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Selections from “Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume I,” by Soamiji Maharaj (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2

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Venerated Soamiji Maharaj was born on August 25, 1818 in Agra of India. Soamiji Maharaj knew Sant Tulsi Sahib since a very early age, and studied with Him into adulthood. After Tulsi Sahib’s passing, Soamiji Maharaj meditated alone in a room for 15 years. Later, upon the request of His disciple, the Venerated Hazur Maharaj, He agreed to share the method of inner Heavenly Light and Sound with the general public. When Hazur Majaraj realized during a meditation that “not only is Radhasoami an ever-reverberating (inner Heavenly) Sound but also Soamiji Maharaj is Himself Radhasoami,” the faith became named Radhasoami Satsang. According to Soamiji Maharaj, there are three essentials of Radhasoami Satsang: first, a living Guru; second, Nam, or inner Heavenly Sound, and third Sang, or true Teachings. By satisfying these three principles, one can be liberated from the cycle of life and death. In today’s program, we will present the saintly teachings from Soamiji Maharaj’s book, “Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume I.” “Radhasoami Nam whoever recites, gets across the ocean of life; troubles vanish, bliss abides, and completely gone’s all strife. Such is this unfathomable Name that to none Its secrets are known, he who comes to know the same is no more on the earth born. By reciting Radhasoami Nam let thy life most fruitful be; this is the true and real Nam keep It innermost within thee. Wondrous is Soami’s grandeur; except Radha, the Spirit Prime, no one can see the splendor, supreme, spiritual, sublime. In form and state not manifest is Radhasoami Nam in that place; there none can reach and rest without His mercy and grace. I pay my obeisance before Radhasoami by whose grace and mercy, innumerable Jivas (living beings) are being awakened. I bow again and again before Sat Guru and before the Lotus Region and Satnam (True Name). He is the beginning of all, but Himself without a beginning. He is Anam (the Highest Deity) since times immemorial. He has come here from His august abode as Sant Incarnate. He has launched a boat in the ocean (of existence) to enable Jivas (living beings) to get across. He mercifully takes us in the boat.” “The secrets of that abode are revealed by perfect Guru. There resounds a wonderful melody of the Bin (harp). Beyond is the Darbar (sphere) of Alakh Purush (the Lord of the sixth Spiritual Region), which can only be perceived by Surat (or spirit entity). Above that is Agam Lok (Heavenly Realm) which is unique. Only Sant Surats (realized souls) enjoy that bliss. From there is visible the eternal terrace of the most marvelous mansion of the Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal. My Surat (soul) is now in an exalted state of ecstasy; it has merged in Anami Purush (Supreme Being).”
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