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Between Master and Disciples

The True Saint Title, Part 3 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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Even if it’s risky for my safety or anything. I have to do what I must do, according to all the teachings of all the good religions in the world. That is, be truthful. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Because the truth will help somebody to understand, so they won’t make mistakes again, or they will try to avoid the trouble and pain by believing those who they should not believe.

(.....) Any other questions? (Yes.)

(We were talking about how the pope was designating five priests to be martyrs, to be named saints.) Yes. (Do they have enough qualities to be designated as saints, Master?)

For what I know, according to the canon law, (Yes, Master.) a priest will be designated as a saint if they are virtuous, first of all. (Yes, Master.) If they live according to Jesus’ teaching. (Yes.) And moreover, if they could make miracles for some other faithful, like they pray to them, whether alive or dead, that their difficult sickness is healed. (Yes, Master.) Or if they could manifest in two places at the same time. But I don’t see any of these signs in those news that I have read sometime ago. (Right.) But of course, they can do what they want, I mean, they have nothing else better to do. No? (No, they don’t.) (No.)

I told you already, just damage control. (Yes. Right, Master.) Everybody can see. Who are they trying to blindfold? (Yes. It’s clear, Master.) Not everybody is stupid. (That’s right, Master.) Some are enlightened, faithful, and some understand. Even just a normal brain would see it. (Yes, Master.)

Just try to cover up more and more. (Yes.) Instead of taking care of the real, living pain of the children and their parents and family, the concerned people with them, they’re just glorifying the dead. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And don’t even know if those priests are even worthy. (Yes, Master. Understand.) If these five priests were worthy or virtuous, may they be beatified. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t just deserve sainthood, they deserve Heaven. God will judge them, God will give them all the glory they need. (Right, Master.)

We mortals cannot beatify anybody, truly, (Yes, Master.) if we ourselves don’t have any quality. How can you make somebody a saint if you yourself are a sinner? (Right. That’s true, Master. Correct.) Doing everything that’s opposite to Jesus’ teaching – just talk. (Yes, Master.) Now and then find any opportunity to send condolences to any politician. (Yes, Master.) Or shaking hands with the accomplice-murderers of unborn babies. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) And then, that’s it. Not much of a doing. (No, Master.) Then, you yourself are not even virtuous enough, how can you even judge anyone else − who is virtuous – and giving them a saint title, even? (Yes, Master.) God will give them sainthood and Heavenly position if they are worthy. (Yes, Master.) That’s all I can say.

And even according to the Church tradition, they need to have miracles. (Yes, Master.) They need to manifest some miracles, like appear in two places at the same time. Such things like that. (Yes, Master.) So of course, when you sit in the biggest place, in the Vatican, you do what you want. No? (Yes.) You can say anything or say nothing. Or just do all these, I don’t know, useless things, instead of taking care of the faithful and protecting the children from these pedophiles (Yes, Master.) that are wearing the Church clothes. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (Yes.) Instead of taking care of them, comforting them, compensating them and kicking these pedophiles out, do nothing.

“Media Report from PBS NewsHour – June 12, 2019 Reporter(f): With nearly 15 million members, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States. Now it is facing a reckoning of its own over sexual abuse. A Houston Chronicle investigation found hundreds of clergy or staff allegedly committed abuse or misconduct over two decades.”

“Media Report from France 24 English – Oct. 5, 2021 Michael Rezendes(f): Clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is all over the world, is present wherever the Catholic Church has a presence. The pattern of cover-up is the same. The depravity is the same. The criminality is the same. And the cover up is the same. The shuffling of priests who are discovered to be abusive, the shuffling [of] them from one parish to another to hide their abuse, this is the pattern all over the world.”

“Media Report from WWLTV – Nov. 5, 2020 Reporter voice(m): For too long, bishops improperly ignored anonymous claims of abuse. Because a lot of bishops say, ‘Well, if it’s an unsigned letter, we throw it away. If it’s an anonymous report, we throw it away.’”

“Media Report from BuzzFeed – Mar. 5, 2016 Abuse survivor(f): Documents show that the diocese knew that my high school principal had been abusing boys for years. And they even sent him to a church-run treatment facility where they send priests who sexually molest kids. And they included the signed confession from the man who sexually abused me. He confessed to abusing me and he confessed to abusing my friends. I got secret documents from school administrators who said, ‘Oh, yeah, we knew that this was going on and we decided to keep it quiet because it was better that way.’”

