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A Heart-warming Vegan Lunar New Year Hot-pot Banquet, Part 1 of 5

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On the eve of the Lunar New Year, February 4, 2019, a splendid vegan hot-pot banquet was held at the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, with special guest our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. Attending the celebration were our Association members from around the world. Master expressed Her sincere appreciation for the sacrifice of the working staff who had been toiling diligently behind the scenes, preparing the new gathering place. Also, as a token of thanks for the service of the elderly, Master graciously gave them priority to sit at or nearer to the main table. “OK. OK, OK. I wish you all happy New Year. I just want you to know that I honor sacrifice. I honor working people. They have been here even when you went to Hsihu to eat, to have fun with me. But they are working here. They cannot leave. They work day and night,##since the beginning of this ashram. I want you to know that their sacrifice is appreciated by me at least. I really love all of you all the same, all the same. Working or not working. Because you’re working outside, you help society, you help Supreme Master TV. It’s the same to me. It’s just, I want you to see an example of hard work. And appreciation from your Master.” “You can eat at the same time. We do like restaurant, they also have a program and they eat. Is that OK or not?” (OK.) “Because the program is very long, we shall be very, very hungry. OK. Let’s start.” Now, the first program is a trio singing performed by fellow initiates from Hong Kong. “The God of Wealth is Here.” Please welcome them with a round of applause. Thank you. “I just gave each of them a piece of pineapple. We Chinese believe that it will bring profits. From Hong Kong? I didn’t realize that you’re so talented. So much money, how can we use it all? Thank you, thank you.” “The God of Wealth is here. Hurry up! If he thinks you are worthy, you’ll have a bright future.”
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