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In today’s news, Mongolia brings primary health care to vulnerable communities, study suggests climate change was key in transmitting coronavirus from animals, Australian scientists link sea cucumbers to ocean and reef health, survey shows Americans grew more fond of vegetables during the pandemic, Buddhist monk saved from flooding cave in Thailand, English celebrity’s vegan food brand expands to the Middle East, and smart dog in Canada rescues caregiver in time of medical emergency.

Mongolia, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion recipient, delivers primary healthcare services to disadvantaged and remote communities via mobile clinics.

In operation since 2016, the M-Health government project is working towards achieving universal health coverage in Mongolia. This program encompasses health promotion interventions and early diagnosis and timely treatment of diseases for nomadic and migrant populations. The World Health Organization and other stakeholders that are part of the Universal Health Coverage Partnership are assisting Mongolia in leveraging mobile health technologies for the nation’s primary health care approach to better wellness. Home visits and mobile clinics help those in rural and other medically underserved areas get healthcare. Thank you, World Health Organization and the Universal Health Coverage Partnership, for working to improve public health in Mongolia. Well done, Mongolia, for your brilliant way of bringing health services to your fine people. May your caring citizens, including those in vulnerable communities, enjoy the very best of wellness, in Buddha’s infinite love.

Research shows link between bats, global warming and coronaviruses.

A study by scientists from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, and the University of Hawaii, USA, assesses that climate change “may have been an important factor” in the transmission of the SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses from animals to humans, which respectively resulted in the deadly SARS and COVID-19 pandemics. Significantly, the analysis estimated that over the last century, global warming led to 40 bat species relocating to China’s Yunnan Province and parts of Myanmar and Laos, while carrying approximately 100 coronavirus strains, and are the likely source of the SARS and COVID-19 viruses. The authors urge for “decisive climate change mitigation” to reduce the risk of such zoonotic spill-overs. Our genuine thanks, University of Cambridge and University of Hawaii scientists for these eye-opening findings. In Divine wisdom, may humanity urgently transition to a vegan world, the most effective panacea for addressing both zoonotic pandemics and global warming.

Up next on Noteworthy News, study measures the sea cucumber’s importance to coral reefs. We’ll just take some time now to thank statistical analysts who examine large amounts of data every day for decision-making in different areas of industry or government. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news.

Hi, happy friends, it’s Lana the vegan Large Tolype Moth! You can feel great like I do with a loving, plants-only diet. Prove it to yourself by being vegan! Here’s a tip on how to keep your dog well hydrated during long walks. Dogs overheat easily and when they do, they quickly become dehydrated as they sweat by panting. So if the weather is warm and you’re out on a longer walk for over half an hour, be prepared and bring enough water for your precious friend. You can pour the water into the bottle’s lid, your own container, or use a collapsible water bottle made just for canine companions. Carry the water in a backpack or a clip to make walks together easier. Big love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around our beautiful globe.

Australian researchers measure the importance of sea cucumbers to coral reefs.

A team of researchers from James Cook, Macquarie and Newcastle universities, all in Australia, were able to quantify how much sea cucumbers help protect the ocean and coral reefs from acidification and climate change. By using drone and satellite technology, the scientists were able to estimate that three million sea cucumbers live on the country’s Heron Island Reef, producing the equivalent of five Eiffel Towers in weight worth of reef fertilizer each year! The sea cucumbers’ byproduct releases nitrogen, which assists corals and algae to grow, and increase calcium in the water, which helps to alkalize the acidic ocean. Also, their activities aerate the sediment, creating a healthy environment for fellow animals. Thank you, Australian researchers, for telling us about the wonderful, humble sea cucumber. In Heaven’s grace, may every animal be cherished for their vital place on the planet.

Quarantine awakens a love for vegetables in people.

A recent survey in the United States by market research company OnePoll has discovered that 75% of respondents referred to themselves as “recently reformed veggie lovers,” with 39% attributing their newfound love to their time in quarantine. Almost one in five people stated that they only just recently tried broccoli for the first time, which has now become a top favorite, along with spinach, asparagus, avocados and cauliflower. Thank you, OnePoll, for the interesting survey, and way to go, the American people, for your healthy shift towards plant-based foods. In Celestial support, may wholesome veggies soon become a staple in all meals as humanity changes to the compassionate lifestyle.

Rescuers save Buddhist monk from flooded cave in Thailand.

