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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 31 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“So, what I’m going to do is present to you some examples of how the different foods that you may be craving, or that you’re obsessing about, or that you have to have, can actually be a mirror to you of what you’re actually feeling. So the first one I talk about here: crunchy foods. So, crunchy foods are usually to do with anger, boredom, and mulling over something, or chewing on a decision or chewing on a problem.

And I want to say that all of these, it’s not that you should never have these, it’s that when you find that you’re eating more than you really need, or you’re going to them when you actually not physically hungry, or when your meal is complete. So it’s about when you’re really going for an emotional seeking here. And so this is really a mother substitute and it goes back to that very deep, deep cellular memory of when we were small and food was the source of nurturance from our mother – that holding, that presence, that connection. So, this is a tell-tale sign that there’s really the need to learn to mother oneself and give yourself that nurturance, or get it from ways that are healthy, rather than overdoing it on something that your body actually doesn’t really want. It’s your emotional self that wants that.

Sometimes this demands radical ego death, radical surrender to your truth, even though it’s extremely overwhelming in terms of the consequences of what this would mean. So, all of these things are signals. And, of course, it’s working with them, and gradually finding your way to come on the other side. And listening to ‘What does my body really want?’ And if I’m not listening to what my body wants, why am I using that food to completely abuse my body, to run over my body? And why am I not listening to the emotion and how can I find ways to do that?

But my experience with people that are very, very tenaciously attached to meat, is where they’re in a fear of their own amazingness, their own, what I say, ‘their mystical magnificence.’ It’s that, the subtle dimension of our self; the intuition, and which of course leads to emotion. It’s the fear that they would go into those subtle parts. And so, the meat is a way to keep them down, keep that energy down, keep you away from that part of yourself. The meat is also a… it’s the densest vibration of anything you could eat. It’s that takes the longest to go through the body of anything else that you could eat. It’s a way that when we meditate, when we really do that self-inquiry or listen very deeply within, we are accessing these subtler dimensions of ourself.”
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