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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 153 - Prophecy of the Gnostics

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“After She has created the first work, She will take off Her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath.” “Then She will drive out the gods of chaos, whom the chief creator had co-created (but was not able to perfect). She will cast them down to the abyss.”

In our previous episode, we learned about the “consummation of the age,” when the great Heavenly Being Sophia is predicted to appear in the realm of chaos and wield Her immense Power against the dark force. We also found evidence that Sophia is a manifestation of the Savior of our time: the Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The prophecy about Sophia continues: “After She has created the first work, She will take off Her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath.”

Although we will never be able to fully fathom Master’s sacred and complex Mission in this lifetime, we do know that Master had spent several decades teaching humankind the saintly way of life with infinite patience and gentle words. Perhaps this coincides with Sophia’s “first work.”

Then, in recent years, Master has been speaking out more and more about the anguished indignance She feels regarding the injustice of the world’s system, and Her resolve to rescue all the suffering souls trapped in it. Thus, She has been putting on “irrational wrath,” which is actually an expression of Her Compassion and Love – a mighty force to be reckoned with!

“I was so mad at maya. I scolded him because he… ‘for creating so much traps and pain and suffering and temptation leading to suffering and hell for all beings in this world and the other worlds. You should taste your own poisonous medicine! You are more than terrorists!’ I was very, very angry because I saw some suffering on TV, and my heart just… so cannot bear, understand? And I don’t apologize to him. I don’t ever apologize. I was angry and yelling at him many times. I never apologize. I never regret. He wanted to rule the world. He wanted to make his own world to rule. But what a world that he created. I can yell at him forever.”

“I was so angry that he harassed my dogs. I was screaming at maya. I was so angry. I was really, really angry. I said, ‘Don’t touch my dog. Don’t bother my dogs. Otherwise, I will really destroy you, no matter what reason, or excuse.’ I was really mad. And when I am mad, I am really mad.”

In late 2019 and over the subsequent months, Master acted on Her anger and did something that had never been done before; She locked up maya and his subordinates in the abyss of hell! This is precisely as was foretold:

“Then She will drive out the gods of chaos, whom the chief creator had co-created (but was not able to perfect). She will cast them down to the abyss.”

“The Third Level god, he was jealous. I replaced him already, so, it’s better now. But at that time, he was like in competition with me. He’s worried that I gain so much. I said, ‘Why’d you do this?’ He (demon) works directly with the Third Level god. (Yes.) He said, ‘We didn’t want to do it, but all the Shadow Worlds are losing souls all the time. And then soon, what would happen to us? We will have no more souls, no more citizens.’ I said, ‘You don’t have to, or you change. You follow me and all the souls will be in Paradise. (Yes.) You can reign forever. I don’t compete with you.’ But he said, ‘Then we don’t have the power over the 93.9 worlds.’ Oh, such a greed. (Wow.)

‘You have the Third World, that’s enough already. (Yeah.) What for you want to reign 93.9 worlds? What’s the use of that? (Yes.) You have more souls, you have less souls; what’s the use? You should be more enlightened by now, by all the Saints that have been teaching in your world as well. You just have to follow me, change your ways, because I work for the benefit of the souls, to stop the suffering that they have to endure all these eons and continues. It’s not fair. They’re innocent and you guys trap them into doing bad then punish them, they recycle forever in this dark domain and hell and suffering. That’s not right. You know it’s not right.’ So that rep said, ‘Oh yeah, we know it’s not right.’ I said, ‘Not we. You. If that god of yours doesn’t change, I will have to replace him.’ And I did. I replaced with Ihôs Kư Gods. (Wow!) Yeah. (OK.) But the name is still kept the same, so all souls don’t get confused. I mean the other souls who are not initiated.

