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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / International Artist Day

“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 7 of 10

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Coming next is another world-class performance. Two performing artists, Kuo Sheng-Fang and Sun Li-Tsuei, will present a poetry recital. Kuo Sheng-Fang is a recipient of the Peking Opera Performance Award from the Chinese Writers and Artists Association, and the Second National Military Literature Award for Best Female Role. She is known for her expertise in the Mei School of Peking opera and attention to fine details. She is nationally acclaimed for playing female roles in Peking opera and Kun opera. Ms. Sun Li-Tsuei is the artistic director of Shang Orientheatre. She is known for observing changes in nature and everything in life carefully, and incorporating her observations in her exquisite pantomimes. These two exceptional artists will perform monologues interpreting four poems by Supreme Master Ching Hai: “The God Seeker,” “When You Said You Love Me,” “Bird of Paradise,” and “Shade of Time.” “I’ve been searching for the Buddha everywhere Casting aside riches and comfort, Leaving behind my possessions and beloved! Abandoning life like a roadside inn, Are but a comedy show – success and fame!” “And you hold my hands tight My heart sings through the night All the stars shine brightly And the moon dances within me Can we keep This magic moment!” “Oh, Glorious Bird of Paradise! Where hither doth Thou go? On a span of wind that never blows… To the nameless regions ‘bove the rainbow?” “You are like bird traces Soaring high in far regions I return as night dew Melting into oblivion! You are the moonlight Shining on all paths of life I am the morning star Belated and fading afar!” “During the show, I saw a lot of artists. I think art is universal. All artists have this one thing in common, which is their devotion to art without any regrets. This is my observation. I am really grateful for this opportunity. Master has elevated the level of the artists as well as art itself. I have always felt that I am just an actress, a quiet actress. I didn’t feel valued somehow, but this time, I feel I am also important! I think we can bring art to our daily lives to make this world more beautiful, to make our country better and more beautiful.”
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