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The Kingdom of God, Guru and God are One: Selections from Dadu Dayal (vegetarian): The Compassionate Mystic, Part 1 of 2

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One such great spiritual teacher is Sant (Saint) Dadu Dayal from the same tradition as Saint Kabir. He lived during the 16th century. “Dadu” means brother and “Dayal” is “the Compassionate One.” Dadu first met his Guru at the early age of 11 while playing with friends near a pond. He was initiated by this teacher into the “Everlasting Knowledge of God.” Dadu paid little attention to the external forms of worship, such as visits to temples and pilgrimages. Instead, he concentrated on Japa (repetition of Divine Names) as well as remembrance of the original divine source and his inner connection and whole-hearted devotion to God. The group of Dadu’s followers are known as the Dadu Panth and refrain from alcohol and uphold vegetarianism. Sant Dadu Dayal did not leave any written records. But 5,000 of his verses, or oral teachings were recorded by his disciple Rajjab and are known as the Dadu Anubhav Vani, composed in the local Braj Bhasha language, a mixture of Hindi and Rajasthani. Dadu: The Compassionate Mystic is an English translation collection of Dadu Dayal’s poems by Dr. Kashi Nath Upadhyaya. Today we are going to share with you some of the enlightening verses selected from this collection. LIFE WITHOUT GURU IS WASTED “Human life is wasted if a perfect Guide who can join the broken link and take one to the other shore is not found, and if works pleasing to God are not done. Forsaking God and running after the pleasures of the world is like throwing aside priceless diamonds and picking up useless stones. If such a one who can mend the broken connection And take one across to the other shore is not found, The opportunity is lost again, says Dadu. This body is a raft, and the world is an ocean, deep and unfathomable. How can anyone cross it and go to the other shore without the Sailor? asks Dadu. I have done nothing that could please God. My coming to this world has been in vain, O Dadu. With what face should one laugh and talk? One is departing, having spent one's priceless life in vain. One should cry, says Dadu. The holy feet of the Lord - the very purpose for which one is to live in the world – are not within one’s heart. Fie on such a life without devotion to God in this Iron Age, O Dadu! You did what was pleasing to your mind And transgressed the commandment of the Lord. How will you show your face to that Beloved? asks Dadu. You did all to please the senses And provided all that the mind demanded. But nothing of that for which you were created Was done by you, O Dadu. You were provided with equipment For rendering service to the Lord. But you have forgotten obedience to the Lord, And not a single work have you accomplished, says Dadu.”
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