(Wow. When did Master replace him?) That was last year (2019). (Wow! OK.) I don’t remember what day. If I look into the diary, it’s there. (Amazing!) But you guys still continue to revere that name, because the name is the position. (Yes, Master.) Not the name of that Being, is not private. OK? (OK. Yes.) So nothing changed except the Being changed. It’s easier to work with my own. (Yes. For sure.) Otherwise, it’s very difficult to work with competitive people. I told that being, ‘You have to change. Otherwise, I have to dethrone you. You have a choice.’ He still didn’t want, so I said, ‘OK, you must go.’ (Yeah. Good.) ‘Go and live with maya. There you get on well with each other.’ (Wow.) Same terrible mind, same possessive, competitive mind, same narrow mind. Just go.

I have no sympathy for this type of lowly attitude, lowly thinking. I’ve no sympathy. They can stay there forever. Truly. Because they have been wreaking misery and suffering on many worlds already, long, long ever, you cannot even count. (Wow.) They can stay in hell, locked forever. Whoever this time doesn’t repent, then will be locked forever. (Yes, Master.) That is that. It’s done and it’s decided.”

I replaced the Third Level god already. You know, right? (Yes.) So, it’s easier for me to take the souls up. If he was still there, even repenting people would not get away. (Wow.) If he just let me work… And I play fair, just whoever listens to me and wants to go up, then I take up. But he was greedy; he didn’t want. So now he lost everything. He lost also his position. Poor guy. I am sorry, but I had to. I don’t want to work with these uncooperative beings. They obstruct me too much. And I don’t want people to come back and forth all the time, suffering in this illusionary dream.”

“Maya is the creator of the three lower, destroyable worlds, including this physical planet. These Three Worlds, there is the law of karma, the law of reward and punishment. The three worlds of no real love.”

“All the poor souls are trapped forever. It pains me just to think about it. It pains me so much just to think about all these poor souls being so innocent and helpless, and victimized and abused. And then being tempted into doing wrong things and then getting blamed for it. This is all the fault of maya. He created a creation with a lot of flaws, and he’s possessive. He wants to be a ruler forever. That is the problem.”

“I said, ‘All of you, listen to me!’ I was very angry, louder and more angry than that. ‘You, get all the power together, all of you, right now! Destroy that maya for me. NOW!’ And then, of course They did it. Didn’t take long. Oh, I was surprised. And I repeated three times, ‘All of you, get together all the power, concentrate together and destroy the maya. And NOW!’ I said, ‘NOW! NOW!’ Three times, the same thing I repeated. But by the second time, They’d already done it. The third time I just… It was already coming out, so it was just going out like a train. My power, my anger, my energy just streaming out. And I couldn’t stop, so I just made the three times. And then I asked Them, ‘Done?’ They said, ‘Yes.’”

“The zealous demons around the place where I newly stay for retreat, they came and harassed the monkeys. They scolded them and they punished them. (Oh.) That’s why I was so mad, I sent them to hell. I asked the Godses to send them to hell. I said, ‘Whoever repents can go up to Heaven.’ Till now, 151,326 repented, and went to the Fourth Level. (Wow!) I didn’t check up to now again. The rest were dragged to hell with their boss, to see their boss there, the maya.”

More recently, Master also revealed that She rebuked the gods of the lower worlds and threatened to destroy them.

“Many times, I’m very mad. I’m very angry. If you think that I’m an angry Master, for example, with the corrupted government, or with the rotten church members, oh, that’s nothing. That’s nothing compared to when I talk to those lower Heavens up there who are causing trouble and don’t help. You cannot imagine how I talk to them and threaten them, and being angry at them.

I say, ‘You have a lot of power, you use it for nothing. And you even smile at our suffering here. If you don’t do something more, I’m going to destroy all of you, and your palaces and all.’ Of course, they are more cooperative now. Still, I don’t see the quick enough result.

