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In today’s news, Malawi benefits from climate resilience project, astronomers discover new planet, Bangladesh farmers adapt to rising sea levels, eco-friendly reef cubes developed to secure offshore wind turbines, delivery truck driver rescues senior dog in distress in United States, Slovakian health insurance company endorses plant-based diet and researchers find wildlife protection supports endangered animal population.

Flanders Government of Belgium assists Malawi climate resilience.

The Government of Flanders has contributed €2.3 million to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to be used to continue the Integrated Risk Management Program that helps smallholder farmers in Malawi adapt to the effects of climate change. This funding will enable an additional 100,000 farmers across eight districts in Malawi to increase crop production and enhance access to financial support. During phase one, smallholder farmers receive climate and weather information as well as micro-insurance, savings and credit services to lessen climate-caused risks and to diversify ways of earning a livelihood. In phase two, the WFP will also focus on helping smallholder farmers gain business skills and use of marketing platforms to decrease post-harvest losses. Many thanks, Flanders Government and the World Food Program, for increasing crop security in Malawi. May compassionate, climate-smart interventions succeed in securing abundant yields, in Heaven’s grace.

Astronomers discover new planet.

United States researchers have found a large planet they have called WD 1856 b in a close orbit around a white dwarf star, a first in history. It surprised the researchers since white dwarf stars are the collapsed cores of sun-like stars that have used all their nuclear fuel; this change does not usually leave planets nearby. The planet was observed in a constellation named Draco, 80 light-years from Earth. It has been calculated that the WD 1856 b is slightly larger than Jupiter, with a mass at most 14 times greater. It takes just 34 hours to complete an orbit around the white dwarf. Our appreciation, researchers, for helping to expand our understanding of the magnificent universe. May your exciting discovery inspire people to contemplate our humble existence in the unending expanses of God’s creation.

Up next, Bangladesh farmers adapt to rising sea levels. We pause to thank college recruiters, who inform prospective students and parents about their programs and campus life to help with decision making. Will return with more leading news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, nice friends, I’m Vuco the vegan Vicuna, and the secret to my happy life is that I’m vegan and I don’t harm others. What goes around, comes around, so let’s be kind and move to a plant-based diet! Here is a gardening tip for you. Do you live in an urban area and wish you could have a garden but don’t have enough space? Gutter gardens are the solution as they are vertical and only occupy wall space. All you have to do is purchase several rain gutters with end caps and supports at your local home improvement store. Secure these to a wall, fence, or frame using the instructions provided with the gutters. It is ideal if you grow smaller-sized plants as gutters don’t allow for an abundance of soil space. To help with water drainage, install each gutter at a slight angle so water drains down. Drill holes at the bottom of the end of the gutter so water will drain to the gutter below it, or into another planter on the ground, so no water is wasted. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Bangladesh revives floating gardens.

A traditional Bangladeshi agricultural technique of growing food on floating gardens is experiencing a comeback in the South Asian country where it is helping farmers deal with rising waters. The centuries old method involves creating floating vegetable beds on rafts crafted from plant material. The beds, which are typically six meters long but can extend up to 55 meters, grow food crops including various types of squash, greens and okra, and at times, spices such as ginger or turmeric. Seeds are either sown directly on the beds or germinated inside of small balls of soil wrapped in coconut fiber placed on the beds. The method, which is organic and low-cost, has proven so successful for growing food in watery environments that the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization declared Bangladesh’s floating gardens to be a globally important agricultural heritage system. Amazing ingenuity, Bangladesh! May your clever and industrious farmers prosper along with your entire country, in Celestial light!

Startup develops artificial reef cubes to protect offshore wind turbines.

United Kingdom-headquartered eco-engineering company ARC Marine has created a reef cube from recycled materials that can be used to safeguard the bottoms of the towers of offshore wind turbines, while restoring the marine ecosystem. The interlocking, plastic-free cubes are made from sand, which is a byproduct of quarrying, as well as recycled aggregate material, and could replace the cement mats that are currently used. ARC Marine said that when compared to making common kinds of cement, the cubes reduce carbon emissions by 90%. They are also porous so plants can grow on them, and have spaces for fish and animals to live. What a cool invention, ARC Marine! In the goodness of the Providence, may advancements such as these continue as we work to conserve and restore our precious oceans.