Respected Phra Ajarn Manas, age 46, was on an annual pilgrimage to the Phra Sai Ngam cave to meditate when an unseasonable storm affected the region. Residents knew of his location, so they alerted the authorities, who sent a team of seventeen professional divers. However, due to the rising water, it was not possible to bring him out immediately. The Reverend spent four days in the cave without any food or contact by phone before he was reached and fitted with a diving mask to make the required 12-meter swim underwater to safety. He then received medical treatment in an ambulance and appeared to be well despite the ordeal. Our gratitude, expert rescuers, for your perseverance in a tough situation. May the Buddha continue to bless Respected Manas as this remarkable story encourages us to emulate his life of faith.

Coming up, English TV personality’s vegan brand expands to the Middle East. We’ll pause for a moment to thank the universe for the multitude of recipes, documentaries and information that keep us determined on our vegan journey every day. We’ll be right back with more inspiring news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Benevolent News for a Kinder World.

Popular UK plant-based brand launches in the Middle East.

Vegan entrepreneur and TV personality Heather Mills’ company VBites has partnered with the supermarket chain Spinneys to debut Vbites’ products in 90 stores across Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Out of more than 140 Vbites items already sold in 24 countries, nine will be for sale including the very popular Mega Burger, as well as vegan mince, vegan chicken, and vegan fish products. Ms. Mills’ VBites factory in Corby, England, has also been creating delectable meat-free items and vegan cheeses for mainstream restaurant chains. Bravo, Heather Mills, and congratulations on VBites’ expansion. May the peaceful vegan world of our shared dreams soon become a reality, in the blessings of the Providence.

Dog gets help for caregiver in time of medical emergency.

Haley Moore was taking a walk with her dog companion Clover, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, when she suddenly had a seizure and fell to the curb. A neighbor’s security camera witnessed Clover responding immediately by checking on her caregiver and staying by her side. As a truck approached, Clover then freed her leash from Haley’s grasp and went into the middle of the road to block the truck’s path. The driver got out of the vehicle to help, while Clover eventually caught the attention of a second neighbor, who also stopped to render aid. At this point, the devoted canine even rushed back home in order to call the family to the scene. Fortunately, when they arrived, Haley was already being treated by paramedics. God bless you, loving Clover, for your smart and incredible life-saving actions. Wishing you and your human family peace and good health, in Divine radiance. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gladly present the Shining World Hero Award to Clover, plus US$2,000 for vegan treats, with lots of love, hugs and happy cheers. May you and your caregiver be protected by Heavens always.”

Let’s have a laugh together listening to the joke of the day entitled, “Coloring.”

Kim, a kindergarten teacher, handed out one day a coloring page to her class. On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella. The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green, however, Bobby colored the duck in red. After seeing this, the teacher asked him:

“Bobby, how many times have you seen a red duck?”

“Well, just as many times as I’ve seen a duck holding an umbrella.”

And now we have a heartline from Mitra in Iran:

Greetings my Dear Madam Ching Hai, You know how much I love You, and I write this letter with tearful eyes. Report: Today, I went to the animal clinic to bathe my boy cat. Suddenly, I noticed the cries of a big black Scottish cat. She was in a little, cold, tiny prison and with her big yellow eyes; she was staring at me while crying. On the top of that prison, there was a skinny, hairy and gray cat with her little white kitten also in a prison, and they were staring at me. On the left, two little puppies were in another prison. I showed Your photo to the black cat, and her crying stopped. She looked for a while and lowered her head down. The caged gray cat and her kitten also stared at the photo. Then, there was silence, and my heart was stressed with pain; I felt how it is to be imprisoned. Madam, please look after all the animals who are in captivity and offered for sale, all the poor animals who are imprisoned. I couldn’t do much except to meditate and pray. I wished I could play the audio of Your voice there, but I could not do that. I hope the world will be free from the prison of oppression. Mitra from Iran

Kind Mitra, Thank you for your lines. Our hearts, like yours, go out to all the suffering animals on our planet. Please participate and encourage others to join in prayer for World Vegan with Supreme Master Ching Hai every day so that we may support Master in Her quest to end all cruelty to our animal friends.

Master replied to you: “Earnest Mitra, I too have teary eyes reading your words. I feel the pain of the animals daily. It breaks my heart and urges me on to do more. We need help to speed up the change to a vegan paradise on Earth. Remember to pray for a global transformation, and let’s all do our utmost to spread the vegan way. Together we are a mighty force. May Allah endlessly bless you and the strong Iranian people.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your presence on Noteworthy News. May our sojourn on Earth be blessed with Heavenly love, peace, and compassion.

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