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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 13 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 6, 2010

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“The very first event, or the first story that changed my life, was: at the age of three I realized I could see colors. Now, imagine you’re three, you’re very young, you’re playing with toys, you have neighbors, you have an elder sister, and you start seeing balloons of yellow, balloons of blue.”

“And over a period of time, by the time I was 15 and 16, I realized brighter colors meant happiness and good things. Darker colors meant bad events. This is something I learned very, very early on.”

“Now, what we don’t realize, all these life-changing, life-altering events, they sort of seep into your brain. Your brain is like a sponge, so over a period of time, it will collect all these memories. So sometimes you could smell a perfume, and it will take you back into your grandmother’s bedroom. Sometimes you could be passing on a street, and the smell of a particular dish would remind you of your mom’s favorite recipe. So your brain sort of organizes events, emotions – everything. Along with it, it also organizes all your negative emotions and all your scars.”

“Around our body, you will find very, very fine energy that can’t be seen with the naked eye, but there are machines now that can sort of pick up this frequency and show you your aura live. Now, these energies, or these colors, basically come from seven energy centers which are located along your spine. And these energy centers, depending on the life decisions that you have made, would be bright or dull, would be fast moving or slow. Once you learn to balance these energy centers, you will realize the quality of your life will improve tremendously. Subtle changes: you will sleep well, you will eat well, you will study well, you will focus well.”

“If you go down to the Sanskrit scriptures and look at the real meaning of meditation, which is Dhyana, it means living in the present moment, that’s meditation. If you are able to sit on your TV couch, just for a fraction of a second and be in that moment, not think about the takeaway delivery that you ordered, your boyfriend or your husband coming home, what’s going to happen tomorrow – then you are meditating.”
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