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In the Hour of Heavens’ Judgment, Wake Up and Be Vegan Now, Part 1 of 8, June 21, 2022

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I’m glad that they continue to help and support Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Because people worry, and I also worry, that they’ll get into a fatigue mood. (Yes, Master. Right, yes.) If a thing goes on for long then people get fatigued. Me too, but that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to support and pray for them. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) And also, Europe is beginning to use coal again now. Like Holland, Germany and Austria to begin with.

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hallo, guys. How are you? (Oh, we’re doing very well. Good, thank You, Master. And how is Master?) I’m good. I’m good. (Oh, great. Oh, good, Master.) I’m good. No big problems. Thank God, Thank God. (Yes, thank God.)

Last time I told you food doesn’t taste good, and I don’t eat well – and after that I ate a lot. (Oh.) I don’t dare say anything. I ate a lot one time and it tasted so good. (Oh. That’s good to hear, Master.) Only that time. Thanks to your prayers.

How was the food, the vegan cheese? Everything OK? Taste good? (Oh, yes, very nice, Master. Very excellent, Master. Thank You. It’s very authentic.) Wonderful. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

All of you. Listen, we have to rotate. If we have some cheese, we have to take turns to eat. Not everybody can have it at one time. (Yes, Master.) Because, the vegan cheese is so popular that we have to queue to order. (Wow.) If you buy one or two pieces, then maybe they have it. But I have an army. Inhouse army. (Yes, Master.) And I can’t just give to one and not give to the others. (Yes, Master.) So, whatever you can have, just count your luck. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master. We always appreciate, Master.)

I ordered some more, but normally they should have come, like today. But then they said the vegan cheese hasn’t developed enough yet, we have to wait maybe a week or more. (Ah.) Not certain. So just drooling and waiting. (Yes, Master.) It’s so popular. Or some don’t make it quick enough. Because it takes time to age. (Yes, Master.) And once they’re sold, you have to wait for a new batch. (Oh, right.) That’s the thing.

I have some good news that I’d like to report to you. (Oh, yay! That’s great, Master.) I read it on the news, on the Internet. (Yes, Master.)

Like, UK says that UK troops must prepare to fight in Europe again. (Oh, wow.) They prepare. (Yes.) Well, it’s not very good news, but what I mean is, they have this kind of correct view already. (Yes, Master.) Not waiting till the last minute, like what happened in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) They’re preparing and training. Also, NATO is training somewhere. The US also.

EU leaders, many leaders went to Kyiv, including Macron. (Yes, that’s right. Oh, yes.) The President of France and the leader of Italy, Draghi. And from Romania and from Germany. (Yes.) Even Macron and Germany, they all came, kissing each other and all that. So romantic. It’s some nice scenery for a change. (Yes.) For a change from only war scenery all the time up to now. (Definitely. Yes, Master.) They seem to be all very united and supportive of Ukraine. (Yes. Wonderful.) Hope things turn out even stronger than that.

“Media report from NBC News, June 17, 2022, Zelenskyy (m): Russia does not have a choice of whom and when to threaten, whom in Europe to grant safety. Russian aggression against Ukraine is aggression against all of Europe. Against all united Europe, against every one of us, against our values. Our response must be united.

Macron (m): We have jointly expressed our desire to confirm through actions beyond words, that Ukraine belongs to the European family. All four of us support the status of Ukraine’s immediate candidacy for accession to the European Union.

Draghi (m): Today I visited Irpin, a place of massacres carried out by the Russian army. These are terrible facts that are deeply disturbing and that we condemn without hesitation. We give our full support to the investigations of the international institutions on war crime.

Macron (m): Ukraine is not dead. Neither the glory nor the freedom of Ukraine is dead. You can count on the brotherhood of Europe to make sure that Ukraine remains free.”

I’m glad that they continue to help and support Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Because people worry, and I also worry, that they’ll get into a fatigue mood. (Yes, Master. Right, yes.) If a thing goes on for long then people get fatigued. Me too, but that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to support and pray for them. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.)

