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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 20 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“Do you know how many times a young child smiles in a day? Five hundred to 1,000 times it smiles. Ask yourself how many times you smiled yesterday? The less number of times you smile, the (less) regular is your heart rate. And when you don’t smile, you may get a heart attack. So, keep smiling. God gave smiling capacity only to man.”

“Smiling requires about 150 muscles to relax in the body, which means if you smile each time… And when you smile naturally, you relax so much, your blood pressure comes down, your heart rate comes down, and you'll be surprised, your headache disappears.”

“Till you get that ‘I,’ that pride, then you’ve no problem at all. So, this was known to the rishis (sages). So that’s why Patanjali started yoga. He said: ‘Chitta vritti nirodaha yogaha.’ (Yoga stills the mind) Chitta, vritti, undulations, nirodha, you stop it, you become a yogi.”

“The truth is, nuclear genes are not important at all. We have vital genes outside the nucleus, the mitochondria, which you don’t know at all. So our whole thinking of genetics is wrong. Now I’ll tell you about our drugs. The first cancer drug, which is called ‘Nujol.’ Nujol in Latin means ‘new oil.’ It’s a byproduct of petrol extraction. Can you believe that? And that is what you’re taking. For cancer, you get some chemotherapy, which is just nothing but real poisonous chemicals.”

“Now, the human body has a wonderful wisdom. The human body tells you when you’re not well.”

“But did you know that every chemical molecule that the doctor gives you is chemically dextrorotary, and everybody molecule is levorotary.” “Anyway, so, every drug that you take is a square plug in a round hole. But all herbal medicines are food. Remember that? They’re food. They’re levorotary, and then it agrees with your body system.”
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