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Perek Shira - Singing Praises to the Creator: From “In Front of the Blind” by the Reverend Rabbi Asa Keisar (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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The Reverend Rabbi Asa Keisar, a Shining World Hero Award Recipient, is an Israeli religious scholar who’s on a mission to spread veganism all across Israel and the world. Strong in his dedication and compassion for all God’s creatures, the Reverend Rabbi Asa Keisar is a frequent lecturer at universities, elementary and high schools, and yeshivot (Jewish educational religious institutions) throughout Israel. His speeches feature statements from the Holy Torah about the incorrectness of consuming animal products, especially in our modern world. The Reverend Rabbi Keisar is also the author of an important Jewish guide, “In Front of the Blind,” or “Velifnei Iver Hashalem.” The book is a collection of excerpts from the Torah, the prophets, the Mishneh Torah, the Talmud, as well as from the Gaonim, Rishonim, and Achronim, which include Jewish spiritual leaders and religious legal scholars from the past and present. Through straightforward holy laws, the selection clearly shows how humans must treat all animals, namely with care and mercy. There is a widespread ancient Jewish text entitled, “Perek Shira” (Chapter of Song), a compilation of praises to God, sung by the Heavens and by His creatures, as the animals, from which the Jewish scholar is sharing some worth-mentioning lines. We will now read from the Reverend Rabbi Keisar’s book, “In Front of the Blind,” the chapter called “The Purpose of Animals.” “The Rooster says: ‘When the Holy One, blessed be He, comes to the righteous in the Garden of Eden, all the trees of the Garden of Eden exude their fragrance, and they rejoice and praise, and then He arouses and praises.’” “The Hen says: ‘He gives bread to all flesh, for His loving kindness endures forever.’” “The Pigeon says before The Holy One, blessed be He: ‘Master of the World, may my sustenance be as bitter as an olive in Your hands, rather than being sweet as honey in the hands of flesh and blood.’” “The Crane says: ‘Give thanks to Hashem with the lyre; play for Him with the ten-stringed harp.’” “The Bird says: ‘A Bird has also found her home and the sparrow a nest for herself where she placed her young; Your altars, Hashem of Hosts – my King and my God.’” “The Swallow says: ‘So that my soul shall sing Your honor and shall not be silent, Hashem my God – I shall forever thank you.’” “The Swift says: ‘My help is from Hashem, Maker of Heaven and Earth.’” “The Petrel says: ‘Light is sown for the righteous, joy for the straight-of-heart.’” “The Bat says: ‘Be comforted, My people, be comforted,’ says your God.”
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