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In today’s news, European Union aids natural disaster-affected countries in Southeast Asia, celestial object brightens the sky in United Kingdom, green leafy vegetables found to increase muscle strength, artisan wallpaper takes inspiration and color from plants, former schoolteacher in India dedicated to rescuing wildlife, Starbucks trials 100% plant-based menu at one of its stores in United States, and Arctic walrus seen off Irish coast in rare sighting.

European Union extends aid to Southeast Asia.

The European Commission has pledged a donation of €11 million to help strengthen disaster preparedness and humanitarian support in the Southeast Asian region and Nepal. Assistance is offered to nations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, natural calamities, and conflict. For the recipient countries, €9 million will be channeled to help increase disaster resilience, while €2 million will enhance humanitarian relief efforts and coronavirus preparedness in the Philippines. The European Union is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection; as well as a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring. Our hearts are gladdened by your life-guarding efforts, European Commission. God bless you. May all people worldwide soon switch to a peaceful lifestyle, beginning with a vegan diet, in Heaven’s mercy.

Meteor illuminates night sky in United Kingdom.

A brilliant streak of light that turned out to be a fireball meteor recently flashed through the Earth’s atmosphere over southwest England. It also created a loud sonic boom due to its speed. The exciting phenomenon, which occurred just before 10 pm, was so dazzling that it caused doorbell cameras to switch on and record it as it got brighter. The fireball then changed into a trail of orange sparks resembling large fireworks. Although thousands of meteors enter and fall apart in the Earth’s atmosphere every day, it is not so common to be witnessed by so many people. This particular meteor left behind some small fragments, which scientists found to have a rare mineral combination that could give clues about the formation of the solar system and the emergence of life on the planet. Such fascinating news, United Kingdom residents, on your sighting of this celestial event. As we look up at the stars, we thank the Divine for their loving light and for our protection in this small corner of the galaxy.

Up next, green leafy vegetables found to increase muscle strength. We’ll just take a little time to thank the ophthalmologists, who are physicians that prescribe eyeglasses and treat conditions related to our eyes. We’ll return with more healthy news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, nice friends, I’m Komfy the vegan Koala. Do you know why I feel so good? I will let you in on my secret: it’s because I’m vegan! Today we have a tip from Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “If you are planning a start-up company to produce something in your native land, it is better if you can print the product name, and ingredients also, in English. The tourists will be happy to purchase them, as they can quickly see what they are. English is more universal, thus you can sell more. Do not forget to label them “Vegan.” Customers will be grateful for this consideration. Best of luck! God Loves you kids!” We love You, Supreme Master Ching Hai! Thanks so much for this wise business advice! Love you all for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Green leafy vegetables found to increase muscle function.

A study by Edith Cowan University in Australia has discovered that consumption of nitrate-rich vegetables enhances the strength of the legs by up to 11%. Vegetables that are high in nitrates include spinach, kale, lettuce and beetroot. It was also revealed that people who ate more of the studied vegetables walked up to 4% faster, as well as the improvement in muscle strength and function could help people stay healthier overall. Thank you, researchers from Edith Cowan University, for your valuable study on the wonderful benefits of eating veggies. May a diet of wholesome plant-based foods soon become the first choice for all people and their families, in the love of the Providence.

Plants provide inspiration for artisan wallpaper.

Eso Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States creates wall coverings made from paper, a tradition that dates back thousands of years. The three designers and studio co-owners, Ann Cole, Jamie Crawford and Hannah Amodeo, have named their collection Biophilia and use all-natural dyes. Onion skins create a deep rust, avocado stones a pale pink, and dried flowers are used in floral patterns. Their designs let people enjoy nature’s invigorating and refreshing atmosphere in their homes. The wallpaper is even sustainable in that a local restaurant and flower shops provide some of the materials. We are fans, Eso Studio! In Celestial oneness, may such charming initiatives inspire harmonious co-living with Mother Nature.

Dedicated Indian wildlife rescuer inspires many.

Aaliya Mir of Srinagar, India leads the Wildlife SOS’s conservation team in Jammu and Kashmir and has worked tirelessly to save bears, leopards, and other wild animals for more than a decade. A former mathematics teacher, Ms. Mir began volunteering for the non-profit in 2002. Besides rescues, awareness programs on how humans and animals can co-exist peacefully are an important part of her mission. Bear sanctuary centers in Dachigam and Pahalgam housing a total of eight bears are cared for by Ms. Mir and her team. She said, “To be able to attain the satisfaction of having saved a life from injuries or death – I can truly say I have never experienced anything better.” Our appreciative salute, Aaliya Mir and Wildlife SOS staff. In Heaven’s grace, may your exemplary dedication remind us to cherish all our precious animal co-inhabitants.

