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On Acting and Spirituality - Spanish Actress, Ms. Esther Méndez (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Ms. Esther Méndez is a rising star in the acting world in Spain. Being an accomplished actress, Esther is also a very spiritual person who meditates daily to connect with the Divine Nature within. She is a conscientious vegan, who actively promotes for environmental protection and animal rights. Supreme Master Television is honored to have Ms. Esther Méndez as our guest to share with us her amazing journey in acting and spirituality. “I studied filmmaking and photography in the university. And in the last year I did Erasmus in Czech Republic, in Prague.” “So when I found the Actors’ Temple, where they teach Meisner technique, and I started training there, I was blown away by the compassion of everybody there.” Apart from being an actress, Esther is also a singer, dancer, and filmmaker, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Audiovisual Communication from the European University of Madrid. In 2014, Esther played the leading role as the beautiful Sara in the Spanish feature film “Matar el Tiempo” or “Killing Time.” “Matar el Tiempo” touches the depth of morality and empathy through the story of a courtesan, who saves the life of her baby and finds love in the process. Esther’s acting impressed the public and the media. The Hollywood Reporter commented: “The debutante Esther Mendez is solid and credible in a challenging role in which she’s largely forced to deliver to camera.” Who is Esther’s biggest inspiration? “My biggest inspiration? It is Supreme Master Ching Hai. I am so grateful that I met Her. I am so thankful that I got initiated into the Quan Yin Method.”
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