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Be a Torchbearer for God: Questions and Answers, Part 3 of 5, November 25, 1999



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So if we could not change the whole world, at least we change ourselves, we change our environment, change whomever we can influence…You have to walk the way of Jesus…You must be the torchbearer. You must change…


(Master, is it important to be a vegetarian (vegan) to be enlightened?) It is important, it is important. Because, first of all, we have to practice love in order to beget love. In order to be all-pervasive, loving, like our Father, we have to love all beings. And that is the meaning behind the vegetarian (vegan) diet. It's not to be healthy, or not because Jesus said so or Buddha forbids – it's just we have to be love reincarnate. We have to be the walking God on this planet. We have to live like God would live. So, in order to be near God... God doesn't punish us. It's just like begets like: if we want to be near to something, we have to go there, the same direction. So, God created all beings and lets them die naturally. So should we. If we cannot create, at least we do not destroy. The commandment in the Bible is: "Thou shall not kill." It didn't say: "You shall not kill humans only." It says, "Thou shall not kill." Anything killed is killed.


(What is Your opinion on spiritual healers? Should or can it be done for a living, like charging clients? If it is, is it allowed?) Yes, spiritual healing is very good, very good for the patients. Not too good for the healer sometimes, because she or he has to take on the bad karma (retribution) of these patients, and sometimes it's very overwhelming. Because spiritual healing is just one of the levels of God consciousness. If we arrive there, we can heal people. Yes, these people are very spiritually strong in order to heal people. Spiritual healers are very strong in their spirit, but in order to heal without healing, like Jesus did, we can go a little higher, much higher, then we heal. You don't have to lay hands on people. Just like when somebody touched Jesus' garment, and she was just healed, and she thanked Him. He said, "No, it's your faith that heals you." He never claimed because He knew it was the Father, and He said, "It's not me who does it, it's my Father." And that is the highest level of spiritual healing. We could be in many different levels, so it depends on where you are. The greatest spiritual healers don't heal. They just get healed. If it is God's will for that person to be healed through you, he just gets healed. The Master, or for example Jesus, He didn't do anything. That's why He never claimed credit. Yes, a true Master is like that – very humble.


(How do you teach your children this way of life without being ridiculed in everyday life?) Yes, I told you, people will ridicule you even if you have a beautiful boyfriend or wife. So why are you scared? This life has been led in a wrong direction for a long time. That's why we are what we are now. So, if we could not change the whole world, at least we change ourselves, we change our environment, change whomever we can influence. If our children want to go this way, it's our duty to lead them, no matter whoever says. You have to walk the way of Jesus. People stoned Him, cursed Him, labeled Him, crucified Him – did He give up His way? No! So, we are Christian, we are whomever, we walk the way of God. All right? And we have to be an example to other beings. We cannot follow them because they are erring already, they are mistaken. You must be the torchbearer. You must change. And somebody else might change, also. They might not accept at first, but they come home and think about it: "Oh, this way seems to be better." And then later they say, “It is definitely better. OK, I follow." See? That's why we still follow Jesus now, 2,000 years later, because that's the only way to live our life. We follow, but we don't practice. We should practice more.


(Is God within us? Is it the subconscious mind? If not, what is it exactly?) Yes, God is within us. It's the consciousness. God's also without us. God is everywhere. God is yourself.


(I want to feel the power of God, but I don't know how. Can You help me? I want to be strong and faithful.) Yes. Only when you see God, then you can be strong and faithful. You cannot believe something you don't see, I am sorry. I'll show you how to see God, then you can believe Hirm, all right? God is (inner Heavenly) Light. God is the love you will feel during the contact with Hirm, during your meditation, during the time that you reserve for Hirm. And then later, more and more every day, every minute, you will feel Hiers love. Even without meditation, even when you're walking or when you're driving, you will feel that you are one with that love. That's a wonderful feeling, and that's how we can believe. You see? That's how we can believe.


(How do You see that God is with You? And when do You feel that the Holy Spirit is with You?) I feel that all the time. How do I know? (How do You see?) What I see, I cannot tell you, but I can show you, so you can see the same. Because what I drink, you don't know. What I drink, you cannot taste. What I eat, you cannot feel full. But I can offer you the same meal, same juice, then you can understand. I wish God was a physical flower I can show you. But God's also in the flowers. God is in here. You can see this is the physical manifestation of God's beauty. This is the physical manifestation of God's being. Yours are the physical manifestations of God. So, if you want to feel the physical aspect of God, then touch your neighbor, hug him, kiss her. That is God in the physical realm. But if you want to see God in an abstract form, in Light, in splendor, in Heaven, then I have to show you in an abstract way, you understand? There are two ways: abstract and physical. Physical, you see already. Abstract, I'll show you. Later, when we have time together and sit quietly, I'll show you. I will tell you what to do and where to see God. It's very quick. How do I know? If I love somebody, do I know? If I sit here in Africa, do I know? To know God, it is like that, very, very clear. There's no mistake about it. I just can only show you by yourself, but I cannot show you in the physical because this is a different aspect of life.


(Master, I ask You to show us what is the right way of praying.) Yes, I will do that. I will do that. That would take a couple of hours of explanation. But the enlightenment is fast, and you can experience every day the same, or higher and higher. I am here only for the one who is ready.


