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In today’s news, Bangladesh receives funding to increase food security, Australian study validates harmful effect of heavy smoking, research finds wild bees are essential for pollinating crops, wind energy development increases in Spain, Syrian boy raises funds to help vulnerable children, celebrated British natural historian advises plant-based diet for our planet, and bats use special vocalizations to communicate with their offspring.


World Bank supports food security in Bangladesh.

The World Bank approved funding of a 30-year term credit of US$202 million to be used to add 535,500 tons of grain storage capacity to benefit 4.5 million Bangladeshi households. Eight modern grain storage units for wheat and rice will be constructed in eight districts, thus enhancing food security in difficult situations such as climate disasters and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, grain storage management will be more efficient with the use of an online Food Stock and Market Monitoring System. Losses will be reduced by 50% while the nutritional value of the grain will be extended from six months to two years. The initiative has already assisted in the manufacture and distribution of 500,000 sealed food containers to vulnerable households. Our sincere appreciation, World Bank, for your vital support. May all precious beings find stability and flourish in Heaven’s grace.


Researchers investigate the effects of heavy smoking.

A recent study, led by the Australian Centre for Precision Health at the University of South Australia, found that heavier smokers had a more than 30% increased risk of being affected by certain diseases. After examining data of more than 152,000 long-term smokers in the United Kingdom, the researchers concluded that there was a 17 times greater risk of becoming victim to emphysema, eight times higher incidence of atherosclerosis, and a 6.5 times greater occurrence of lung cancer for heavier smokers. Chief Investigator of the study, Professor Elina Hyppönen, stated, “…our study shows that each additional cigarette smoked matters, notably increasing the risks of cancer, respiratory, circulatory and many other diseases.” Many thanks, Professor Elina Hyppönen and co-researchers, for this significant study. In God’s loving protection, may your work help to promote healthier choices for longer and happier lives.


Up next, research finds wild bees are essential for pollinating crops. We’ll pause for a moment to appreciate linguists, who study how human language works and changes over time. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more visionary news.

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Study shows that wild bees are valuable contributors to the economy.

A research team led by Rutgers University in the United States, has determined that wild bees generate around US$1.5 billion in revenues in North America per year from pollinating just the seven crops the scientists analyzed. In the most extensive study of its kind in the region to date, the researchers surveyed 131 commercial farms in the US and Canada, which grow crops including sweet and tart cherries, watermelons, blueberries, apples, almonds and pumpkins. It was determined that wild bees provided about the same amount of pollination as honey bees, and several of those crops were not fully pollinated, which means the crops would have been more abundant had there been more bees. Our earnest thanks, researchers, for highlighting the immense benefit of wild bees. May our diligent pollinator friends be always safeguarded as we work to convert our agricultural systems to vegan, organic farming, in Divine brilliance.


Spain’s largest electric utility company installs wind farm in the Teruel Province.

Endesa has connected the 14.4-megawatt Oriche wind park to the grid to provide power to the municipalities of Allueva, Anadón and Fonfría in the Teruel Province in northeastern Spain. The €14.8 million facility will produce enough clean energy annually for 15,000 households. Furthermore, the plant will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 31,800 metric tons. This project adds to Endesa’s growing portfolio of renewable assets, which they plan to fully decarbonize by 2050. Way to go, Endesa, on your ever-expanding green energy capacity. In Celestial light, may your sustainable goals be realized as your eco-efforts benefit the planet and bless Spain with good fortune.


Caring youth offers his art to buy safety masks for disadvantaged children.

Twelve-year-old Raghdan Faraj of Sweida city in Syria, was concerned when he saw underprivileged youngsters in his community not wearing face masks to protect them from the COVID-19 virus. The compassionate boy therefore came up with the idea of selling his artwork, drawn during the lockdown with the help of his brother. He displayed 25 drawings on the sidewalk in his city, many of which highlight the need to wear a mask at all times, and all were sold. This enabled the young artist and his mother to purchase masks along with hand sanitizer, and distribute them to children in need. Raghdan has promised to create more artwork to sell to continue the initiative, and has encouraged friends to assist others during the pandemic. Heaven bless you, compassionate Raghdan! You uplift our hearts with the generous sharing of your talents for the safety and well-being of those around you, in the benevolence of Allah! Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Lovingly present Raghdan Faraj the Shining World Compassion Award, with a token gift of US$10,000 to help buy more masks for the children in need. We are impressed by your tender care for your fellow friends. May Heaven’s love comfort you all your life, and protect you from harm, with all love and love, and love.”


