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Be a Torchbearer for God, Part 2 of 5, November 25, 1999



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If we want to see the whole Heaven or Godhood, or some celestial mansion, we have to rise up to their place, and we do that by thought – deep, deep, deep thought. I will show you how to garner your power of thought in order to get out of this “gate” here, and enter another dimension at will, anytime. You practice and you can do that anytime, anywhere.


We have to believe from today that God is all-forgiving, all-loving. Even if you don't believe God is all-forgiving, all-loving, you believe Jesus has come here and He has sacrificed for you, and I am going to show you that what He said is the Truth. I am going to show you that really there is a God – God Father, God Mother, or Buddha, whomever you believe, Allah, even – anyone that you call Hiers name by all your love, all your beauty, all your faith, that is the God who is always loving, never ever, ever criticizes you, even for one fraction of a second. Anytime you turn to Hirm, no matter how badly you have done in your life, Hes will open the door, immediately. That's why we call this way “immediate enlightenment,” because it is immediate. And every day you can re-practice again and again, until you completely remember that there is only one thing in this life, is God, and Hes is everywhere, and then you'll be happy. You'll be happy from the day you see Hiers Light, the first day already, maybe today.

If you trust me enough to offer this service to you, you can have it right away, no problem. You will see that whatever is stated in the Bible, it is 100% truth. Like Moses has seen God, Jesus has been one with God, so that He becomes… Or He's always been the Son of God, but He is not the only Son of God. We are also the son of God. God is not impotent. Hes didn't make only one son. Hes makes many. It's just Jesus has remembered. He has remembered the highest Self of His connection with God. He has remembered the whole thing, and we have not remembered. That's all. There were two sons of the king: one has been wandering all over the land and has forgotten that he is a prince; the other stays with the father and remembers that he is a prince. Both are…? Princes, yes. No difference. One day he remembers, he comes back. It's the same. Yes. So, we are the wandering sons and daughters of God, and the moment you want to go Home, it's right there. Everything is created by thought only. For example, now we are in the physical body, so you do not understand much of the teaching of Jesus or Buddha. Because it is said that whatever you ask, your Father would give it to you. That means whatever you think of, whatever you wish for, will be fulfilled. But we cannot believe that because we are so “imprisoned” by this physical shackle we call the body. So, in order to experience the boundless love, the boundlessness, the all-pervasive, unconditional, eternal love of God, we have to rise above the body. And I will show you how to do that. It's very simple. You can do that on the bus, on the airplane, in the park, anywhere. There is no condition. I will show you how in a minute. And I can show you deeper, a different level of forsaking the body. If you want to go deeper, there are some things you'll have to know more, so it takes a couple of hours to explain to you. But the enlightenment is just seconds. The explanation takes longer. Why explanation? Because you have to do it alone at home and so you have to know everything. So take care of yourself and be your own master. Then you don't have to call me “Master” anymore; you call yourself “Master,” or don't even bother. We are friends, yes. Every one of us is equal. Equal. Truly like that.


Too many things from here. Slow down, please! Hes talks so fast. My mouth is not fast enough, because in the higher dimension, we don't even talk and we understood each other just like I am speaking to myself in my head. The message comes through so fast, so sometimes I forgot; I couldn't catch up.


The reason we do not know we are one with God and everything we wish for or remember will always be right in front of our nose is because we are shackled in this physical body. So, to rise above the body, there is a way to do that. So, we can even contact Jesus, contact Buddha, contact Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), whomever the past Masters who have left the physical environment and entered another dimension. So, in order to see Them, we enter Their dimension, then we see Them. It's very simple. I want to see African people the most, I come here. When I want to see English people, I go to England. There are some English people who come to my place sometimes, or some South African brothers who come to my place sometimes, but they are rare, see? If I want to see the whole African people, I come here. That's it. If we want to see the whole Heaven or Godhood, or some celestial mansion, we have to rise up to their place, and we do that by thought – deep, deep, deep thought. I will show you how to garner your power of thought in order to get out of this “gate” here, and enter another dimension at will, anytime. You practice and you can do that anytime, anywhere.

