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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / International Artist Day

“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 5 of 10

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Now let us welcome the third performance, “The One,” presented by Mr. Lee and Ms. Kim Joo-Won. “(And the next piece name is ‘The One.’ ‘The One’ means all for one, and one for all.) Wow. Sounds like peace. (Yes.)” “Wow, really expressive. No need language. Thank you.” The following performance is “I Will Forever Love You” with lyrics and music by Supreme Master Ching Hai. This song was performed at the 1998 “One World… of Peace through Music” charity concert in Los Angeles. It left a profound impression on us. Thank you, Ms. Chang Shao-Hsun, for your enlightening performance. I feel that my soul has become alive. Hsiao-Kang, do you know that we have not yet introduced a master artist who is with us here today? Yes, this artist is also our most anticipated guest of honor. Our most beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. Now, let’s enjoying a film on Master’s artistic creations, “The Celestial Art.” “The Celestial Art,” which means inspirations from Heaven, bringing the beauty and Truth of Heaven to Earth through art. Supreme Master Ching Hai colored the noble life on Earth with the beautiful artistic creations from Heaven. “We are here to learn, to learn to grow, as well as to learn to use our power, our limitless power of love and creativity in order to make a better world wherever we happen to be incarnate.” Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world renowned spiritual leader, humanitarian, and a talented artist. There are no fixed forms for Her artistic creations. In addition to painting, photography, designing clothes and jewelry, She also beautifies Her life with various art forms, such as poems and songs, loving cooking, landscaping, and any other mundane accessories, She can always beautify, like painting stones, pottery, gourds, and whatever comes into Her presence, projecting from inner beauty to outer realms. Supreme Master Ching Hai never received artistic training. Her creative talents develop spontaneously. Master leads people to experience divine Truth, virtue and beauty from Heaven. She uses all of the proceeds from Her creations for charity works to spread the Truth and compassion of God on Earth. Enjoying all these Celestial Art Creations is the most beautiful spiritual feast. “We are very grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for respecting us artists..., for understanding the hardship we have. She gave us the opportunity to attend this banquet. We feel honored. It recharged us for the future, and powered us with greater force. We feel that we are being cherished. Therefore, we will have more strength to sprint into the future.”
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