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“Spinning the Light of Art” - 2019 International Artist Day Celebration in Taiwan (Formosa), Part 10 of 10

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Our next program is an energetic dance performed by a group of international new age dancers. Mr. Huang Yu-Ching is honored as the top tap dancer in Taiwan (Formosa). Let’s welcome Focus Dance Company, Mr. Huang Yu-Ching, and acrobat dancer Andrea Catozzi. for their dance performance: “The Enlightened New Era.” Wow! What a terrific and fascinating show! They really pushed the human body to the limit. Indeed. And do you know? Both dancers, Mr. Huang Yu-Ching and Mr. Andrea Catozzi, are vegans! Wow! Oh! Wow! Because they know, in the pursuit of perfect physical fitness and balance of body, mind and spirit required in dancing, the vegan lifestyle is the best choice! Dear guests, we have come to the end of today’s program. Today’s program is indeed multifarious and includes national and international performers, encompassing street arts and local cultures, etc. These performances tell us that whether the artists performed in stadiums or halls or on the streets, they are all precious fruits of their strenuous efforts and lifelong endeavor. Now again, let’s give a round of warm applause to the artists who have just performed for us. “Each nation has its own art. The art can be presented in diverse forms, such as music, painting, sculptures, dances, etc. I admire Supreme Master Ching Hai very much. She is a very talented, compassionate, extraordinary lady. Especially in the past few years, She has been advocating the vegan diet, green energy, and environmental protection, which I also strongly support. Recently, while expressing Her own artistic talents, She has also started to lead the world to care for the artists. Thus each year, on April 3, which is today, the International Artist Day is celebrated all over the world. The power produced from such spirit is noteworthy.”
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