So, why the saints say that we have to “learn to die so that you begin to live” is that, because, if you learn to do this deep contemplation on deep thought prayers, then we can enter the dimension of the celestial being. And it's just similar to the moment of death to many, even ordinary people. Don't have to say practitioner, yogis, or anything. Ordinary people, when their conscience is clear, their life has been a perfect example of goodness, when they die, they find themselves very liberated; they find themselves all-pervasive, everywhere at the same time, and nowhere that they are not; and whenever they want something, that thing just comes right in front of them; whenever they think of somebody, that somebody will appear right in front of them. In other words, they will project themselves immediately in front of the things that they desire or the person that they want to see. That's why when we learn to “die” – means we leave this physical body and die temporarily – we have this kind of experience too, and then we can know exactly that really, whatever we want, God grants it to us, God gives it to us. It’s just in this physical body, we are so blind, deaf, and dumb to celestial blessings, to God's love, that we feel so helpless. We are the most helpless when we are in this physical body. It is like you are locked in a box and the key has been thrown away into the river. It's like that – so helpless. That's why we have to learn to rise above this physical prison in order to truly experience the glory of love. Then we will be so happy every day that it doesn't matter where we are, doesn't matter how much we have or not have, we will be always contented, always happy. That's why Jesus did not move in the face of death. He said, "Father, how much you have glorified me." He accepted the crucifixion; He did not run away. He could have; He could have, anytime. A man of that power and knowledge, He can do anything! But He did not want to. Why should He run away from something that He knows can only make Him feel more glorified, more happy, more liberated? Why should He feel attached to this little prison when He knows the vastness of Heaven? Why should He be attached to relatives and friends of this physical dimension, when He knows that He could see the Father in Heaven, and He knows all of the brothers and sisters, all the relatives and friends, are all one with Him in the end, anyhow? That is true liberation. There is no freedom compared to this freedom in God realization. That is the only true freedom that we should search for.

I am willing to serve you in any way I can, if you think you are ready to make this choice again, you've had enough with this life, you want to have a different choice. But nevertheless, we do not forsake this world in order to go to Heaven, no. We still can have both. For example, I am still here. I just enjoy Heaven every day, but I also enjoy this life. You see, I enjoy your jewelry and your clothes very much. Sometimes, people who are spiritual, if they choose to be successful also in this life, they can also be successful. Different Masters have chosen different ways to demonstrate the love of God. Some Masters have chosen the way of complete renunciation – like Jesus, like Buddha – but some Masters have chosen to make use of the gifts of God, or God has ordained Them to do this. It depends on God's will, whether you should be very rich materially as well as spiritually in this life, or you just be rich materially and not spiritually, or just spiritually and not materially. Everyone has to walk a different path, but we're all walking Home, toward God's dimension, and this is what we are here for. In case you ask me what's the purpose of a human being, that's what it is.


And thank you very much for your attention. If you have any more questions, I will be pleased to answer. Then I can show you how to remember God. I hope I made myself clear? Yes, you are so intelligent. My God! I am not surprised. African people are very, very spiritual. They are very much more in contact with nature...very spiritual.


(Dear Master, what is the benefit of following a Master? Is it not perhaps a better prospect to be self-determined and to follow one's own path to enlightenment and to sort out one's own karma (retribution)?) Actually, in a way of speaking, you call me “Master,” but I told you already, I am going to remind you that you are the Master, and that's all there is. And the karma (retribution) and all that will go away, as soon as you realize that you are the Master of the universe, that you are one with God. But before that, if you have not completely realized this, of course, I'll be your friend and help you until you understand everything. And you can call me “Master” or you follow me. You don't have to follow me because I am not here in Africa forever. Just follow the instructions, so that every day you can contemplate deeply inside and then find God, and then one day you will completely understand. You might even completely understand today, it depends on how intense is your choice to go back to God. So, you don't have to follow anybody, not even any physical or celestial being. You follow yourself. I am just showing you how, showing you some instructions because it's not that you don't know – you have forgotten! Because we live in this world, we're so busy with survival and everything tries to bury us under these worries and suffering and then make us so busy and perplexed that we have forgotten. So, I have already gotten out of the mud; I can pull a rope and get you out and then bathe you again. Then you'll become just like me again – all clean, beautiful.


