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Leaves of Morya’s Garden: Spiritual Guidance Recorded by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 1 of 2

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The esteemed mystical and philosophical writers Nicholas and Helena Roerich are two of the most influential spiritual thought leaders from Russia, recognized for founding the doctrine of Agni Yoga, also known as Living Ethics. Traveling extensively throughout Asia to deepen their spiritual studies, the Roerichs eventually met their Master in Darjeeling, India. The ascended Venerated Master Morya, also known as El Morya, is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood, an order of ascended Masters and Their incarnated disciples, one of whom was Helena Blavatsky. Today, we will read some of the lovingly dictated messages of Master Morya, as written down by his disciples, in the book “Leaves of Morya’s Garden.” “The miracle of Beauty in the adornment of our daily lives will exalt mankind. Raise high your light. Illumine the beauties of My Temple. Teach the Joy of Beauty. Teach the Happiness of Wisdom. Teach the Bliss of Love. Teach the Glory of Unity with God. I will grant you the power and fleetness of Mercury. Go forward without doubt, without fear, without turning back.” “Love and striving work miracles in life. We are awakening your energy for new thoughts, which are needed for transmutation, and for the work of thought in life. You must find the resources to create a new life. We send you thoughts — sharpen them without violating Karma.” “I reveal to you the profundity of Ramakrishna’s simple teachings. We, all together, implement the Will of the Creator. Your strength grows through prana.” “I will grant you the power to lead souls to God. I will endow you with the gift of bringing joy to others. Teach the manifestation of Morya. Teach — I will help you.” “We rejoice, O Lord, to offer to Thee our garden. Depart not, O Manifested Lord. Leave not our garden. With stars is Thy Path adorned. By them do we find Thy Way. We shall follow Thee, O Lord. Should the sun’s morning rays banish Thy starry signs, Then will we invoke the aid of storm and whirlwind to obscure its rays. Of what use the sun, if it banish Thy starry tokens?”
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