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In today’s news, European Union assists in job creation through grant for cultural heritage restoration program in Iraq, majority of epidemiologists surveyed believe current COVID-19 vaccines to be ineffective within one year, researchers find link between enhanced mental health and visiting various locations daily, NASA’s first-ever electric plane to begin testing, hero saves dog from icy lake in United Kingdom, vegan Mexican-style cheese dip released in United States, and two elephants in Thailand successfully escape ditch through teamwork.

European Union (EU) grant to boost number of cultural heritage-related jobs in Iraq.

The EU is funding a UNESCO and International Organization for Migration (IOM) partnership that aids small and medium-sized businesses in the cities of Mosul and Basra that are involved in traditional and cultural industries. The program will enable firms to hire more employees and access capital for expansion. Internally displaced persons, returnees, and locals will be helped by the new employment opportunities. The European Union is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection; as well as a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring. Kudos, European Union, for your wise grant, as well as UNESCO and the International Organization for Migration for assisting in Iraq’s restoration of its cultural heritage and bolstering its economy. May Allah infinitely bless the proud Iraqi people.

Epidemiologist survey reveals majority believe COVID-19 vaccines will be ineffective within a year.

A poll by the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) of 77 epidemiologists worldwide, some from leading institutions, has found that two-thirds of them expect that the current generation of vaccines will not protect against COVID-19 within a year. Eighty-eight percent of the respondents agreed that the slow vaccine roll-out and low inoculation rates globally could be significant factors leading to the rise of vaccine-resistant variants. The PVA is calling upon vaccine-producing pharmaceutical companies to share their intellectual property and technology so that inoculations may happen at a quicker pace and reach a broader population before further mutations occur. Thank you, participating epidemiologists, and the People’s Vaccine Alliance for your wise guidance on helping end the pandemic sooner. In the mercy of the Divine, may the vegan diet be rapidly adopted globally as the ultimate solution to halting zoonotic diseases.

Up next, researchers find link between enhanced mental health and visiting various locations daily. We will pause for a moment to thank the System on a Chip design engineers who create single integrated chips that combine the components of a computer such as the central processing unit, memory, and storage for use in devices like smartphones and tablets. We’ll be right back, with more supporting news on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, radiant viewers! I’m Walnut the vegan Turtle Dove. Life is so precious, I’m sure you agree. So celebrate life with me and be vegan! I would like to offer a tip. Did you know that carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendinitis and tennis elbow are all over-use injuries that can occur as a result of muscle weakness, specifically the finger or wrist extensors? These conditions can be prevented by making sure you maintain adequate strength in your hand muscles. You can exercise the finger and thumb extensor muscles by placing a rubber band around the tips of your fingers. Expand the rubber band as much as possible by spreading your fingers and thumb apart with your wrist straight and/or bent. Perform this exercise as many times as you can in a minute. You can make the exercise harder by using a thicker rubber band or several bands. If you are experiencing any pain from this exercise, please do not continue doing it. Consult a healthcare provider or physical therapist if you have continual wrist or finger pain. Thank you for tuning in, and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! Now the weather around the globe!

Researchers find link between visiting different places daily and better mental wellness.

Scientists from the University of Basel in Basel, Switzerland and elsewhere conducted a study involving 106 people with various types of mental disorders and found a positive link between well-being and how much they move about. The participants each wore a GPS tracker for a week and completed surveys on their mental health at the end of each day. It was seen that those who traveled greater distances, visited more places, and also a greater range of locations, had an improved state of mind compared to others. Similarly, other research has demonstrated spending time in nature boosts mental well-being. Wonderful news, University of Basel researchers and team, on your study showing the psychological benefits of being active. In the grace of the Providence, may our understanding of ourselves continue to increase as we turn back to our true God nature.

NASA’s electric X-57 aircraft enters testing phase.

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration will be putting its fully electric X-57 Maxwell plane under high-voltage ground testing. The trials are to be conducted at the Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, USA. Initial checks will include supplying the plane with a low voltage to ensure the startup and shutdown phases are functional and the software boots up and correctly manages the two electric motors. After that, the voltage input will be increased to gauge the motors’ performance. The X-57’s development is expected to help the Federal Aviation Administration, the nation’s aircraft regulator, to set certification standards for future electric aircraft, including air taxis. Thank you, NASA, for all your creative work to advance green transportation technologies. May we soon have clearer skies and purer air globally as humanity finds ever better ways to live sustainably in Celestial splendor.

Man jumps into freezing lake to save dog in United Kingdom.

A hero from England, UK, named Darcy Pell rescued a canine that was stuck in a frozen lake. Mr. Pell was jogging around the lake in Pontefract Park, West Yorkshire, when he saw the struggling dog. He quickly jumped into the freezing water and broke through the ice to get to him. Once he reached the pooch, he helped him to swim back to shore. An onlooker filmed the whole event, and it has been shared extensively on social media. Mr. Pell also sent a word of caution to people who have dog companions to take good care of them. Our loving appreciation, Darcy Pell, for your heroic action to save the beautiful canine in need. In the wisdom of God, may we all look after our animal co-inhabitants in the best way possible to ensure their safety and happiness.

Coming up, vegan Mexican-style cheese dip released in United States. We’ll just pause for a moment to organize our task list and prioritize the items based on their importance. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more healthy news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Delightful News for a Satisfying World.