“Media Report from 60 Minutes Australia – June 3, 2020 Reporter(f): As a 12-year-old, Lyndal was sexually abused while a boarder at Toowoomba Prep, one of the Anglican Church’s elite private schools in Queensland. Her attacker always told her, ‘Don’t tell, no one will believe you.’ And as it turned out, he was right. Her cries for help were ignored by the school, the church and the then Archbishop Peter Hollingworth. He went on to become Australia’s Governor-General, While Lynda’s life spiraled out of control. (My will for life was stolen from me. At times I did find I didn’t care about the world. They had wronged me and others, didn’t believe me, didn’t want to know.)”

“Interview by 5 News – Nov. 27, 2015 Rev. Graham Sawyer(m): There will be attempts, certainly, by the highest levels of the Church of England, to hide, to cover up, because they will say it’s too embarrassing.”

“Interview by HuffPost - Apr. 11, 2019 Anne Gleeson(f): It’s been going on for over 300 years. And the Vatican has it all, and it’s documented, and they’re more powerful than our government. They don’t have to open their files.”

Just all these useless stuff. (Yes, Master.) Just wasting food of the world, when we have people hungry, en masse, including children and women. All over the world people are hungry – they are only bone and skin. And these priests, they feed themselves into so oversized, obese. (Yes, Master.) And then just doing stuff like that – wasting time. So, if you ask me, that’s my honest, straightforward answer. (Yes. Thank you, Master.) You know me, I don’t kiss... I don’t kiss people. (Yes, Master. You got it, Master.) Just kiss and let it go, I won’t. I always tell the truth. (Yes, Master. You do.) Because that’s what we should do. (Yes, Master. And thank You. We need that.)

I fear God. (Yes.) I fear Heavens and hell. I try to discipline my life, myself. And I will not tell anything untrue to you. (Yes, Master.) Even if it’s risky for my safety or anything. I have to do what I must do, according to all the teachings of all the good religions in the world. That is, be truthful. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Because the truth will help somebody to understand, so they won’t make mistakes again, or they will try to avoid the trouble and pain by believing those who they should not believe. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I have to tell the truth. (Yes, Master.) Anything else, my love?

(Master, the pope said, because of the “hatred of the faith,” that these priests were killed. Is this true, Master?)

No, it’s not the hate of the faith, because they were all Catholics – the French people. I mean, most of them, and they believed in God. And if it’s the faith that they hate, why don’t they kill more? It’s just these few priests in Paris. (Right, Master. Right.) There were many more churches, but they did not do much – only these that they deemed accomplices in sadism, in torturing innocent citizens. They could not bear it anymore, and the government didn’t do anything because the government was also together with the church.

And the church was too influential to the government. They are more powerful than the government. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) So, up to now, for example, even the priests have to put the crown on the king or the queen and pronounce them the legal monarch. (Yes, Master.) Still that, still that. And before, even the church is ruling the country – not the government. (Yes, Master.) Because the government also believes in God and is thinking, “All these church people, they are pure and innocent.” How? Even just to eat meat and drink alcohol, that’s against the doctrine already. (Right, Master. It’s true.) Jesus drank wine, but He manifested it differently. (Yes.) His mother urged him to do it. He even complained, He said, “Mother, why do you tell me to do these kinds of things.” (Yes, Master.) So, this was not real wine that he drank or made.

And nowadays, they drink wine and they eat such a big turkey-person or chicken-people or steaks or pork or whatever, they eat anything. (Yes.) They eat all the creation of God, (Yes.) when they know that all are creations of God. They have nothing of reverence to God, not to talk about the creation. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) God even said that, “Do not kill she-sheep and bullocks to make offering to Him.” (Yes, that’s right.) “Wash your hands, because they are full of blood, otherwise when you pray, I will not answer you. I will turn my head away.” Etc. (Yes, Master.) He said, “Wash your hands... Repent.” Or similar, I didn’t repeat the whole thing, the exact words. But He said, “Repent.” (Yes, Master.) He said, “Repent because your hands are full of blood. Otherwise, when you pray, I will turn my head away.” See that? (Yes, Master. Yes.)

