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In today’s news, Somalia works to mitigate COVID-19 with United Nations support, Danish researchers determine Milky Way may be teeming with life-supporting planets, underwater fiber optic cables can detect earthquakes in seconds, report concludes that indigenous and tribal communities are the best forest guardians, Russian surgeons stay in burning hospital to complete surgery, vegan meat now sold across Japan in supermarkets, and rare bird sighted in Pennsylvania, United States.

Somalia, a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace laureate, works to mitigate COVID-19 with United Nations’ support.

Somalia’s government continues efforts to protect its citizens, reporting the arrival of the first vaccine shipment in mid-March. The country has also been mourning the loss of the former president, His Excellency Ali Mahdi Mohamed, who succumbed to the illness. In support of Somalia’s pandemic relief efforts, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has supplied large medical tents that provide space for isolation and treatment, plus face shields and gloves. The agency has also assisted in constructing hand-washing stations and boreholes as well as with raising awareness and capacity building campaigns. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Our sincere appreciation, caring Somali officials and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. We also convey our sympathy and condolences on the loss of His Excellency former President Ali Mahdi Mohamed. May Allah bless the gentle people of Somalia with abundant health and wellbeing.

All planets may consist of same building blocks.

A new study from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark has calculated that Earth, Venus and Mars were made from the same type of material containing ice and carbon, and that this probably applies to all planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Computer models showed that the substance, which forms tiny dust particles that orbit young stars, eventually became masses of pebbles collecting together to create planets. If they are the right distance from their star, the planets would contain liquid water like Earth. Previously, it was assumed that our planet got its water later from a large ice asteroid rather than at the beginning of its formation. The research also gives hope to the theory that our galaxy contains abundant life-supporting worlds. Way to go, University of Copenhagen scientists, on your exciting study. In Divine harmony, may we one day meet our celestial neighbors and join their community of peace.

Up next, underwater fiber optic cables can detect earthquakes in seconds. We’ll just give thanks to the school superintendents, who oversee policies at one or a number of schools, such as regarding the education programs, staff and facilities. When we return, more leading news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Good day, inquisitive viewers, it’s Gary the vegan Greater Blue-eared Starling! Would you like to become a natural beauty like me? My secret is a glorious vegan lifestyle! If you have a baby or toddler, you may have noticed that food crumbs and liquids easily collect beneath their car seat. This can cause permanent stains to the upholstery. To keep your car seat clean, you can set aside the baby seat to put a heavy plastic sheet and an absorbent towel underneath. Then, reinstall the car seat based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now for the weather around the world.

Seafloor telecommunication cables can identify seismic activity.

A joint effort between California Institute of Technology seismologists and Google’s optics specialists in United States has found a way to use already existing undersea fiber optic lines to recognize earthquakes and tsunamis globally. Without additional complex instruments, this new technique measures changes in the laser light which travels through the cables’ glass fibers at over 200,000 kilometers per second. The laser measurements usually stay constant in the deep ocean but change dramatically when there is an earthquake or large ocean waves. With this innovation, these activities could be detected in seconds instead of minutes. Researchers were able to detect 20 moderate-to-large seismic incidents in a test with fiber optic cables running from the Pacific coast of North to South America. Thank you, scientists, for this advancement. May we all pray for a peaceful world without any more disasters, in Heaven’s grace.

Joint report reveals best forest protectors.

An analysis of more than 300 studies from a two-decade period has concluded that Latin America and the Caribbean’s indigenous communities excel as forest guardians. Significantly, it was highlighted that 45% of the Amazon Basin’s intact forests belong to indigenous regions, and while these indigenous parts declined by only 4.9 percent between 2000 and 2016, forests in non-indigenous areas shrank by 11.2 percent. To decrease carbon emissions in a cost-effective way, the report urges countries to invest in various measures, including the recognition of communal territorial rights, compensation for environmental services, and strengthening of native organizations. The study was conducted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Fund for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean (FILAC). Our gratitude, FAO and FILAC, for your report. In Celestial wisdom, may everyone collaborate and support one another to conserve our precious natural world.

