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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 32 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“I just want to say something about organic food, that’s very special. I’m sure you all have heard of Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall, because she lived with the chimpanzees for so long, there’s a story that she tells in one of her latest books about where she had organic apples and non-organic apples, and because they’re family to her, she tossed them a non-organic apple first. And they just kind of, they smelled it, and just kind of went like that to it and just threw it down. Didn’t even want anything to do with it. And then she tossed them an organic apple, and they immediately took it, crunched into it, and ate it up.” “And it was a real blessing for me, because once I could be on pretty much 99, you know 95, 90% organic, it’s like I felt like I took off even more than where I was already going.”

“By the way, there’s another term I just want to mention you’ll hear in the raw food movement, they’ll say, ‘I eat live foods. I’m not just raw, I eat live foods.‘ ‘Live food‘ is when it’s been picked rather recently, and I know that discussion came up yesterday as well by a particular gentleman. That food carries so much life force energy. And what is life force? That’s the component of enzymes in our food. When we cook food over 42-43 degrees Centigrade, the enzymes are killed off, all of them; they’re all killed off. So, when the enzymes are that life force energy, when we maintain those enzymes in the food, we are taking in that life force energy directly.

All of them say, ‘As long as you are over the 50% of raw, you will get the benefits,‘ and a lot of them write about that. The more and more you take in that live food, this raw food and all that life force energy, the more your energy will rise in vibration, and the more you will want more of it.”

“When I’m very actively excising, aside from just eating lots of the fruits and my greens and salads and grated carrots, and grated beets, and all those great vegetables, the two things that help me the most are avocados and cashew nuts, for example. These two things have helped me the most to get beyond. But also breathing correctly because when we breathe correctly, we take in the prana. By the way, that’s another great thing when exercising, is sprouting chickpeas, or lentils, but chickpeas are my favorite.”
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