Coming up, celebrated British natural historian advises plant-based diet for our planet. We’ll spend some time now to be grateful for the chance to wake up one more day and make a small contribution to the world. More inspirational news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Glorious News for a Radiant World.


Renowned United Kingdom environmentalist urges people to go plant-based to save the Earth.

After spending his entire career exploring and admiring our wondrous planet as a writer, presenter and natural historian, the 94-year-young Sir David Attenborough acknowledges the world as he knew it has started to crumble. In A Life On Our Planet, his new documentary available on Netflix, he explains why and how to address the climate emergency to safeguard our planet and the animals: “We must radically reduce the way we farm. We must change our diet. The planet can’t support billions of meat-eaters. If we had a mostly plant-based diet we could increase the yield of the land. We have an urgent need for free land... Nature is our biggest ally.” Our praises and gratefulness, Sir David Attenborough, for your enduring devotion to encouraging the appreciation and protection of our world. May people quickly switch to the vegan diet to restore our precious Earth and save her inhabitants, in the elevating mercy of the Providence.


Scientists in Germany find bats use special vocalizations to communicate with their offspring.

In a study by Dr. Ahana Aurora Fernandez as part of her doctoral thesis and Dr. Mirjam Knörnschild, the greater sac-winged bat’s vocalizations were recorded at three different locations in Central America from 2015 to 2017. According to the sound recordings, as the three-month-old pups begin to vocalize, the mother bats “babble” to encourage the pups, while the male adult creates distinctive sounds, possibly to teach their youngsters to differentiate their group from other ones. Such fascinating findings and thank you, Dr. Ahana Aurora Fernandez and Dr. Mirjam Knörnschild. In the overflowing wisdom of the Divine, may we all appreciate the intelligence of our wonderful animal friends.


Let’s bring a little fun into our lives with the joke of the day. This one is entitled “Exceptional-IQ Issue.”

“So? How was my speech?”

“You know, I bet you’re smarter than Einstein.”

“Exactly what do you mean that I must be smarter than Einstein?”

“I mean, nobody could understand your speech.”



And now we have a heartline from James Collins in the United States:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team, This is a heartline originally created in 2004, by one of Master’s earlier disciples, Bhiksuni Ch’an mo. Ch’an mo was a dear friend for many years, and because she shared so many wonderful stories about her time with You, it provided a familiarity that proved so helpful in my early years as a disciple. I was asked to convey this message to Master, if I was ever given the opportunity.

Ch’an mo knew even in 2004 that You were going to rise to an amazingly high vibratory level in order to help save the world. She also knew there would somehow be a vehicle created to bless our planet with this Highest Master Power. She could almost envision that there would one day be Supreme Master Television. Bhiksuni Ch’an mo also knew that she would probably not live long enough to see it happen. She wanted to join You years ago at the Florida Center, but knew her health was failing, and she never wanted to be a burden to You. I’m sure she would have loved watching Supreme Master Television understanding its purpose. Attached is a brief recording where she discusses the only thing that mattered to her, the Noble Mission of Supreme Master Ching Hai. My best wishes and love, James Collins, Portland, Oregon USA

“It fit when I met Master, because She had the same ordination, the same type, you know there are different lineages, and She had the same one. And so, there was a connection. When She saw me, it was this. I don’t like to just be the beginner. If I want to do something, I want to do it all the way. I remember that She said to me, ‘Ch’an mo, you'll never be alone now. I'll always be with you.’ And that didn’t mean just me. It's just that She was picking up my vibes. Because when I first got initiated, I still had the luggage from before, and She picked that up. So She was trying to turn me around, which She did.”


Sensitive James, Thank you so much for sharing this special message from the Venerable Bhiksuni Ch'an mo. Many can attest that she was indeed very loving, generous with her time and helpful to other initiates, especially new disciples at the beginning of their journey. Beloved Ch’an mo was indeed a visionary as Supreme Master Ching Hai is the Ultimate Master and of the highest spiritual level to have ever graced our planet. Master’s spiritual energy is truly of unparalleled power and blesses the Earth to uplift it to a higher vibratory level. Eventually, divine understanding, peace and love will prevail on our planet. Bhiksuni Ch'an mo certainly participated in the process, and we are sincerely thankful for her noble contribution. May she continue to be blessed by Master in the High Heavens. Wishing you and the resilient United States God’s boundless mercy, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master said: “Thank you, dedicated James, for sending the message. Hearing of such a loyal old friend brings back many warm memories of her and the simpler times together. Her pure soul is blessed by the highest power of the Divine. Rest assured that she is in the pure New Realm enjoying unfathomable bliss. Love to you and the forthright people of the United States. Take care!”


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We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be illuminated by the blessings and light of Heaven.

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