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In today’s news, UN agency in Mozambique receives substantial contribution from Sweden, researchers in France discover oceans are absorbing less heat and carbon dioxide, experimenters elicit real-time responses from dreamers, Australian ecologists study impact of echidnas on environment, 91-year-young police officer in United States continues to serve community, grandmother in England delivers vegan curries to hospitals, and sheikh rescues drowning turtle in United Arab Emirates.

Sweden supports displaced and vulnerable people in Mozambique.

Increasing insecurities in Cabo Delgado province have forced many civilians to leave their homes and take refuge in other districts. In response to an appeal from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Swedish government made a humanitarian contribution of more than US$800,000. The funds will help provide clean water, food and protection for 27,000 refugees and asylum seekers along with 670,000 internally displaced persons. For Mozambique’s more general core needs in 2021, Sweden allocated a grant to UNHCR worth over US$80 million. Samuel Chakwera, UNHCR Representative in Mozambique, commented, “As part of Sweden’s solid and long-lasting support to UNHCR, we are very grateful for this contribution.” Sweden is a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection laureate. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Our delighted appreciation, Sweden and UNHCR, for your generosity and dedication. May your exemplary efforts bring more peace and happiness to the world, in Heaven’s mercy.

Rising temperatures reduce density of ocean’s surface.

Scientists at Sorbonne University and the National Centre for Scientific Research in France analyzed almost 50 years of data and found that warming seas contain water that is less dense on top. It is also becoming less salty due to melting glaciers and ice sheets. These changes have disrupted the blending of shallow and deep ocean layers, with the result that heat and carbon are not transferred to the depths. This entire scenario is unfolding six times faster than researchers expected, and they are worried that it may jeopardize the ocean’s ability to buffer climate change as well as support a wide variety of marine organisms. We deeply appreciate your timely report, French scientists, and share your concerns. In the light of God’s wisdom, we pray that humanity will finally accept the vegan diet as the only viable solution to our planetary crisis.

Up next, experimenters elicit real-time responses from dreamers. We’ll take a moment to thank the wildlife officers who patrol parks and nature reserves to enforce laws related to conservation issues and protecting endangered species. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more informative news.

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People who know they are dreaming can respond to questions.

A recent study coordinated by researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, demonstrated that individuals who are asleep and having a vivid dream can communicate by moving their eyes or facial muscles. The rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep is when lucid dreaming can occur, and polysomnographic data was used to confirm it had been reached. Participants were then asked to follow instructions, do simple arithmetic and answer questions with yes or no. The published report calls this “interactive dreaming” and includes the results of similar experiments conducted in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Scientists are hopeful that their methods will eventually shed light on memory processing and help people to solve problems while they are sleeping. Kudos, Northwestern University researchers! May your findings help us to understand more about dreams and other alternative levels of consciousness, in Celestial upliftment.

Native marsupials benefit ecosystem through foraging.

Ecologists at the University of New South Wales in Australia wanted to gauge the effects of soil disturbances caused by short-beaked echidnas. While searching for food, the spiny mammals dig prolifically, creating pits in the ground. The researchers dug their own holes and monitored what happened within them compared to the surrounding land. After 18 months, the pits had collected seven-times more organic litter than the surface soil and it had decomposed 30% more, boosting the carbon profile by 8%. There were also six times more seeds that were starting to germinate. The experiment proved that the instinctive habits of wildlife contribute to the environment by supporting plant growth and keeping carbon out of the atmosphere. Many thanks, ecologists, for giving us more reasons to cherish our animal friends. We pray for their safety and satisfaction as they fulfill their blessing missions on Earth.

Career policeman keeps working because he loves people.

L.C. Smith was a deputy with the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas, USA, for 46 years. When he retired, the absence of responsibilities was not to his liking. Fortunately, his hometown police department knew of his experience and recruited him at the age of 82. Now, at 91-years-young, he is the neighborhood watch coordinator and the oldest active police officer in the state. But his full-time job does not completely satisfy his desire to help others, so he also serves as a deacon at his local church. Whenever someone raises the question of retirement, his ready reply is that he will continue his duties “until the good Lord says it’s time for me to go.” Heaven bless you, Officer Smith! Your lifelong dedication to society is surely met with abundant gratitude and love.

