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I-Kuan Tao - The Three Treasures

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I-Kuan Tao means Consistent Way or Persistent Way. I-Kuan Tao is also known as Tian Dao. I-Kuan Tao is a Chinese salvationist religion that emerged from the Xiantiandao, (“Way of Former Heaven”) tradition in the late 19th century, in Shandong, China. I-Kuan Tao is a combination of spiritual ideas based on Confucius Teachings, and a deep respect and belief in the Lao Mu, the Eternal Primordial Mother and Maitreya, the future Buddha. In I-Kuan Tao, the three treasures are: Xuan Kwan (The Mystic Portal or Heavenly Portal), Wu-tzu-Jen-ching (Divine Mantra) and Ho Tong (The Covenant or Symbolic Seal). These three treasures are spiritual practices that are capable of keeping the believers safe and protect them, as well as enable the believers to reach sainthood. We will now share with you, “I-Kuan Tao – The Three Treasures.” “The first Treasure is the Mystic Portal. It is the spiritual nexus of your being. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the portal is the proper doorway.” “It is the door to the soul. When it is closed, the soul cannot be in touch with anyone. Once this doorway has been pointed and opened by an ordained master in the initiation ritual, you can use it in everyday life. In times of danger, it will help you avoid disaster, and keep yourself safe.” “The second Treasure is the Wordless True Sutra. It consists of sounds without words. It resonates with us deep in the heart. It is beyond the ordinary sounds and writings of the material world, for it is a mantra of power. This Treasure should not be said aloud or written down.” “Using the Wordless True Sutra will let you tap into more of your potential than you ever thought possible. If obstacles in life are like the morning fog, then the Wordless True Sutra is like the sun. When the sun comes out, the fog dissipates into nothingness, and you can see everything clearly.” “The third Treasure is the Hand Seal. The central meaning of this Treasure is nurturing love. It is a gesture where the left hand holds the right in a symbolic representation of the tender loving care that you feel when you hold an infant in your arms. The Hand Seal serves as a reminder of the child within us, our original nature beyond good and bad, right and wrong, judgement and criticism. Like the other Treasures, the Hand Seal can shield you from harm. In a crisis, the Hand Seal will help you maintain your safety and reduce your fears, so you can get yourself out of danger. Your fate is literally in your own hands. With the Hand Seal, you are able to not just change your fate, but also create your own destiny.”
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