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Be a Torchbearer for God: Questions and Answers, Part 5 of 5, November 25, 1999



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The Golden Age is the time, like once, or long ago, or many times ago, when we experienced oneness with God, and everything that we wished for was fulfilled instantly. We can experience the Golden Age right now, if we have this connection with God. Every day is a Golden Age to the Quan Yin practitioners.

(Dear Master, thank You for Your wisdom. How would You choose a successor to continue Your physical work here after You leave us?) I haven't decided yet. That is up to God to decide. When the time comes, the Lord will let me know. And I'll let you know... maybe. Or you have to find out yourself. OK, if I have one, I will write it down – name, place, date of birth, then you can identify him. He probably has a nose in the middle, two ears… You can find him, or her, whatever. But I haven't decided yet. I haven't found one yet. Sorry, you hurry up, and maybe God will tell you that, "OK, you are the successor," and then you tell me.

(Dear Master, tarot cards, auras, Reiki healing, is this bad, even if it's done for the benefit of others?) No, it's not bad. I told you, everything is different levels of understanding about God. The nurse is not bad, the doctor is not good; they are just working in different ways, different jobs. But if you want to be a doctor, then you have to stop being a nurse and study more. That's what it is, all right? Become the healers without healing, like Jesus.

(How do I overcome all these problems I have and get my focus back and be forgiven for my wrongs? I would love to change my life and be a good man again.) Yes, then change it. First, whatever you don't like about yourself, change it. For example, you used to tell lies, now don't. Just tell the truth. You used to take things from people, you stop that and you give your things instead, or get initiation and get enlightened.

(Is there such a thing as bad luck or curses upon you? And when does it ever set you free?) Nobody can curse you, no bad luck can harm you, if you choose to walk the other way, right? Just walk the other way. Walk the way of God, then all bad lucks will leave you. But sometimes, because of the bad karma (retribution) you have already created, so the consequence still lingers for a while. Just bear it. We don't live here long. Don't worry.

(Why can we not be initiated and be unrestricted? Why can we not eat meat and drink alcohol?) So you want to be a flesh-eating God and drunken God? You already are! If you eat meat now and drink wine, you're already a drunken God and meat-eating God already, every day. I thought you wanted to change to something different. If you don't want to change, then just stay where you are. You already are God. But if you want to change to a higher level of yourself, then you have to leave a little of these lower kinds of substitutes to find a more noble, higher intoxication in the love of God and more refreshment in the “flesh” of Jesus, in the spiritual “flesh” of Jesus.

(There are many religions, such as Christianity and traditional African religion. Which is the right religion for Africa? Also, by practicing other religions, does that anger our ancestors?) No, no. Every religion is good for Africa if you believe in it, all right? I am just showing you the way to truly contact the source of your religion. There is only one God, and people find different ways to go to Hirm. It's just sometimes they get lost in the maze, so I am here to show them where to go, the shortest way. I don't come here to change your religions. And your ancestors will never be angry with you because they will be liberated through your enlightenment, through your blessing.

(Thank You for coming to South Africa and bringing Your love and peace to our people. I hope that Your endearment is passed on to our people in South Africa.) I hope so, too. Thanks so much for your love. I think so. The South African people are so, so enlightened, so intelligent. I think we understand each other perfectly, yes.

(Everything is free. Please tell us who sponsors You.) I earn my money. I am a designer, don't you know? You see, we didn't bring all my creations here, but you could see some in the pictures. I design jewelry, design clothes. I don't wear my own Today; I wear yours in respect of your country. In the Bible, it says that you must earn your own living by the sweat of your brow. So that's what I do. Apart from sharing with you the blessing that God has permitted me to do, I have to also earn my upkeep for the physical needs. I need transportation, I need a car, I need airplane tickets, etc., so I earn the money just like you do, and I share whatever I have with other people. Apart from what I need, I have surplus. I share with the other brothers and sisters. Nobody supports me. I support people. God supports me, yes.

(When You gather together on Sundays, do you eat Holy Communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ?) When I go to church on Sunday? (Yes.) Yes, I do eat the Communion bread, but the one you could not see. Yes, the real “flesh” of Jesus. I don't cut His “flesh” and eat, but I be one with Him. That's my Communion bread. I have that every day, not just Sunday.

(In Africa, it is said that we have a high rate of HIV (AIDS). Does God curse or punish our continent with this incurable disease? How can we be saved from this disease?) In every country, there are information centers about AIDS or about any disease that you happen to worry about, yes? Find out from information and take care of yourself physically. Otherwise, if you practice spiritually also and you keep the precepts and you have a vegetarian (vegan) diet, you lead a spiritual life, you never have to worry about this question.

(Is the Golden Age a sign of the second coming of Jesus? What is the Golden Age?) The Golden Age is the time, like once, or long ago, or many times ago, when we experienced oneness with God, and everything that we wished for was fulfilled instantly. We can experience the Golden Age right now, if we have this connection with God. Every day is a Golden Age to the Quan Yin practitioners.