Russian surgical team conducts operation amid hospital fire.

A group of eight doctors and nurses had started a challenging open-heart surgery when a fire ignited on the roof of a 114-year-old medical facility in Blagoveshchensk, Russia. Regardless of the hazardous situation with all other staff and patients evacuating the premises, the unit continued and concluded the procedure successfully in two hours. While extinguishing the flames outside, the firefighters ensured that the operating room had electricity and was shielded from the smoke. Dr. Valentin Filatov, head of the cardiac surgery team, said, “We couldn’t leave, we had to save the patient.” Following the operation, the patient was safely transferred to another hospital. A standing ovation, brave medical personnel and firefighters, for your responsible actions under pressure. May you continue to be shielded by the Providence in your noble mission of saving lives. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the eight doctors and nurses brave team each a Shining World Hero Award for having courageously performed life-saving work, despite surrounding imminent danger! Your impressive noble courage touches hearts and Heaven. And if allowed, we’ll be sending some fine vegan sweets and/or chocolate with much gratitude. We love you and God bless.”

Coming up, vegan meat now sold across Japan in supermarkets. We are going to step outside for a moment to checkup on our feline friends, give them some loving attention, and refill their food and water bowls. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Comforting News for a Deserving World.

Vegan meat reaches shelves in Japanese supermarket chain.

Next Meats Co., a Japan-headquartered plant-based business, has started selling their products in the Ito Yokado supermarkets in the same section as animal meats. Across the store’s 178 locations, the items available include NEXT Kalbi, which are vegan barbecue ribs, and NEXT Harami, a plant-based barbecue steak. The company is also moving towards a United States stock market listing and has expanded to several other countries. Furthermore, they have signed a collaboration agreement with Japan-based biotech firm euglena Co. to create vegan meats from microalgae as well. Excellent news, Next Meats Co., on your impressive growth. May your company prosper as you lead the way forward to a future of compassion for all, in Divine blessings.

Highly rare cardinal sighted in United States.

An exceptional visitor recently showed up at residential bird feeders near Grand Valley, Pennsylvania, appearing with unusual colors. Jamie Hill, a birdwatcher with 48 years of experience, was fortunate enough to photograph the beauty, who was identified as a genetically half male and half female Northern Cardinal. Typically, male cardinals are bright red and females are buffy brownish while this one-in-a-million individual had both colors of plumage, one on each side. So-called half-siders can be found within all bird species, but they are more easily recognized among cardinals, whose adult males and females look distinctively different. What a precious being! A cordial thanks, Mr. Hill and residents involved, for sharing the photographs. In God’s splendor, may we keep on marveling and appreciating the wondrous creations around us.

Here are some funny lines to cheer you up. It’s a joke called “Honesty.”

Dylan finally went out with the girl he liked, and as he wanted to make a good impression, he was completely honest when she asked him to tell her more about himself.

“I just have so many hidden talents.”

“Oh! Like what?”

“I don’t know. They are all hidden.”


And now we have a heartline from Gabriella in Hungary:

God Almighty, save the Savior! Oh, humanity, why can’t we cherish Her more, the Savior of our Time, Supreme Master Ching Hai? How can She endure so much suffering and pain for all of us? God Almighty, save the Savior, bestow upon Her Your blessings and Heavenly Love.

Please, take good care of Her! God Almighty, save the Savior! Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, we love You, and we are grateful to You and to all benevolent Beings of the Cosmos till the end of Time! Amen! Gabriella from Hungary

Loving Gabriella, We thank you for your heartfelt words and unite in prayer that Supreme Master Ching Hai is well, happy and safe and knows how much we all cherish Her. We are grateful to offer Master our support, in any way, on Her quest to save Earth and all its inhabitants. May all the Highest Beings in the Universe bless you, bountiful Hungary, our planet, and our glorious Master. In Universal Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Luminous Gabriella, I feel your soulful yearning, and I thank you for your love. May you be blessed by the Godses and may you and the gentle Hungarian people also know good health and serenity as we navigate these testing times. Much Love.”

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We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May peace and happiness fill your life.

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