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Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 1 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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They just turn a blind eye to all this brutality and atrocities that are measured daily on millions and billions of innocent animal-people. (Yes, Master.) And I don’t know how they sleep with it. This is a war going on, all day, every day – all day, all night in the whole world. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, we don’t need to talk about war between humans either. It’s similar, it’s the same war. Just on the innocent bystander who has done nothing wrong.

Hallo. (Hallo, Master! Hi, Master!) Hallo, sleeping beauties. Are you alright, guys? (Oh, yes. Yes, Master. Thank You.) Oh, thank God the phone works. It didn’t work before and I kind of panicked.

(We want to wish You a Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.) (Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.) Oh, thank you. But is it Ching Hai Day? (It was yesterday.) Oh, I see. (22nd.) Yeah. Yesterday, I wanted to have a conference, and your responsible brother said, it’s too late. It’s about the same time, so I didn’t want to force it. Otherwise, they could have had a real Happy Ching Hai Day wished then, yesterday. (Oh.) You make me wish it, brother, whoever you are.

I know you have questions. I wanted to call many times before but just too much of many things so I didn’t. One moment, I come back. (Yes, Master.) Oh, yeah, yeah. Sometimes, I forget what day it is. Thank you anyway. Happy Ching Hai Day to you also. (Thank You, Master.) Yes, I told you it is for everybody. (Yes. Right, Master.) It’s a symbol only. OK, go ahead. Ask me your important questions, or not important questions.

“Interviewed: Jan. 28, 2022, London, United Kingdom, David Finney: Between the end of October and today, coming towards the end of January, we’ve had 80 outbreaks of avian flu in this country. And for the first time, some person in the southwest of England has contracted avian flu. For some reason, the government seemed to think that it’s OK to breed and slaughter over a billion animals in the UK every year. A large number of which are chickens and pigs – over 90% of them in intensive industrial farms where disease is rife. And the conditions mean that antibiotics are overused and misused. It is extraordinary that today it was deemed that the evidence we’ve submitted, over 1200 pages of it, is not enough to warrant a hearing for a judicial review. Absolutely unbelievable.”

“Interviewed: Jan. 28, 2022 London, United Kingdom, Jane Tredgett: Does anyone enjoy wearing these masks? Does anyone think about why we’re wearing them? Does the government give a stuff if we have to wear them? The government had the chance today to protect people from another zoonotic pandemic that could come from a UK factory farm. It failed to address those issues. The science about pandemics is huge. The risk of getting a pandemic from an avian flu or swine flu starting in this country is real. But that was not addressed. The risks of antibiotic resistance killing 3480 people every day, right now, were not addressed.”

(Master, a recent case heard by the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UK, says the British government has not looked at the evidence of the immense harms caused by animal-people factories to humans and animal-people, and thus, violates the European Convention on Human Rights and UK’s Human Rights Act of 1998. If the court is for justice, why did it reject the case, Master?)

I told you, we don’t have many law-abiding citizens in this world. Just the fact that the English citizens had to bring the cruelty and human harm to the court’s attention, that means they’re already violating the animal-people protection laws. (Yes.) UK has animal-people protection laws. Every country, you see it everywhere, not just in England. But I’m glad that it started somewhere. (Yes, Master.)

I told you already, if I were not a spiritual Master, I would sue the whole world for breaking their own laws. (Yes. Right, Master.) Nobody can sue them, because they make the law. (Yes.) That’s the thing, up to now. But somebody has to start somewhere. It’s a very gentle approach already. They just brought it to their attention, all that harm done to humans and animal-people through the meat-eating diet and animal-people products.

But, of course, the court would reject it. What do you expect? (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) They’re still having that piece of meat in one hand, and the other hand – how could they sign it? (Yes, Master.) And their mouths are still stuffed with animal-people – bleeding raw, medium-rare, or whatever rare they want it. (Yes.) So, how can they agree with the petitioners? (Right, Master. Yes.) So, there is no surprise.

I’m just surprised that at least they made it thus far, that they even get the court’s attention. Maybe the court should study more, give them a little time. This is just a very gentle nudge and excuse, but they all know about it. (Yes, Master.) How can the court not know the law of their own country? Right? (Yes. Right.) They’re supposed to be the judge, and to catch all the people who break the law. So they know everything. Right? (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) Right.

And even if… Suppose we give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not know, they could always look into it. Look up the law on the internet. (Yes.) I give them a hint. Look it up on the internet. Look it up in your book of law. Look it up on Supreme Master Television. We remind you almost daily about your laws concerning the brutal treatment of the animal-people. And thus, bringing a lot of zoonotic diseases to harm and kill humans. (Yes, Master.)