(Where do we black people come from, because we do not exist in the Bible. Is it true that we are cursed children?) No! Are you kidding? You see, you see? You see? This is the doctrine of fear, the doctrine of separation, the doctrine of condemnation and humiliation that people long ago tried to inflict upon the human race to divide us and to rule us. Because united we stand, divided we fall, and they know that. Oh, my God! Why do you ever ask this question? It should never even come up! This is just a different color! It's just like flowers here. Look how many colors are in here. Suppose we are all white or all yellow like me, wouldn't it be boring, our planet? Then I don't have South Africa to come to. I don't have a different color to look at. When I look at you, I think of chocolate. Yum, yum! My favorite color, yes! And you know, all colors are beautiful. There is no difference! Just different flowers. I don't know why this question even comes up. But I know why, as I explained already. This is the trap; this is the tricks of the bad ones who try to get power over people. Not only do they try to divide us from God, make God a fearsome person or being, as a revengeful and a punishing God, but they even divide us people as a whole, as a human race. Try to tell the white people that blacks are bad, and try to tell the dark people that the light-skinned people are evil. Every generation, we've been brainwashed into thinking like this, and that's how we've become, like, confused, and then we try to think again, “Is it true what he said? Maybe it's true what he said.” Tell me why the black people are cursed? Tell me why! One good reason why. Can you answer why? If you cannot answer, that means that doesn't exist, the curse. What's the difference between the dark color or the light color, the yellow or the red? What is the difference in here? You know why you are black or you are dark, because you are too near the sun! Hide yourself inside the house! No, I told you already, God is a colorful one. Hes is artistic: Hes makes different fruit colors, Hes makes different flower colors, so Hes makes different dog colors, Hes makes different elephant colors, Hes makes different bird colors, Hes makes different human colors. We should be happy! Hes is great. We are great. Anyhow I like chocolate, so I don't care. Should never, ever think like this. Never should this question arise in your mind. You are great! You have a very, very long and deep, deep, deep spiritual tradition. What do you mean black people are not mentioned in the Bible? How about the Egyptian, Cleopatra? She was black! Moses, yes? The Egyptian people, where Moses was raised, they are also colored, they are dark colored. Do you mean they are not mentioned in the Bible? Does it have to say dark or black in order for you to identify yourself? You are a human being. There's no black, no white, no yellow – nothing. We are God's children. That’s it. Yes, no problem at all. I don't see why there’s any problem. I don't see why! How can you see any problem with the colors of the flowers? I don't understand this. You know what? Have you been to Holland, any of you? OK, some of you, right. Do you know in Holland they cultivate black tulips, yes? And they are the most expensive and rare, because we don't have that many, see? When you don't have black, they have to create it, you see? Suppose we didn’t have dark people here, we have to create it, genetically matching, in order to get a black one, and then it will be, "Oh my God, he is black! Oh, my God!" You know what I mean? It's like the tulips, the dark tulips. It is a very dark tulip. It's not born like that. They match the genetics. They create it by scientific means. And I have seen a patch of them – beautiful! Very dark and beautiful! And very rare. The whole gardens are full of different colors. Just one little batch is black tulips, and they're called the King of the Night or Queen of the Night or something like that. Beautiful name. Suppose we didn’t have dark people here, or chocolate people here, then we would be missing something, you see? And then we will have to try hard in the laboratory in order to create a black baby. And then we would hold it up: "Oh, look at him! Isn't he beautiful?" See what I mean? So, God already knows that. Hes created for us, so we should be very grateful, happy and proud, yes? Proud to be colored! Yes, thank you. But this problem has been too long, so it doesn't matter how long I speak, it doesn't seem long enough to erase the long-standing misunderstanding of the colors of God's creation. You know how much money all the people in other countries have to spend on the beach, how much suffering they have to lie in the scorching sun, in order to get the color you have? Come on, you’re kidding! So, you are a millionaire. A walking, inborn millionaire. Only millionaires in America or elsewhere can have the kind of color you have, because they spend a lot of time and money in the sun. Do you know that? You know that! So next time, don't ask me this question. Tell yourself that you are a millionaire – inborn, born millionaire. No need to roast yourself on the beach for hours on end. It's a big suffering to get the color of the people of Africa.

(Master, I want to know: When I saw Your picture, something struck me – I had the feeling of coming here to meet You, in fact, to see You physically, and when You entered the hall, I did feel like crying. Is it because I was feeling You, or I was getting the fulfillment of knowing God?) Could be that. Could be that you feel the God within me that's manifesting the love for you. Not that Hes cannot manifest within you also – Hes could! If you have chosen the way of God, Hes will manifest also. See, I have chosen to walk Hiers way, so you can feel it more obviously. Because I am with Hirm and then other people are more with the world, more worried about the world. I am more about God. Therefore, you can feel more God's presence in such a person; for example, maybe me. So that's why you feel happy or you feel emotional. Otherwise, we don't know each other, why should you cry when you see me? Why should you love me and want to shake my hand or hug me? Must be something. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Be it the world or be with God. When we are with the world, we manifest a more worldly atmosphere and people recognize that more. And when we are with God, we are more radiating God's atmosphere, and people feel that because the God in you feels that.

(Thank you, Master, for coming to South Africa. We welcome you with open hands.) Thank you.

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