So, how can these priests eat the carcass of dead animal-people and drink alcohol until tipsy or drunk? I don’t know. Then, how can they pray for you? (Yes, that’s true.) Not every normal human can afford the way they eat. The way the priests eat. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about hunger yet. Many people cannot afford to buy food for Thanksgiving or Christmas or something.

There was some news in America that the policeman, instead of punishing the shoplifter, he bought dinner for them. He bought food for them instead, because it was the mother who came in and tried to take food without paying, like shoplifting. (Yes, Master.) And after he knew, that she bought all just food because she could not afford it, (Yes.) for Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving or whatever that occasion was, for the children. So she had to steal some. And then, instead of punishing her, he bought food, he paid for all that, instead. (Yes.) It makes me cry. (Yes, Master.) These are much better than the so-called priests that we have been learning of recently. (Yes, Master.)

Instead of helping anybody, they just sit there, eat themselves to obesity and then drink alcohol until they are drunk. How can anybody like that help you? (No.) And lead the faithful to God? You must be joking. (Yes. Right Master.) This is the ultimate of all cheating. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then hurting the children, raping the children, murdering children, these are the hell. Even hell beings, they don’t do this, even the devils, they only punish the guilty. (Yes, Master.) They don’t punish the innocent.

“Interview by HuffPost - Apr. 11, 2019 Michael Pfau(m): Abuse occurs in the dark. Abuse occurs when there is secrecy. The Catholic Church for years has been shrouded with secrecy. Abuse fosters in that sort of setting. It’s similar, if not close to identical, in every state in this country, and across the world, really.”

“Interview by BuzzFeed – March 5, 2016 Abuse survivor(m): A lot of the abuse took place inside the church, inside the house of God. Saying no to him would almost be saying no to God. And when have you ever said no to God?”

“Interview by HuffPost - Apr. 11, 2019 Abuse survivor(f): Why didn’t they stop her? Nobody questions a nun. I mean, a nun! Nobody challenged her. She owned me.

Abuse survivor(f): She always, always described it as God’s love. This is God’s love. Nobody else is going to understand it. You hurt a child that deep, it’s a spiritual rape, and you are like, branded for life. So from now on, it colors everything.

Abuse survivor(f): Why did she get to live on the blue sky, the pink cloud? And I’m in the dungeon. I never hurt anybody.

Abuse survivor(f): I tried a couple of times to kill myself, once in high school, once in college.”

“Interview by The Guardian - Feb. 3, 2016 Abuse survivor(m): I tried to become invisible. It never occurred to me to tell anybody. When the head teacher’s been abusing you, who do you tell?”

Reporter voice(f): He’s had constant nightmares and flashbacks, and has been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Victim(m): I stopped going to church. (You lost your faith?) Lost my faith. If you see how the church in Boston tried to sweep things under the carpet, and you read about cases in this country and other parts of the world, I lost my faith. Yeah.”

These so-called priests are worse than devils, I keep telling you. Now you understand? (Yes, Master. Yes, we do Master.) I hope the people outside understand also, and be careful, and protect their children. That’s the purpose of my talk. (Yes, Master.) Talking to you. (I hope so too.) Although, sometimes I feel it’s hopeless, helpless in this world. Sometimes I just want to leave this world immediately. But I feel like I owe it to humanity, and even to the animal-people, to do something, to say something, to defend them. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) However meek my position, however weak my voice, I just have to try it. (Yes, Master.)

I’ve been trying all nicey-nicey all these decades already. Now, I don’t mince my words anymore. I tell everything. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Whatever happens, happens. I have to protect the truth, and protect these innocent children, because even governments are powerful, have all this legal system and court case, and do nothing to protect them. So I have to say it openly so the parents and the children, at least they take precautions. (Yes, Master.) Don’t let themselves be hurt, be harmed and then it’s too late. And all their lives they will suffer, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, (Yes, Master.) or even ruin their lives. They become bad or criminal because they have no more faith in anything.

Because these priests they are looked up on as a holy representative of God. And they betray them, hurt them, molest them, rape them, and kill them. (Yes, Master.) Or try to and they survived. But how can they even believe in anything anymore? (Yes, Master.) After all that. (Yes. That’s right.)

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