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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / International Artist Day

“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 4 of 10

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“I’m Lee Jeong-Yun from Korea. And today we try to do three pieces, but it’s before and this dance is my present about plant and ‘Wind of Memory.’ And next is ‘From Inside,’ so, it’s kind of an inspiration from nature. That means dancing in the nature.” “Can I (put a) question to Her, all right? I feel more alive when I dance. So would You share Your moments, which moment You feel most alive. Can You share with us?” “Thanks for this wonderful performance and your beautiful co-dancers. Dancing makes people feel very, very alive because you’re also working out the physical, not just the mental and the creativity inside, but also the physical. It flows, you flow with the nature, you flow with the air, and you will forget the surrounding, you even forget who you are, and that makes you feel very, very much in touch with yourself. That’s why you feel so alive. You’re just bathing in this stream of beauty and blessing from the creative force inside you, that’s why you feel the most alive. And I, myself, I cannot dance so good like that, so I don't know if I can feel as alive as you are when you dance. But when I meditate, I feel very much alive too. Maybe that's the best I can tell you.” “I looked at them carefully and attentively. Master’s art lamps artworks, and Her drawings, with such a use of colors and most importantly, the color of the bottom layer, can be appreciated by the professionals. I am a professional, I know well about the use of each stroke and the use of color. I think Master has mastered the art by Herself. Her works are full of positive energy. Someone with positive energy can reach up to the Most High.” “It’s wonderful that so many world-class artists have gathered here on this international occasion. We can feel Master’s care for these artists and all the staff behind the scenes. If we spread this, then this love and art will spread out in the world, I believe we can contribute more beauty and beautiful culture to this world and to the society.”
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