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“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 2 of 10

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Supreme Master Ching Hai has said that art brings immense comfort to the body and mind of people in this world, far beyond the material things. For today’s event, we have produced a film about the origin of the International Artist Day. “Greetings to you, the artists and the fans. Today is the first time the world celebrates the International Artist Day. And I would like to thank you for dedicating your whole life to arts, to humankind, to make the world’s people happy when they share their joy as well as when they feel lonely, sad, need support and comfort, through your poetry, your songs, your music, your paintings, your decorations, your humorous stories, your dramas and plays, and interesting movies, etc... On behalf of the entire world, we thank you infinitely! May your artistic path always go forward, always receive the admiration and appreciation of the art lovers. And may you be blessed and protected by Heaven, may you always be happy and inspired. May you have everything you need in life and all the spiritual blessings, so that you may advance further on more noble paths than those of the world, more splendid, more joyful, blissful and safer.” Next is our first lecture given by the master artists on “Spinning the Light of Art.” Mr. Chen is the only master artist who has been honored by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (Formosa) as preserver of the important art of traditional glove puppetry and the technique of making glove puppet costumes and headwear. He is considered a national treasure in glove puppetry. At the age of 79, he decided to return from retirement to preserve this beautiful tradition. He formed the Chen Hsi-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe, naming it after himself. In addition to going on performing tours, he also organizes shows and educational activities in schools hoping to pass down the art of puppetry. “Whatever I didn’t like about their shows, I changed them all and added something better to fill in the gaps so that this traditional art can be revived. I want to keep improving. ‘Until I’ve passed on the skill, I vow to never retire.’ I am old, but I won’t retire until I’ve passed on the skill.”
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