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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / International Artist Day

“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 9 of 10

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“There is a creative energy inside each of us. (Yes.) How do we develop this inner creativity and inspiration?” “Just like what you’ve said, we have this artistic creativity inside, but we are too busy. We are busy making a living, taking care of children and family. This modern era makes us even busier. In the old times, the technology was not so advanced, and life was simpler. We had more time to seek abilities within. But this era makes us very busy, so many abilities and power are lost.” “However, we can regain it. We can regain not just the creative power, but also many other powers. When we have time, try to calm our mind and heart, and look inside for the so-called Inner Self, meditate, or pray, pray deeply. Then we will be able to communicate with our spiritual nature within, and then these powers will gradually come back to us. Many scientists have proven that meditation is the best way to enhance our creativity and many other abilities.” “Many factories and big companies know that meditation is an important way for people to develop creativity. You all already know that in Japan, they send their workers to temples to practice Zen. It’s actually the same in America. In the 1980s, Walt Disney… You know Disneyland, right? The company invited people to teach meditation to their employees so that they can have more creativity.” “Nowadays, everyone knows that meditation helps us in many aspects, especially in creativity. Before I started to practice, I had no idea how to draw. I never designed anything, such as the Celestial Jewelry I wear and clothes, I knew nothing. I couldn’t even utter one or two sentences. Now I can talk for many hours and create many things. It’s also because of practicing meditation. I can assure you with my own experience. Are you satisfied Huang?” “Thank You, Master.”
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