Amazon delivery driver saves elder dog in distress.

Amazon delivery driver John Cassabria from Massachusetts, United States, recently saved a 14-year-old husky dog who was trapped in a swimming pool. After hearing an unusual noise from the backyard of a house, Mr. Cassabria investigated and discovered tired Luka in the pool, crying for help, barely treading water. The kind man quickly entered the yard and immediately jumped into the pool. After getting Luka out of the water, Mr. Cassabria called the local animal protection officers and stayed with Luka until they arrived. It turned out that Luka’s family had just gone on vacation, and had arranged for a neighbor to take care of Luka. Before she arrived, Luka had escaped his backyard and ended up in the nearby swimming pool. Quick thinking, brave John Cassabria, Heaven bless you! We applaud your noble action. May Luka be always safe and healthy into the future as he brings joy and happiness to all those around him, in God’s love.

Coming up, Slovakian health insurance company endorses plant-based diet. We’ll take a moment to pray for a more just society, where everyone - despite different racial, gender and economic backgrounds - will come together in mutual love and respect. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more encouraging news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Benevolent News for a Kinder World.

Major insurance company supports plant-based diet for diabetes patients.

Dôvera, a leading Slovakian medical insurance company, is now prescribing a specialized plant-based diet to their type-2 diabetes customers. Called the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) Protocol, it calculates individually tailored whole food plant-based diets for people according to their physical characteristics, age, prescribed medications and medical diagnoses. The NFI Protocol has already seen impressive results in a previous study, with 84% of patients being able to stop their medication. NFI’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Janka Lejavova, a Shining World Best Doctor Award laureate, is working with diabetes expert Dr. Emil Martinka on a publication about the amazing Protocol for English language health journals. NFI is also in talks with other health providers and insurance companies to expand the program. Way to go, Dôvera and NFI Protocol team, for your life-changing success. In Divine wellness, may the vegan lifestyle be promoted by all doctors for healthier bodies and a more compassionate world.

Researchers find wildlife protection increases endangered animal population.

Dr. James Watson from the University of Queensland in Australia, along with Dr. Moreno Di Marco and Dr. Michela Pacifici, both of Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, have revealed that protected areas are crucial to the conservation of endangered mammal species. The scientists analyzed 237 threatened terrestrial mammal species over the last 50 years. Results showed that for almost 80 percent of the mammals tracked, the amount of their land range covered by protected areas had doubled over the last half century. Dr. Watson concluded that to avoid extinction of species, more protected areas that are well managed and supported are needed. He added that restoration and expansion of wildlife populations in areas that have not been designated as protected should be encouraged and habitat corridors created for animals in isolated areas to facilitate movement. Our gratefulness, Dr. James Watson, Dr. Moreno Di Marco and Dr. Michela Pacifici, for your important study. May our cherished animal friends thrive in Heaven’s forever protection.

Show us your beautiful smile! Join us for some laughter with the joke of the day entitled “In the Library.”

“But why can’t I talk inside the library?”

“Because you have to be quiet. Noise is a distraction. The people around you can’t read.”

“They can’t read? Then why are they in the library?”

And now we have a heartline from Jakkie in France:

How privileged it is to be incarnated in the Holy Land Of all interconnectivities, the sole link is human wisdom Disconnected from prime colors and clamors of the world In the virtual divinity, eternal remains the pursuit of freedom. Jakkie from France

Elated Jakkie, Thank you for sharing these illuminating verses as we are well reminded of how fortunate it is to meet a living Master in this human existence. May we all heed the great teachings of the enlightened Masters, Saints and Sages and forever be liberated from the cycle of transmigration. We pray that Heavens bless you and endearing France forevermore, Supreme Master TV team

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Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your heart rejoice in the glory of Heaven.

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