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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 14 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 6, 2010

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“If you have a bath in sea water, take a dip in the ocean, that’s the cheapest, healthiest, and the best way to align your aura. You know why? Because it cleanses your aura. Have you noticed when you go for a picnic with your family and your kids, and you take a dip in the ocean, when you come out you are very tired, and you just want to sit down, and you feel very relaxed? That’s because salt cleanses the energy around your body.”

“Where principles of Ayurveda are related to your feet. So, in Ayurveda you have elements of fire, ether, water, air, earth. Every finger relates to one element. And depending on what decisions in life you take, the shape of your feet will change. Because if you see the feet of a newborn, they’re all the same, flat, simple, chubby, and nice. Over a period of time, the shape of your feet will change, so all your life events and your stories are recorded in your feet. It’s true.”

“Obviously, she was trying to align her inner energy, but her outer environment still carried all the memories from the past. So, I’m not saying you are not allowed to have albums and cards, and things like that, but you need everything in moderation. If you want to move on in life, you need to keep cleaning the energy around you.”

“All that Feng Shui is, is about balance. That’s all. It’s doesn’t make you a millionaire. If it did, I would be partying in Hawaii right now. It doesn’t change your destiny, and you don’t win lotteries. That’s what Feng Shui doesn’t do for you. But what Feng Shui does for you, is creates a very, very good environment for you to flourish.”

“For every color that are particular qualities. Every individual will have a predominantly two or three colors only. People who are on a very high spiritual level will probably have just one color. Dalai Lama has only one color – white. There’s no other color in his aura. So, she currently has three colors, which is green, a little bit of violet, and a lot of blue. So, these three colors are basically her predominant personality, and you can also look at her chakras live. These are her live chakras. Seven chakras, the seven energy centers that I spoke about. Each center as you can see is either small or big.”
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