And also, Europe is beginning to use coal again now. Like Holland, Germany and Austria to begin with. They’re doing some of the right things now, all that we talked about before. (Yes.) Doing better.

Using coal is not ideal, but it’s still better than being slaves to Russia for gas. (Oh, right, Master.) Besides, Russia just shut or halved or slowed the supply of gas. Just did that, even without EU canceling. (Right.) They canceled the oil but all these countries did not cancel gas yet. And Russia just turned the tap off, turned the gas off, or slowed it down, gives less. (Right.) So, they turned to coal now. Maybe later they will find something better. There’s always something better. (Yes, that’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) Science will find out.

They have found out also some things already. Like, even nowadays, they can produce water from air. You know that? (Yes.) Just, some little machine, and it gives you tens of liters per day. Simple.

“Media Report from Raajje.MV – June 13, 2022, Mr. Triki (m): This machine is called Kumulus, its goal is to make drinkable water from solar energy and air. The concept is to replicate the phenomenon of morning dew. So what happens? We see that the air enters from here and passes through the first air filter to clean it from pollutants, it then goes into the machine to cool down the water, so we replicate dew.

We have a great water shortage in the Arab world. 12 of the 17 most water scarce countries in the world are in the Arab world. Water scarcity and the depletion of underground water are increasing due to climate change. This machine can do a paradigm shift, as it can produce water from air in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, it can produce water from the moisture in the air. So it is one of the solutions to the problem of water scarcity that we suffer from.”

Very simple. Easy. And that’s very important. Water, you know? Very important. Without water, we cannot survive. Most people cannot. (That’s right, Master. True.) So, that is some good news. I want you to know that people are doing some right things now. (Oh, wonderful, Master. Great. Thank You for sharing.)

Do you have any good news? Or questions? (We have a question.) Tell me. (Master has said before that NATO should go in with force to flush Russia out from Ukraine. But NATO would actually say that they could not go in due to their rules, as they would only protect themselves. What would Master say to NATO’s comments that they could not go into Ukraine because of their rules?)

To hell with their rules. People are dying. Tens of thousands on both sides, and the world is heading to starvation. (Yes, Master.) And what for does NATO keep the rules? The rules are for people. Not people for the rules. (Yes, Master. That’s right, Master.) They’re just cowards. So easy. You know, life is never like black and white. You always have to act according to the situation. (Yes, true. That’s right. Yes, Master.)

Even doctors, they all have rules, but when in different situations they have to act differently. (Yes, Master. Yes, true.) Suppose a man or woman is wounded on the road, by accident or something, and is brought to the hospital. Normally, doctors who want to operate, have to have the patient sign the paper before they do an operation. Or they maybe ask their family to sign the paper, to sign that it’s OK, they agree to the operation. (Yes.) But the man has no family members, and he’s unconscious – so does the doctor just stand there, waiting for the patient to wake up and to sign the paper? Even if his arm’s already broken and he could not move, and he is unconscious? (No, Master. Makes sense.) We are intelligent people, or not? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Supposed to be. (Yes, we are.)

And the NATO chief should know more than just ordinary NATO members. (Yes, Master. True.) He should know better than other people. That’s why he’s the chief. (Yes, Master.) So, all this is rubbish, unless Stoltenberg, the chief of NATO wanted Ukraine to continue to suffer, because the longer they suffer, the more other countries will want to join NATO, and he would feel more big and powerful as a chief. (Oh, God. Right.)

Or they want another world starvation, or just to say it simply, in Ukraine. Unless he wants another Holodomor famine, like in 1933. (Yes, Master.) It was under Stalin’s rule at that time. (Yes, Master.) And a great famine happened for more or less a year. It is said that five million people – estimated only, it might be more, died in the Soviet Union. Most of them were Ukrainians. (Wow.) The famine was a direct assault on the Ukrainian peasantry. Because Stalin moved a lot of Russian people to Ukraine and moved the Ukrainians to Russia, for example, like that. (Yes, Master.) And under Stalin, they controlled the peasants, the farming. They did not let the people have anything more than what Russia ruled. (Yes, Master.)

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