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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 15 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 6, 2010

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“The title of my lecture is: Importance of saline water for high value commodities production. You guys have talked a lot about vegetables and things like that, but the vegetables that we consume are not high value vegetables. We call them commodities or crops. So, my talk will be a little bit information about saline water – what is it? And the high value crops, [or] HVC – essential elements. There’re all the elements in life process, benefits of saline water for crops.

But of course, seawater, water from a sea or ocean – we will focus on this part. And saline water, sometimes in medicine – a solution of sodium chloride in sterile water. Now, what is high value crops? This is very important for the vegetarian people here, who consume lots of vegetables.

More than 30 elements have a key function in helping humans, plants, and animals live and be healthy. The most important source of these elements for our human body is a great source – is the food that we eat. But frankly saying, everybody in this room I can say is suffering from something. Why? Due to the fact that he is lacking one of the elements, or two, or more than that. That’s why we usually go for food supplements.

So, as I told you, addressing the issue of chronic mineral depletion and deficiencies, ocean water or seawater – we usually use ‘ocean,’ because it’s bigger – is the best source, is in complete proportion and balanced by nature. Allah created it like this. With naturally small molecular structure and a 100% ionic, very easy for absorption – both essential factors for easy absorption. Naturally, ocean water contains over 90 elements.

They are available in one way or another in a small amount or in big amounts, but all of them are essential for your life. Here: copper, zinc, whatever... All of these elements, as I said, are available in different proportions in the seawater. So, as I said, the ocean is the only source where most of the known elements are in perfectly balanced solution.”
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