I hate the system in the Three Worlds. It’s all oppressive. It’s all about law and order. It’s fallible. It’s so easy to fall in this world and even in another world like the Astral world. Within the Three Worlds, it’s very easy to fall. Even if you are on the top Three already, if you come back, be human, you definitely will one day, when your merit runs out. You’ll be human or animal, you fall again, and you just get lower. That is the deal. That’s the problem. That’s what I hate about it.

That’s why whatever they argue with me, it’s no use. I say, ‘It’s all hypocritical. I don’t take all that, I don’t accept anything like that. You trap the souls into this web of yours and then you torture them, you criticize them, you nitpick. Whatever they do, it’s all wrong. They can never do anything right. Even if they do, you will cast it in some other trap or trick to make it lessened, to make more trouble, or to continue in a different way, so they have to continue to enjoy that merit, and then they fall again!’ Because it’s very difficult not to fall in this world, and I saw all that, I can see all that clearly.”

Come what may, we know that the Divine Will shall be done – the positive force shall triumph and the “deficiency” of the imperfect lower realms will be corrected: “The Light will cover the darkness and obliterate it. It will become like something that never existed. And the source of the darkness will be dissolved. The deficiency will be plucked out at its root and thrown down to the darkness.”

The text goes on to say that all the eternal realms will be filled with “the Glory of the Unconceived,” perhaps referring to the Savior’s Divine Power. This has come true, as Master’s Oversoul has been ascending higher and higher through the Heavenly Realms, filling them with Her radiant Glory!

“And the Light will withdraw up to its root, and the Glory of the Unconceived will appear, and it will fill all the eternal realms, when the prophetic utterances and the writings of those who are Rulers are revealed and are fulfilled by those who are called perfect.”

The text here also hints that all these extraordinary events will occur when the prophecies of the past true “Rulers,” meaning the Prophets and Messiahs, are revealed and fulfilled – like they are being now!

The passage then concludes by telling what would happen to all the mortal souls at this exceptional period of time: “Those who were not perfected in the Unconceived Father will receive their glories in their realms and in the kingdoms of immortals. But they will not ever enter the kingless realm. For it is necessary that everyone enter the place from which he has come. Each one by his deeds and his gnosis (spiritual level) will reveal his nature.”

Wow! Supreme Master Ching Hai has truly fulfilled the Gnostic prophecy, for by Her infinite Grace, She has promised that all those who sincerely repent or remember Her, though not “perfected” or initiated, will be liberated and elevated to at least the Fourth World. The souls She saves will go to different Heavens accordingly, “but they will not ever enter the kingless realm,” meaning the destructible lower domain.

I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever under my wings. (Thank You, Master!) It’s not the Original Universe but it’s very special. Beyond and above the Fifth Level, better. Special place. Even if you are not initiated but you have faith in the Master and remember the Master, or saw the Master once, but have no bad ideas about Master or speak against Master, then they can also go to the higher levels and then slowly go up to that place at the end. But it takes a long time. (Yes, Master.) Even then, they will not go to hell, or go to a lower existence anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s kind of a guarantee. (Wow!)”

If you change to vegan, I promise I will take you Home, wherever you call Home is. But not to hell. Definitely, I promise you that. And if anyone who also produces weapons to kill humans or animals, if you turn away now, you U-turn right now, and you never make that business again. Do some more benevolent business, making clothes, making a (vegan) restaurant, making a (vegan) hotel, something that people enjoy and feel comfortable with. I promise, I also will take you to Heaven.”

“(If people repent, they go straight to Heaven, just like that?) This lifetime, yes. But not ‘like that’ like that. The God of the Fourth Level, I have made a request with Him to take in these people. To be either His citizens or to transit for a while until I clean them up enough to go up, because these kinds of people, they cannot just go straight up to Tim Qo Tu Land. Still have some residues, of bad karma, of sin, and ego. And the Lord of the Fourth Level, of course, He can check who truly repents, who doesn’t. If they truly repent and have remorse and truly want to go back to their original Self, to their own Self Nature, to be near God, to know God more, then they can.

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