Coming up, grandmother in England delivers vegan curries to hospitals. We will take a moment to feel grateful for challenging work assignments that teach us to stay positive, go the extra mile and think of alternative ways to achieve our goal. More worthwhile news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Meaningful News for a Splendid World.

Chef prepares plant-based meals for health care workers.

Akila Chokkalingam learned to cook in India more than 60 years ago. After moving to England, she decided to start a food delivery service. Ms. Chokkalingam prepares dishes on a per-order basis and then freezes them for overnight shipping. Her authentic curries and biryanis – nine of which are certified vegan – have won numerous awards. When sales surged 680% in 2020, Chef Akila felt she wanted to give something back to the community. So she began donating animal-free meals to frontline hospital employees, the elderly and other vulnerable people in her area. She also allocates a portion of her profits to feed hungry children in India. We salute your outstanding culinary skills and generous heart, Ms. Chokkalingam! May compassionate plant-based menus someday be the prominent norm everywhere, in harmony with the Divine.

Injured reptile rescued by Arab leader.

Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi of Sharjah was on a diving trip in the Persian Gulf when he noticed a sea turtle floundering below him. After descending seven meters, he saw a fishing line around the animal’s right flipper. He lifted her up but had to cut the line before he could bring her to the surface. Environmental agencies transported the distressed marine dweller – named Farah – to the Burj Al Arab Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary for emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the damaged flipper had to be amputated, but Farah is recovering nicely. Doctors are optimistic she will learn to dive with one flipper and be returned to her natural habitat. Our hearts are touched, Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, by your kindness on behalf of a co-inhabitant in need. We pray for Farah’s future happiness, in the embrace of Allah’s love.

Hope you’ll find the following joke funny. Well, at least it’s free. It’s called “Conditional Time Off.”

Rebecca had recently graduated from a community college and went to apply for a job. When she returned home, her mother asked how the interview went.

“Pretty good, I think. But if they hire me, I won’t get any vacation unless I’m married.”

“Oh! Is that what they told you?”

“They didn’t tell me that, but on the application it said, ‘Vacation time may not be taken until you have had your first anniversary.’”


And now we have a heartline from Man of Taijiquan in Korea:

Hallo! I have been initiated by Supreme Master Ching Hai for 25 years. I want to share my achievements in my spiritual practice. I have been very passionate about Quan Yin meditation practice. I took two retreats; one time, I meditated every day 12 hours for six months and the other time 17 hours for six months. I had my first spiritual experience one month after initiation, during the 12-hour retreat. I got into samadhi and saw a star in the midnight sky. It was the first realm-experience. My opinion about the Quan Yin Method is, it consists of the wisdom eye, contemplating inner Heavenly Light, contemplating inner Heavenly Sound, the Five Holy Names, and Master Power. For some beginners, the Light is dim, Sound is weak, the Five Holy Names are just like ordinary chanting, and Master Power hasn’t emerged yet. But if we practice diligently for a long time, the wisdom eye is located where the non-physical wisdom is positioned; the inner Heavenly Light shows us our True Nature just like a flashlight, the inner Heavenly Sound awakens us to our True Self beyond this world. The Five Holy Names have a mysterious universal vibration, and finally, we’ll be able to see Master’s Great Power is Universal Tim Qo Tu. The Quan Yin Method is like a wheel where the inner Heavenly Light and Sound and the Five Holy Names revolve pivoting to the wisdom eye and protects practitioners from this world’s mundane environment, and through the Master Power, the Universe will be finally revealed to us. I pray to Supreme Master Ching Hai, “Master Ching Hai, please save my soul from this material world and shackles.” Man of Taijiquan from Korea

Spiritual Man of Taijiquan, Our appreciation for sending your message. Sharing your meditation experience surely motivates other initiates to meditate more sincerely, and we are very thankful for that. May you and energetic Korea always have happiness and good fortune. In Celestial splendor, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these encouraging words for you: “Sincere Man of Taijiquan, it is very pleasing to hear that you have progressed with your hard work and faithful practice. Following the Holy teachings and meditating on the inner Heavenly Light and Sound is the only path leading to the eternal liberation of the soul from physical existence. Continue to meditate diligently, as much as possible. A Master may show you the way, but you must walk. Blessed are you to be doing the walking, and may you and your engaging country of Korea continue in spiritual elevation.”

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Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May each day bring you a new fragrance of God’s love.

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