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Between Master and Disciples

God’s Grace and World Prayer for a Total Global Change, Part 2 of 6, Nov. 20, 2022

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Sometimes I’m surprised that my dog- or other animal-, the wild animal-people use such high English words that I hardly ever remember if I even know about that word. (Wow.) Yeah! Because I was thinking in my mind maybe he said this, said that, but then the word comes out of them completely different from what I thought. It’s the same meaning, it’s just better English, (Wow.) more accurate.

I said, “But I’m so sorry. I don’t always have time to feed you guys all the time.” I told Neo, the king. I said, “I’m sorry, my life is crazy. I don’t have regular time, even for myself. So, if I don’t feed you enough or if I don’t come on time, when you’re hungry, because you come sometimes in different, separate groups...” Sometimes a lot come. But later on, there are some latecomers. Later I knew it, and I saved some for the latecomers.

Like, they have guards. They stand in the four directions, not eating and guarding it. (Oh. Wow.) Later, I observed and I knew. Always, every day, they maybe take turns or not, I didn’t ask about that, but whenever they saw me, when they knew I woke up already, they can sense it – and then they immediately call each other. There is a high pitch tone, something like “Eh, eeh, eeh.” (Oh.) I don’t have talent for that.

And then there is always one seabird-person standing around and calling. And the other bird-people are also calling, but in a different language. I cannot copy all of them. Some are saying, “Wah, wah.” The other one says, “Wehgo, wehgo, wehgo.” (Oh.) All kinds of things. And I know that.

Then immediately, more or less within minutes or sometimes less – seconds, they all come, a big, big group and then eat, eat, eat, quick, quick, quick, and go. I said, “It’s very good like that. You should not stay, because if the neighbors or other people see it, they might give me a hard time,” like in the hotel last time. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

So, they ate and they never lingered. Even the pigeon-people ate, ate, ate, quick, quick, quick, and then they flew away. Always good and clean. They picked everything. Nothing left at all. If something small is left, the pigeon - and smaller bird-people come later and clean it all up. It’s wonderful. (Wow.)

And so I said, “Well, if I don’t feed you well, maybe you still eat the fish? You like it anyway because you seagulls, normally eat fish, right? You like them better, no? I’m sorry I can’t feed you fish. And he said, “No, no, Your food is helping much.” (Oh.) I repeat exactly what he said. Not one word less or more. (Yes, Master.) If I need to explain then I will, but normally I repeat the same as what he said because it’s very clear. They talk quickly and simply, but very accurately. (Yes, Master.) Their expression is accurate, more than mine. (Wow.)

Sometimes I’m surprised that my dog- or other animal-, the wild animal-people use such high English words that I hardly ever remember if I even know about that word. (Wow.) Yeah! Because I was thinking in my mind maybe he said this, said that, but then the word comes out of them completely different from what I thought. It’s the same meaning, it’s just better English, (Wow.) more accurate. I feel ashamed to tell you. I can’t remember all the English in the dictionary. (Right.)

Besides, when I write something, to comment on your shows, I always choose the shortest possible word, with the same synonym. (Yes, Master.) Even if I know a better word, I choose the short one because I’m too lazy to write too many things. Too many things I have to take care of all day, also. Not just the Supreme Master Television shows. (Understand, Master.) Many ideas I have to consider, many things I have to plan in advance. Many other things. Because I have too many people working for me, or with me, and also related businesses and all that. So, I choose the shortest words possible and whenever I can shorten them, I always shorten them. Luckily, you know everything. You guys, all of you, understand what I said.

I don’t write the whole thing, I don’t write sometimes even… I don’t care about grammatical stuff, because I know you understood. And then, you would just do it anyway. (Yes, Master.) Just like I told you before, instead of saying, “Where are you?” I just say, “Where you?” But you understood. Right? (Yes, Master.) Why bother? Why say, “Where are you?,” when I can say, “Where you?” You also understand. (Right.) Doesn’t that save more time for us? (Yes, Master.)

Just like I don’t wash my dishes every day because it’s too time-consuming. I save electricity, I save water, I save soap by washing every couple of days or three days, it depends on how much. I put them in a bucket and when it’s almost full or full, I just rinse – put water to soak them, so all the hard things come out. (Yes, Master.) And when I empty that water, then it’s almost very clean, so I put some soap and put water in, and after a while, I just rinse it off because it’s good by itself. I don’t have to scrub one by one. (Yes, Master.)

It’s very convenient. And whichever one still has leftovers on it, I just scrub it off then. The rest are so simple. (Yes, Master.) Just soak them and then rinse the dirty water out, all the debris goes out, and then put soap and water, and then rinse one more time. Finito. I have to think of many ways to skip work. (Yes, Master. Understand. Very creative.)

