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In today’s news, refugees in Malawi receive nutrition aid from European Union, supercomputer’s analysis provides insights on the body’s response to coronavirus, Japanese wind turbine design withstands typhoons, growing number of young Czechs refrain from intoxicants, upright teacher returns large amount of cash found on street in United States, international pizza chain introduces vegan offerings in United Kingdom and Ireland and China opens facility readying sea turtles for reintroduction into the wild.

European Union provides vital food aid to refugees in Malawi.

To assist those economically affected by COVID-19, the European Union has donated €800,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for cash transfers to 41,000 food-insecure residents of Malawi’s Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Additionally, the contribution will fund a pilot livelihoods project for camp residents, including income-producing activities such as waste management and recycling, soap production, face mask-making and hydroponics. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Our accolades, European Union and the United Nations World Food Programme, for your timely and continuous support of refugees and asylum-seekers in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. May they all soon find permanent housing situations and enjoy fulfilled lives marked by happiness and abundance, in God’s boundless mercy.

Supercomputer’s analysis prompts new theory on how COVID-19 affects the body.

Using the world’s second-fastest supercomputer to analyze coronavirus patients’ lung fluid samples, Dr. Daniel Jacobson and co-researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, have discovered that in severe cases, the coronavirus may create an excess of the bradykinin peptide, which causes blood vessels to leak and blood pressure to fall to dangerous levels. This would explain many symptoms that COVID-19 victims experience, such as fluid in the lungs or brain, heart damage and more. The study also found evidence that vitamin D may help to stop the bradykinin imbalance from occurring, and suggested common medications that could help likewise. Thank you, Dr. Daniel Jacobson and team, for helping us to understand COVID-19 infections better. May your findings help craft effective coronavirus treatments that save many lives, in Heaven’s upliftment.

Up next, Japanese wind turbine design withstands typhoons. We’ll spend some time now to thank the stagehands who help with various tasks behind the scenes of theatre and onscreen productions. We’ll be right back with more responsible news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, beautiful friends, I’m Tia the vegan Tigress. I can share with you a personal secret to look younger than your age. Just be vegan! Make sure you are regularly cleaning your dog companion’s ears as they can get dirty and possibly even infected over time. You can clean their ears by making a simple solution consisting of a half cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar combined with a half cup of water. However, if the ears are red or inflamed as a result of allergies, ear mites, or infection, you will need to add less vinegar to the mix as it can sting; Some vets advise using a 10% vinegar solution. Utilize a cotton ball to rub off the wax inside their ears and pour a small amount of the cleanser into the ear, enough to fill the ear canal. Next, massage their ears by starting at the canals’ base and work your way down to the head. You will hear the liquid swish as the solution is moving around in the ear. Following this step, he or she will likely shake their head, and the wax along with other ear residue will loosen and fly everywhere; therefore, you should stand back. If they don’t do this, you may need to repeat these steps, ensuring the ear canals get a deep massage. Use another dry cotton ball to wipe off any remnants. Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Japanese engineer invents typhoon-proof wind turbine.

Atsushi Shimizu has created the Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that can withstand typhoons and very high winds, and even generate electricity during these events. His company Challenergy produces the units that are shaped like a cylinder, and can handle wind speeds up to 144 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 252 kilometers per hour. This sturdy generator, which can accommodate wind from any direction, is designed for places like Japan and the Philippines that regularly experience gale-force winds. A 10-kilowatt turbine was installed in Ishigakijima, Okinawa, Japan, and has already produced electricity during a typhoon, which Challenergy believes is a global first. Our appreciation, Atsushi Shimizu and Challenergy, for your invention that makes wind power a viable option in more areas around the world. May your turbines help Japan and other nations move further towards a future of safe, green power, in Celestial unity.

Czech young people embracing addictive substance-free lifestyles.

The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) recently reported that young Czechs are turning away from cigarette smoking, illegal drugs, and drinking alcohol while redirecting their time to surfing the Internet and communicating online. The researchers surveyed 2,778 students born in 2003 across the country and discovered that in 2019, within the 16-year-old age group, the percentage of daily smokers dropped to 10% from 16.5% in 2015. Alcohol consumption in restaurants and discos declined from 84% in 2007 to 41.5% for this age group, while illegal drug use rates dropped to levels seen in the mid-1990s. Also, more teens reported regularly participating in sports. Many thanks, ESPAD, for your encouraging study. May the beautiful young souls of the Czech Republic stay healthy and always lead meaningful, productive lives, in Divine blessings.

Teacher in Florida, United States, turns in found bag of cash.