So, you know already. (Yes.) We are just talking to the deaf, but we’re trying. Maybe soon we have to use sign language. Maybe they’re really deaf. (Yes.) But we have subtitles, man. Most prominent is English. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And I have encouraged everyone in the world to learn English, because it’s a more simple language, and it’s very easy to learn and most people speak it. (Yes. Right.) Like, de-facto, easy, international communication language. (Yes, Master.)

I hope you’re happy with my answer. But I don’t know how else to make you happy. I really don’t know how to talk to you about the state of our governing bodies of the planet. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

They are just there, but that doesn’t mean they do anything justly. (Yes.) Maybe judge a small or big criminal here and there, but when it comes to their own, they don’t judge themselves. (Yes. That’s right, Master. Right.) I don’t know anyone else who can judge them. I don’t know anybody else who can bring them to court either. Because they are the court. (Yes, Master. True.)

Don’t just blame England alone, the whole world is like that. (It’s true.) They just turn a blind eye to all this brutality and atrocities that are measured daily on millions and billions of innocent animal-people. (Yes, Master.) And I don’t know how they sleep with it. This is a war going on, all day, every day – all day, all night in the whole world. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, we don’t need to talk about war between humans either. It’s similar, it’s the same war. Just on the innocent bystander who has done nothing wrong. So I told you, this world is hell, almost hell. Oh, God.

Any other better question? (Yes. Finland’s president said that Russian President Putin has changed in recent phone call exchanges between the two, saying that it was a different kind of behavior, that the Russian president sounds more decisive now. Master, why has Putin changed?)

It’s not just Finland’s president. When the president of France, His Excellency Macron, went to meet President Putin personally, (Yes.) he also sensed that Putin is a different person somehow, different energy. (Oh, wow.) And I guess many other leaders also felt similar but they did not voice it. (Yes, Master.) They did not voice their feeling or opinion. There are many factors. (Yes, Master.)

Of course, many factors. Just like to show off, to win the war, and to get more land, and stuff like that. (Ah, right. Yes.) But one of the strong reasons was the vaccine. (Oh.) The vaccine changes people. (Oh. Wow.) Slowly or quickly. (Oh. Wow.) And this is a side effect. (Wow.) Some side effects people found out, some side effects people did not find out. (Oh.) (I see.) The same with Omicron, the COVID chief told me that some of the side effects of Omicron are not obvious to the scientists and doctors. (Right. Yes.) It will not be. (Oh. Yes, Master.) That’s what he told me.

And Heaven told me this is the effect of the vaccine on Putin. I feel sorry for him. (Oh. Wow.) But I feel more sorry for the innocent citizens of both countries. (Yes, Master.) Being anxious, worried and fearful, of what comes next if war breaks out. (That’s right, Master.) All medicines have side effects. (Yes, Master. Right. Yes. That’s right, Master.)

And then, if that person is already in isolation as he is… He’s completely isolated. He hardly appears in the crowd, in the public, or in the government. And even any world leader or any people who want to come to see him, they have to go through a tunnel of disinfection. (Oh.) And if they don’t want to have a test for COVID in Russia, by the Russian doctors, then they have to sit like “one mile” apart at the table. It looks like one mile apart to me. Many leaders don’t want to have a test because they worry that they leave their trace of blood type or DNA to the other country. And they worry about so many things, about what they will do with it. (That’s right. Yes.) In the political arena, people worry about many things. (Yes, Master. Right, yes.) So this is the thing.

“Media Report from MSNBC – Feb. 25, 2022, David Ignatius (m): He’s (Putin’s) a man out of touch. He sits in the Kremlin, isolated. The circle of advisers around him, I’m told, has shrunk and shrunk until it’s just a handful of people. And he’s been in this isolated, brooding period during COVID. Nobody sees him. People can’t even get in to talk to him. Remember those crazy pictures of him at the long table? What kind of leader is that? It’s like a bowling alley table. But that’s Putin. And we’re seeing, I think, in this unrealistic policy driving the invasion, the effects of that isolation.”

President Putin’s already in isolation. (Yes, Master.) It’s not his type already, he’s an active person. He was. Very active. He’s into martial arts, he was flying a personal flight with the cranes and all that. (Yes.) And he’s everywhere. He was everywhere. Talking to youth, talking to his parliament, talking to his government and talking to world leaders.

And now he is so fearful of COVID, even though he’s vaccinated. That’s what he said. I am not sure if he is. (Yes, Master.) Some people are afraid of vaccination, but maybe he was vaccinated. Because he proclaimed it or maybe it was on TV. I don’t check into their personal stuff too much. (Yes, Master.) Just general news.

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