Sorry, where were we? (About the seagull[-person]. Neo.) Oh, Neo. King Neo. So I said, I wonder who are you to me. Why do I love you guys so much? Whenever I see you, I feel so much love, love for you. I feel you’re beautiful and so pure and innocent and such wonderful beings. I really love you. And even if I don’t see you, but I know you are eating outside from my feeding, I love it so much. I really am very happy to feed you. Tell me if you remember who you are to me.” (Oh.)

And so, he said to me, “It was long ago, in another lifetime.” Oh, first of all… Of course, I knew some already, but I just wanted to see whether or not the animal-people remember anything. (Oh. Yes, Master.) But I’m surprised, most of them, they remember, better than all of us. (Oh, wow!)

So, small boy, if you want to remember your past life, come back as an animal-person. Easy. You want that? Otherwise, like Jesus says, “What for you worry about the past or the future? Today is the way it is already.” It’s truly like that. I don’t even want to remember anything – past life or future, because I’m too busy. A lot of work already in the present life, present time. (Yes, Master.)

But I asked him anyway, “Do you remember what made you become a bird-person or which Heaven you came from?” He said, “A very low astral heaven.” So, I said, “Why is that? And why did you become a bird then? Why did you guys become birds?” He said, “Oh, because we disturbed peace.” I said, “Hey, don’t use such philosophical words. Tell me, what did you do? What bad things did you do?” (Oh.) “Disturbed peace.” So simple.

I know they did bad things, so I said, “Not just like that.” So, he told me, “We were bandits. We were robbers.” (Wow! Oh!) He said, “We did so many things – bad things also for survival.” Oh, and I felt softened a little bit because I know how hard it is, the human life.

Can you hear me? Hallo? (Yes, Master. We can hear.) Good, good. Now and then, cough-cough or something. Because you’re so quiet, I thought you’d gone to sleep. (No.) Say, “Yes,” or something like that. (Yes, Master.) I know you are attentive, I’m just worried because sometimes the phone’s funny. (Right. Understand. Yes, Master.) On the road, it’s different than the steady landline phone at home. (Right, understand. Yes.)

And then I said, “OK, just tell me. What did you do to become a bird? Exactly that reason only.” So, he said, “We were robbing people. We were robbers.” (Wow.) I said, “Oh, did you kill anyone?” He said, “No, no, no. We just rob their money.” That was one life. I said, “Oh. So, now, I’m feeding criminals? But then, how are you so lucky to even find good food from my hand, because…”

Oh, I asked him before, if I don’t feed him, would he prefer fish. “Fish is better for you, right?” He said, “No, no. No.” I said, “You don’t like fish? Fresh fish? I thought you guys, the birds, you would like fish. That’s why you eat them.” (Right.) And then he said, “No, no!” And he asked me, “Would You, Yourself, like fresh fish?” (Wow.) Then I said, “No! Of course, not. But I’m a human. And I’m not made to eat fish. But I thought you are made to eat fish.” He said, “No, we have no choice. We have to eat fish, but they’re stinky. (Oh. Wow.) It’s not good. We just have to eat to survive.” (Oh.) Then I felt so, so bad, so bad. Oh my God. So, I said, “OK. OK. I’m so sorry that you have to eat fish like that, that you don’t like.” So, he said, “Don’t worry, Your food helps much.”

Again. I can’t remember the sequence. I tell you what I remember. (Yes, Master.) Because I can’t help it. Sometimes, one thing leads to another, and I break the story and don’t tell you straightforward the story. It’s not like I’m reading a book or teleprompter or something here. I never do. When I talk to you, I don’t read anything. (Yes, Master.) Except when I read a story, that’s different. But I’m not reading any notes.

I’m talking to you now sitting in the dark. (Wow. Oh, my goodness.) I don’t need light. I talk with my mouth, not with my eyes, so… My eyes need to rest, they burn. Sometimes, often, because of too much radiation from the monitor and computer stuff. (Yes.) I mean, we have these earthing stuff, but the eyes are most vulnerable. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And I’m not getting any younger. Even talking to you on the mobile, next to the ear, I feel like electricity is pinching it. (Oh.) So, I have to remember to put a little distance. I’m sorry the story is not all that crispy.

So, I said, “OK. At least you didn’t kill anybody, and that is good. But how then did you not go to hell for all that? He said, Oh, we didn’t rob too much and we were not beating people or anything. We did what we could quietly, and not very brutally. And we also repented. And we had no job – we had to survive for the family and all that. So, we had to rob but we felt very bad. So, Heaven was kind of lenient to us.” (Oh.)

I said, “Oh, OK. So, do you remember anything good that you did, so that today you even met me and saw me? And even get fed from my hand. I had to chop many loaves of bread for you and feed you. Do you remember how you got to this lucky point?” So, he said to me, “We did give some donation, for your cause.” (Oh.) I said, “Oh, wow. That’s pretty good.” But it’s not the same lifetime. It’s a different lifetime.

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