Coming up, Starbucks trials 100% plant-based food menu in one of its stores in United States. We’ll pause for a moment to head over to the kitchen to reheat a vegan pizza and top it with some extra vegan cheese. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more valuable news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Loving News for a Reviving World.

Starbucks store features entirely plant-based menu.

To test the company’s increasing number of vegan offerings, Starbucks has designated its Issaquah location near Seattle, United States to be totally plant-based. The menu contains such items as the Plant-Powered Breakfast Sandwich created with mung bean-based “eggs.” Vegan cashew milk-based cream cheese and “Chickpea bites” are also available. Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson recently stated, “If I were to say what is probably the most dominant shift in consumer behavior, [it] is this whole shift to plant-based [products]. And that is a shift both in beverage and in food.” The move is also congruent with the company’s sustainability commitment in addressing climate change. What a wise step, Starbucks! In the Divine’s delight, may your initiative keep gaining momentum as we look forward to an awesome vegan world.

Arctic walrus seen off Irish coast in rare sighting.

Alan Houlihan and his daughter Muireann were out walking on Valentia Island in southwest Ireland, when they spotted a huge adolescent walrus about two meters long, resting on the shores. The giant mammal disappeared into the water for a while then came on the rocks for two hours to the witnesses’ delight. It is believed to be only the third sighting of a walrus in Ireland since 1999. Adolescents of this species are known to venture far from their Arctic home, and this individual appeared to be in good condition. Sadly, the survival of walruses is being threatened by climate change and shipping routes, both of which are shrinking their ice habitat. Thank you, happy onlookers, who shared the footage of their beautiful wildlife encounter. In God’s abounding love, may the planet keep sustaining all marine and land co-inhabitants, who have the same rights as we do to thrive on their Earth home.

And now for your daily dose of giggles, it’s the joke of the day entitled, “Challenge of the Job.”

Ralph took a job with a construction company to paint lines on a usually busy highway. On the first day, he painted 15 kilometers. The boss was very impressed. On the second day, he painted three kilometers. The boss was a little disappointed. The third day, he only painted 150 meters. The boss then had to sit him down and say:

"Ralph, how come you could paint 15 kilometers the first day, three kilometers the next day, but only 150 meters today?"

"Well, boss, each day I get farther and farther away from the paint can."


And now we have a heartline from Tự Do in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Most Beloved, Ultimate and Compassionate Master, and dedicated Supreme Master TV team, I truly wish to express my deepest gratitude to you for having made Supreme Master TV exist in this life, especially when we are all going through this critical phase of screening and spiritual uplifting. Supreme Master Television is indeed a wonderful, marvelous vehicle of God Almighty to spread Unconditional Love, Grace and Positive Energy to each and every one of us on this planet. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say, “Thank You, Master,” billions of times because no words can express my gratefulness and appreciation for what You have done for humans, animals and disciples particularly. You have been working day and night, wholeheartedly, to elevate all sentient beings’ consciousness as well as to comfort those who are desperately in need. How fortunate and blessed I am to become Your disciple. Additionally, I would like to thank all Supreme Master TV team members who bravely and unconditionally sacrifice their precious time, energy and the like to make Supreme Master TV’s programs more spiritually profound, fascinating and professional. The perfect combination of melody, information and content in the programs is so stunning and amazing that I feel immensely uplifted whenever I watch them. Your team must have been working very hard and diligently to create such incredible programs. May Heavens and all Omnipotent Godses from the Original Universe protect You and the Supreme Master TV team always. Wishing You all the best. Tự Do from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Fortunate Tự Do, We appreciate your kind message as we are also deeply grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her Love and sacrifice put into Her endless efforts to save our world from destruction. We pray that Her mission will soon be fulfilled as more and more beings on this planet choose the noble and benevolent vegan way of life. Please disseminate all the wonderful resources on veganism provided by our channel to whomever you can so they, too, can be informed and take urgent actions to safeguard lives on Earth. Programs can be downloaded at SupremeMasterTV.com/Download. May you and beautiful Âu Lạc (Vietnam) forever be in Buddha’s loving care, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Now, some nourishing wisdom from Master: “Thoughtful Tự Do, your diligent practice is the best thing you can do to elevate yourself. Be vigilant and help whomever possible through simple things like distributing Alternative Living flyers or making vegan meals for neighbors. Together, we will manifest Eden on Earth for all. Enjoy Supreme Master Television! May you and robust Âu Lạc (Vietnam) be bathed in Heavens’ blessings that grace our planet. Love Love.”

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We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be forever graced in Divine light.

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