Kennedy Middle School’s Spanish language teacher, Leo Nicaragua, spotted a backpack on the street outside the school after classes ended for the day. It contained US$6,000 in cash, a US$15,000 check, three vehicle titles, as well as medical masks, latex gloves, and wipes. That day, his bank had emailed him stating his account had a zero balance. Without hesitation, Mr. Nicaragua promptly gave the backpack to the school resource officer, and the police subsequently located the owner. He is a local businessperson, and the funds were for paying his staff. As a token of his appreciation, the owner rewarded the honest teacher with US$300 and fixed his car’s broken light, saving Mr. Nicaragua US$400. We are so happy to hear of your noble deed, Leo Nicaragua. May we all be inspired to follow your example of righteous action, in Heavenly splendor.

Coming up, famous pizza outlet rolls out vegan options in UK and Ireland. We are going to pause to review our “inner monologue”, and focus on creating more positive thinking. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more pleasant news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Knowledgeable News for a Well-informed World.

Popular pizza chain launches vegan offerings in the UK and Ireland.

Domino’s Pizza recently introduced two vegan pizzas to its menu in 1,200 outlets across both nations. The flavors are the Vegan Vegi Supreme, which is made with plant-based cheese, red and green peppers, sweetcorn, onions, and mushrooms, and the Vegan Margherita, which is made with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, diced tomatoes and Domino’s special herbs. Custom pizza creations with the vegan dough and cheese can also be ordered. Furthermore, the US-headquartered company is offering an animal-free version of its Garlic and Herb Dip, which can be used for dipping or drizzling over the pizzas. Great work, Domino’s, on the release of your plant-based pizzas. May your new, compassionate food items spur even more vegan options to be available soon in restaurants across Britain and Ireland, in the kind care of the Providence.

China inaugurates its first-ever center preparing captive-bred sea turtles for ocean life.

China recently opened a 2.33-hectare sea turtle rewilding base in Guangdong province’s Huidong Sea Turtle National Reserve to help reintroduce the resident reptiles into the ocean. The 1,500 turtles currently living in the Reserve will be sent to the base in groups for training on how to find food before being set free. In the last 30 years, the Reserve has released over 60,000 sea turtles into the wild. China is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wise Governance recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Wildlife-Protection and Compassionate Protection laureate. Such uplifting news, China, on your program to help increase the number of precious sea turtles in nature. May their population rapidly expand as they help to bring balance and biodiversity to our vital oceans, in Heaven’s abundant love.

Here’s a joke from our selection to lighten our minds. It’s entitled “Condition.”

Lily wants to test the math skills of her 5-year-old cousin, Sammy. She asks him:

“If you have two vegan candies and I give you two more, how many will you have?”

Without hesitating, Sammy replies:

“Before I answer that, first give me the two candies.”

And now we have a heartline from Fei-Xiang in China:

On Noteworthy News on your channel, Supreme Master announced on November 24, Golden Year 16 (2019) that maya was gone, the force of karma was gone and the negative force was gone! To save all living beings, Supreme Master had dedicated Herself unconditionally and selflessly, enduring extreme hardships for countless eons. Now, She has destroyed maya. This great kindness will be remembered forever by sentient beings in the Three Worlds. Now, I would like to present two poems to show my reverence and gratitude.

Psalm 1

Ode to Joy in Golden Year 16

Thunders in the spring have awakened the world. Positive power prevailed to protect living beings. After Ultimate Master gave the order, maya was subdued, so peace was ushered in. Dancing Universes shared this moment of elation, Good news was spread and celebrated all over the Worlds. We feel even more grateful in this vegan world, All beings united with the Great Tao.

Psalm 2

Praised Be Supreme Master

From the Himalayas comes the Divine Master, Whose Holy Love is as deep as the pure ocean, Whose kindness is higher than the Ninth Heaven, Tashi delek (auspiciously)! saving all beings, Henceforth, the Three Worlds will be in eternal spring in shining light. The great compassion is respected and admired by all the worlds; Ching Hai Day will be respected and celebrated forever. May Supreme Master enjoy boundless longevity!

Fei-Xiang from China

Loving Fei-Xiang, Thank you for sending your wonderful poems to us. We are all in a great debt of gratitude to our most beloved and kind Master. What an amazing time to be on the planet sharing these incredible experiences with Supreme Master Ching Hai. We hope that you and the honorable people of China continue to be blessed in Buddha’s embrace. With much love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Joyous Fei-Xiang, I am touched by your poems that radiate such love. May your auspicious and heartfelt words about this world come true soon. Heaven’s mercy to you and admirable China.”

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Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May you be graced with Heavenly love and wisdom.

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