Vegan Mexican-style cheese dip launches in United States.

LOCA Foods, founded by Lauren Joyner, has introduced a vegan queso nacho sauce, made from potatoes, carrots, sunflower oil, tomatoes, yeast and more. Sold online in the US, it replicates the taste, texture and meltability of the animal-based version but is compassionate and ecologically sound. Initial testing of the delectable product at places such as a baseball stadium and university cafeteria was successful as it was well received. Ms. Joyner explained, “I started LOCA on a mission to support a sustainable food future by offering allergy-free, plant-based alternatives to dairy products that nourish both people and the planet.” Intelligent and inventive Lauren Joyner, our gratitude for creating a nacho cheese replacement that is more environmentally-friendly, healthier for people and kinder to animals. In Heavens’ grace, may there be an exponential expansion of people embracing the vegan lifestyle worldwide as safeguarding other beings becomes our most important task.

Two wild elephants in Thailand work together to escape ditch.

In Thailand’s Rayong Province, two elephants accidentally got stuck in a garden’s dried-out pond. As there was no simple way out, the pair had to cooperate to exit, and the event was filmed by an onlooker. The two adorable pachyderms tried different methods to get out and touched each other lovingly for comfort and encouragement. Over the course of one hour, the larger elephant experimented with different ways to climb up and finally succeeded thanks to a nudge from the smaller one. He was able to follow his friend’s example and escape as well. We are so impressed by the elephants’ cleverness and loving support for each other! May we all recognize the sacredness of our animal co-inhabitants’ lives and love and respect them in the Divine’s boundless light.

Laughter is a good mood booster, so we’ve selected a joke for you... It’s called “Five Qualities.”

At a job interview, the candidate was asked about her strengths.

“OK, Ms. Thomas, could you tell me your five best qualities? This is the time to advertise yourself.”

“Well, my first quality is that I’m very modest... to the point where I can’t even tell you the others.”


And now we have a heartline from Elizabeth in the United States:

Dear Master, I went vegetarian and mainly vegan almost 20 years ago as a teenager. Shortly thereafter, I learned about Master. At the time, I had severe depression and the moment I watched Master's videos, my depression disappeared. I was not a believer yet in Master, but my depression was gone. A few years later, I got the Convenient Method. A few years after that, I was fully initiated. I still was not sincere. I never practiced much; I even broke precepts for a while, but I always came back to Master in times of trouble and would watch Her lectures to calm myself. After my daughter was born, I was drawn back to Master's teachings. For the past six years, I have practiced sincerely and have been so satisfied. I have improved so much. Of course, so-called, “negative” things still happen, but my reaction is calm and peaceful now. You have given me so much. You have made me realize how mundane things can be here, and that allows me to focus on spiritual growth. I am so grateful to You for all the pain You endure for us all. All the criticism, all the skepticism, all the suffering You must take for our sake. Thank You, Beloved Master. You give us so much understanding through Your teachings and meditation.

Now my daughter is school-aged. She attends a Christian school, and while I do love learning about the Bible and Jesus, they do not talk about other Masters, and do not promote veganism. They have even made my daughter feel uncomfortable about being vegan. I know we all have our crosses to bear, and she may need to deal with this and just pray and lead by example on her veganism. However, I want to ask You if You would give Your Blessing for me to start a private school called the Supreme Master Ching Hai School where we can openly, without hesitation, share Your teachings, lectures and promote veganism. As a mother, the greatest gift I could give my daughter is the truth to connect with God. I understand I can do this after school as well, but imagine if children could come together on school projects to write papers that could be sent to congressmen and women on veganism/government subsidies, or if they did more community projects together as a school to help the poor and sick with vegan foods. Yes, as individuals, we can accomplish something, but perhaps together, we can accomplish more. The school could also allow for online classes so parents around the country could join in. I have already looked into starting a private school for years and know I am capable of doing it, but only if Master agrees and gives Her blessings. Thank You again for everything You do. I hope we can do more for children who are the future of our planet. Thank You, Master! Love and gratitude always, Elizabeth from the United States

Determined Elizabeth, It is uplifting to read of your triumph over the obstacles encountered after becoming an initiate and the rewards gained from your meditation practice.

We also rejoice with you reading Master's following answer: “Enthusiastic Elizabeth, yes, we do still have many challenges to face in this physical, material world, but just remember it is all an illusion. You have the tools with initiation, the Divine energy of God, and support of so many Heavenly and Cosmic Beings, to do much good work in existing schools, so it can be more widespread, informing them of the many benefits of a vegan diet. There is free promotional material available to download, such as the Alternative Living flyer from al.godsdirectcontact.org, and some schools in the world now serve vegan meals. Many of The Lord Jesus’ teachings are misinterpreted. You can write to your daughter’s school with some words from the Bible, that I have mentioned over the years, or search them yourself, such as, “Be you not among meat eaters and wine drinkers,” etc. Please do go out and promote the vegan diet and lifestyle in your community; this is just what we need right now, people such as yourself with vibrant, positive energy helping others to see the light and become vegan. You have many wonderful ideas and know Master Power will be walking alongside you. My unconditional Love and support are with you always. Meditate well and trust your inner Master to guide you. May Heaven bless your noble path, and may you and the bright American people prosper and know fulfillment.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May you always be protected by Heaven’s munificent love.

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