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Selections from “The World’s Advance Thought” – a Periodical by Lucy A. Mallory (vegetarian): The New Dispensation, Part 1 of 2

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“The Spirited Monthly Newspaper – The World’s Advance Thought” was a monthly periodical founded by Lucy A. Mallory in 1886. The paper’s motto was “Love is the way, the truth, and the life.” Mrs. Lucy Mallory contributed her own spiritual writings as well as the inspired contributions of others. She served as writer, editor and publisher of the paper, which had an international readership that included renowned Russian author and vegetarian, Leo Tolstoy. Through this uplifting publication, Lucy Mallory highlighted themes that emphasized the “inner light” of the human being. She also advocated vegetarianism for its loving kindness to other beings. We now share with you selections from the periodical – “The World’s Advance Thought.” “The thought planted in your mind is a seed, and it will grow there and bear fruit of the same kind as the seed you planted. Good thought seeds bear fruit that give good. ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap.’ Constructive planting is reaping its harvest. Destructive sowing is reaping its harvest. The present-day man has come to his limit. Now comes a Superior Being who will bring the whole world into Divine Union. The Mighty Power of Love shall work its Wonders, and Peace - Divine Peace - shall reign! Spiritualism has rooted now, and will soon begin to bear Spiritual Fruit. The public memory is now going to be long on Good, and short on bad.” “The human soul’s demand for truth being eternally continuous, and the supply being eternally inexhaustible, it is impossible to formulate abiding religious systems of perfection. While a religious system, as a moral influence, may be above the spiritual thought of the mass of its faithful followers, the spiritual thought of individuals will ever be above the most advanced religious system. Creeds, in their highest forms and purest conditions, cannot from the very nature of things dispense and conserve the highest spiritual truth; they express past conceptions, and must, therefore, ever be behind the most advanced spiritual thought.” “The Light that lights every one that comes into the world, and all intelligences above and below, as well as in the degree of the individual, is spiritual consciousness. The season has its degree, as has the planet, and the object of the experiences, each and all, is to expand and extend the consciousness.”
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