax and feel good with the joke of the day we’ve picked for you. It’s entitled, “King’s Routine.”

In class, as the teacher started discussing the topic from yesterday, he asked:

“So, why would a king go to the dentist?”

“To get his teeth crowned!”

And now we have a heartline from Cam in the United States:

Dear Master and Supreme Master TV Saints, Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day! Thanks millions and billions to Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV Saints. Your Boundless Love and Blessings for our planet make my heart bright and shining every day. Your positive news programs are the best medicine to heal our souls and keep us safe during COVID-19. Every day I pray for your health, happiness, and safety. Thank you for making World Vegan that I’m sure will be coming soon. With all my love and gratitude, Cam from Seattle, United States

Delightful Cam, Thank you for sharing your uplifting comments and artwork. Noteworthy News surely reminds us of all the great, positive changes taking place around our planet. We, too, feel so much better knowing about all the good things happening and we continue praying for a vegan world! Bravo, Most Compassionate Master, with our eternal gratitude! May Master’s Love and Wisdom brighten your life and the lives of the noble American people. In Universal Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Grateful Cam, I am happy to read your note and see your loving art. Help spread the vegan message in any way you can and ask your loved ones to join us for the World Vegan prayer on Thursdays and Sundays weekly. May God’s infinite Light always be with you and my Honorary Country, United States of America.”

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