(Can the Convenient Method of meditation offer you as much as initiation?) Differently, a little differently. The Convenient Method is for convenience, yes. Some people, for example, they cannot be vegetarian completely or they have not decided whether they should go part-time or full-time. They just want to try a short period of time every day. So, of course, the benefit is not as great as when you go full-time. But the Convenient Method will offer your own liberation in this lifetime. Whereas, if you practice Quan Yin Method and get the full initiation, you could even help many other people, including your five, six, seven, nine generations, to be liberated. Yes, the more money you earn, the richer you become.


(How can You explain Adam and Eve?) Should I explain about them? Look at yourself and you know. Look at ourselves.


(After initiation, how do we communicate with You if You are not here?) I am always “here.” You will see that. Sometimes you will see me in your house if you concentrate enough. Besides, you can write to me, can e-mail, write a letter. Nowadays, very convenient. But the best communication is inside, because we will be reconnected again with the whole universe, so whatever problem you have, the whole universe knows and, of course, I know, because I am also connected to the network. So, whenever you ask something, you have the answer right away. But in case you're still not sure in the beginning, you can always write to me. But the answer is always inside. There is a connection, a 24-hour telephone service – no charge. Yes, that's a wonder of being enlightened. Because if a teacher has to be physically present every time with the disciples, then it is not convenient, it's not powerful enough. Because it doesn't matter how powerful or how strong a teacher is, he or she cannot protect the disciple 24 hours by physical presence, but by the power of the universe to which the master, she or he, is connected already. I am not, myself, it's not the physical body now, that will be protecting you. It is the connection with the universal power through me that will protect you. That's why everywhere you are, that power knows and protects you and answers your questions. You will know "Knock and it shall be opened. Ask and it shall be given." Your prayers will always be answered, your questions will always be replied to by inner connection. And that's the wonder of being in this enlightening way of life. Otherwise, what's the use of having to even find the Master through rivers and oceans again? And how long can you stay with her or him? Even the Master, after initiation, will continue to protect and guide you after the Master has departed from this world. That is the meaning of being a Master. Otherwise, you should not be a Master. It's a lot of work.


(Will we master the art of clairvoyance with the third eye?) That's nothing! That's just a little child's play. You don't aim for that. This is not the goal for you. Of course, you will see things – you'll see everything – but you see the whole universe, not just a little thing here and there, not just your future and your past. You will master the whole life force; you will master the whole universe. That is the goal.


(I want to understand the Bibles.) Is that it? (Yes.) Well, then study it! Read it. Yes, yes, I know. It is difficult to understand because a lot of stories and terminologies in there are kind of mystical. Unless we have the same level of consciousness, we find it very difficult to understand. So just get enlightened. Stay around and I’ll show you how to enter into the true experiences of the Bibles. Because the Bibles, many are recorded, of the experiences, enlightened experiences, of the past practitioners, spiritual practitioners. It's like, for example, Jesus, when He meditated 40 days in the desert, of course, He communicated with God. And the devil also came to Him and tempted Him with the power of the Three Worlds. You understand what the Three Worlds are? It's very big! This world is already big enough. If somebody comes and offers you to be the king of this whole world, would you like it? Of course, you would already. And he is offered to be the king of the Three Worlds, to be above this world, another two worlds. But that's as far as the devil can reign, so he can only offer Three Worlds. And He said, "Get out of my sight." That's what Jesus said, meaning, “get lost.” This kind of experience... I am sorry, we couldn't even see the devil even if we wanted to, because we are not able to see with the spirit yet. So, in order to understand what Jesus had experienced, even to say to the devil "get lost," we have to study what Jesus has taught us. Walk His way. Meditate like Him. "Go in the closet" – means meditate, means pray in silence, pray properly. "Let your eye be single, so that your whole body will be full of Light." I will show you how to make your eye single, how to find that single eye here, so that you can see Heaven, you can see the true life, which is cheated from us because of all this physical appearance. We are cheated. We did not see the true life, but we can if we use the true eye. And that's why I came here. I will show you later.  

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