(How different is spirituality from Your method? Is God with us or a part of us? How or what will our experience be during our initiation?) You will see God. You will see the aspect of God, which is (inner Heavenly) Light, which is different, like, melodies of the universe. The way Hes speaks to you is not in human language. Hes speaks in the melodious voice, like the (inner Heavenly) Sound of water. It's mentioned in the Bible that Hes speaks like thunder, like the Sound of many waters. This you will experience, and more, more, because the Bible doesn’t record everything. You’ll have too much experience, you can't write 1,000 books – never enough! So, one Bible is not enough. But at least there's some reference – like Moses sees God as a big flame, Saint John enters the Third Heaven and hears the trumpet, things like that, etc., etc. You will experience. You will know it. This is not something we can describe in language, really. You just know it when God's presence is near, or when you contact, when you remember again. Hes is always near. Just remember.


(The world is in a crisis today – wars, pollution, disease, etc. Have we collectively created this crisis just so we can experience greater glory?) Yes. But we could have done better now, since we know better. It was a mistake. Now we have to repair it. We can't just continue making mistakes forever, and say, "OK, I am creating all this, so that I can experience Heaven.” Yes, there is a part of creating havoc, and there is a part of creating Heaven, so we have to balance it. We can't continue destroying our world forever by pollution, by cutting down forests, and by warring with each other. It's time to wake up. We’ve had enough suffering already.


(Master, what will happen when You leave this world? Will there be others to continue Your lineage? Who will initiate the people? Who will be there to guide us?) God! You worry too far. At that time, you will know. God will decide. God will decide whether there is someone to continue, and Hes will let you know. If you are ready, everything will be known to you. If you are not ready, even if ten hundred masters come, it's no use. If you are ready, everything will be known to you. Don't worry, OK? Meanwhile, get initiation while I am still here. The Master dies but the spirit doesn't die, so you'll continue to be guided until you've finished your journey. Whoever is initiated by one Master will continue with that. It doesn't matter if the Master passes away. And the new one will come if God decides so.


(In the Bible it is written: "Repent from your sins, then your prayers will be answered." My question is: How will God answer the prayer of a sinner?) Your question is a little bit less complete than it should be. This is the part when God talked to the people who killed a lot of animals for offering, so Hes said, "Who told you to kill all these she-sheep and he-bullocks to make offering to me? Your hands are full of blood! You should stop the killing of the innocents. Otherwise, when you pray, I will not answer; when you request, I will turn my head away." So that is in that section. So, actually, in the Bible, it mentions also that we should not even kill to make offering, let alone to eat. Yes? Because God created them for our pleasure – not to kill. Anyhow, if we repent, of course, that means we... Repent doesn't mean we should feel guilty about what we did. We did what we did – it's a part of the game. It was a part of our process of knowing God. So now we have created enough of the non-God actions, so now is the time to return to Godly action. So, once we make this decision to stop the un-Godly action and return to Godly action, at that time, God gives us the answer right away, like today. Doesn't matter how many people committed sins or whatever you did, you don't have to tell me. At the time you sit down for initiation, God will come to you all the same. So that means if you repent your sins, means you don't do it again, God will appear to you. Hes will today, if you sit down for a while later. In fact, some of you already experience (inner Heavenly) Light here. Is that not so? True? Can you raise your hand if you have? Thank you. My God! Aren't you spiritual! Thanks so much. It's the first time I'm in Africa. I told you, God is indiscriminating. Hes loves every one of us. As soon as you want Hirm, as soon as you sincerely yearn for Hirm, Hes is there – even if you don't meditate yet, even if I didn't even show you yet. See? God is all love, nothing else. Don't fear God – ever. Hes always loves us. As long as we want Hirm, Hes comes. Hes loves us, Hes blesses us, Hes graces us with all things in life, this and after.


(Should we kill insects - flies, cockroaches, fleas, etc.?) It's better to make your house clean. And do some prevention outside the house, so that there is a smell, they don't come near. So, you don't have to actually kill them, all right? Because God doesn't punish, but your conscience feels bad. When you kill something, you feel, "My God, he's so little, so helpless, and I killed him just like that." Even though you don't feel it much, your conscience will awake at night sometimes and feel something biting you. And that's the ants or the cockroaches coming, reminding you, nibbling you, “You shouldn't have done that!”


(Can You explain what are dreams or dreaming?) There are three kinds of dreams. One is some, like, clairvoyant kind of warnings or prediction of the coming event for you. That is when you are in very deep, deep sleep and more aware of your future or the past. Another kind of dream is that whatever you wish in the daytime or you think of much in the daytime before you sleep, it will appear in your dream; just a leftover of the impression of the daytime. And the last kind of dream is just nonsensical whatever, no meaning. Just collect all kinds of garbage in your brain, and then when you sleep, it's too full, it just like leaks out.


(In the Bible, we read that Abraham's sons slaughtered animals for their father. Was it a sin?) In the old times, people believed to make offering to God. Even now they still do that. They even slaughter animals to offer to the God within their body, every day. Anyhow, people have different ways of life, different choices, to know God. They choose to do it quick; they choose to do it slow. For those of you who really get fed up with this life and really want to know God, nothing else, then go get initiation, full. You see? So, you decide now which choice you stay with or which choice you continue or next perfection you choose. Next choice, or stay with this choice.

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