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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 25 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“The greed for money and the greed to make food is naturally meaning that none of us are going to have grand-, great-grandchildren because if we eat this, it’s going to stop us from having kids.”

“Now, if this fish gene is in the tomato, is that tomato still vegetarian? You say no. Why? It’s a tomato. If I put a pork gene in the tomato, is it Halal (permissible)? I’m not God. I’m not going to start playing God. I don’t think we should be doing this. This is the biggest experiment we did in mankind. Nuclear bombs can end mankind; GMOs, I think, will end. And I say, ‘I think,’ because all the evidence I’ve studied over the years means if we really go full out and do this, there’s not going to be many left of us.”

“In the US, a lot of corn goes into making biodiesel so we can drive our trucks, but the original promise was that we’re going to save all the starving people in Africa. By making corn into diesel, I don’t think they’re fulfilling their original mission. By making bags out of corn, what happened to ‘feed the world?’ It’s ‘feed the monetary greed’ is what’s happening, not feed the world.”

“Now the soyabean is pesticide-resistant, and when the soyabean is pesticide-resistant, you can spray it with more pesticides. And if I remember correctly, the maximum allowed residual pesticide in soya bean in some countries today is 20 times higher than it used to be. That means, some years back, we were only allowed to have 5% of the residue we’re allowed to have today. Why are we suddenly allowed to have 20 times the amount of residue? Strange to me.”

“So, the only way unfortunately today, to guarantee that it’s GMO-free is not to buy a conventional product but to buy an organic product.” “Guys, come on, every time you open up a bottle, a packet or a can, be sure if it’s not from any organic place or whatever, there would have to be chemicals in there, so just become more aware about your life.”
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