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Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra: Contemplating the Karmic Conditions of Beings, Part 1 of 6, Aug. 09, 2015

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You already have the main things. The main precious substance is in you already. You got it. You got the initiation, you got the connection with Heaven already. Everything else is secondary.


It's good. You've become nuns. No need to wear these clothes. I'm not used to it anymore. I am tired, so I wear something, to make me awake a little bit. It helps, you know? It helps. You like this kind of dress? (Yes, Master!) (Very much.) No problem! How many people like it? (Everybody.) Oh, no, no, no, really. (We do, Master!) I did not like it. I just wear it because I'm supposed to wear this today. I'm supposed to, that's all. The secret is like that - they chose the dress for me. If there is another better, maybe they would have chosen it for me. I mean, the Goddess of Dressing. So it's quicker for me. I don't have to stay there and, "eenie, meenie, miney, moe, this for one, this for you." So I said, "Please help me. It's too many dresses here, pick one." And they said, "This one." "OK, OK. Thank you very much. Good, good. Good, very good, very good!" All right. This is still live again, right? (Yes.) OK. So be careful what you say, all right? Everybody hears it. The whole world is listening. I thought I escaped Supreme Master Television, and now I'm sitting here, live again! At least that means I am alive.


Yesterday, one of your sisters said that if you go to South Africa from Europe, then you don't have to vaccinate your dog. Is she still there? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She said that, right? Don't believe it. It's not like that. (Aww!) It's not true! It's like you can take your dog, and then go now. No, it's not like that! You have to apply and wait for permission, and oh! Oh! Ah… (Oh!) So, no wonder. So we put South Africa on hold. Don't just run there with your dog and blame me. I mean, everybody gives you different information. It's not always correct. That's why I told her to check on the internet, and there it is. It's not like that. It's complicated. It's not like that. It's not that easy. So forget South Africa for now. Don't think about it. The reason I stay around Europe is because it's easier. You don't have to go through checkpoints anymore. And you can take your dogs anywhere as long as you drive. And Europe is not that big. Drive around and with my dogs. Everything is better like that.  


We finished this already, right? We have another story for fun. You like? (Yes, Master.) Yes or no? I don't hear anything. (Yes!) Yes? (Yes!) I am kidding. I heard. I am not deaf! Enough! How can I not hear you? Even if you don't speak, you are very loud people. I hear you day and night, 24/7. Not just 7-Eleven, but 24/7. I check out how big it is before we start. It is good when you have just a short story or short chapter, and then go to the next. Maybe this is kind of short, maybe. There were two chapters next to each other. One is knowing the conditions of karma. And the next one is knowing the retribution. So talk about karma first or the retribution? (Karma.) Karma. One by one, huh? Yeah. And if we have to go, then we read the rest, maybe another 10 years or something afterwards. You really like to hear Buddhist sutras? (Yes, Master.) I have a lot more. This is only the Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra. (Wow.) And it's this much. There are Medicine Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, a lot. He Himself is a lot, a lot, a lot because He lived here before. And nobody obstructed Him while He was speaking. He went from one country to another, free like a bird, and saying whatever He liked. No king ever came and made trouble for Him. No mayor came and threatened to kick Him out, or His disciples. You already have the main things. The main precious substance is in you already. You got it. You got the initiation, you got the connection with Heaven already. Everything else is secondary.


Contemplating the Karmic Conditions of Beings. Because you're looking at me, so I'm busy looking at you. I forget everything. Yeah, all day I am thinking of everything but work, anything but work. Then, I forgot my dog behind. He's trailing behind me. He wants to come. We have to put him nearby. Because if he's alone there, I will not know what happened to him. I don't care if the house is gone, but my dog cannot be gone. So we put him nearby. It's safer. Not like he has to stay in my hut and take care of the hut. No. He has to come here whenever I'm here - nearby, in the lower level of the house. It's better. Nearer to us, no? Anything happens, we know. I protect my dog. The other three dogs stay there all the time, but the big dog only comes when I am here. Only yesterday, it was kind of … I don't remember what was happening. It was raining or something? Then I left him behind, but later the attendant brought him here also. It's all this, all the time. So, too much trouble for the dog, then, OK. It just takes some time to look for another place. Europe is small but not that small. There are big lands somewhere. Just that we have to find some beautiful place.


All right. "Contemplating the Karmic Conditions of Beings." "At that time, the Buddha's mother, Lady Maya …" Not mean the maya, the maya, maya, but her name, her name is Maya. What does it mean, Maya in Hindu? M-A-Y-A. (Y-A) Yeah. None? No meaning, nothing? (It means money.)  (Wealth, money.)  Wealth and money. Oh, good, good! No wonder she's a queen. Who can be more wealthy? Who can have more money, right? Wow, maybe we all change our name. Yeah, look at all the big people. They have a name similar to money. All of you men change to Bill, Bill. If you're not sure, you just say, "Bill Bill Bill." The first name Bill, the middle name Bill, the last family name Bill. That is so sure, so sure, so sure. Yeah, it's funny. OK, OK, enough of that. Otherwise they think we are trying to imitate them, and be in concurrence or something.


"At that time, the Buddha's mother, Lady Maya, Queen Maya, placed her palms together respectfully and asked Earth Store Bodhisattva, 'Great Sage, could You tell us about the different kinds of karma that beings of Jambudvipa create and the resulting retribution that they undergo?'" This means from this world, from the Earth. That's a name for this planet. They also call it Saha or Samsara. And we call it Earth, a Planet Blue. This is the same name. These two, you must remember they are all in the Heaven now. In the Second Heaven, Second Level of consciousness which is bordering the Third Level. Almost at the Third Level, so you can also say it's the Third Level. "So the Earth Store Bodhisattva replied, 'There are millions of worlds and lands that may or may not have women, may or may not have hells, may or may not have Buddhadharma,'" means the teaching of the Truth of the Enlightened Ones. And so on and so forth. "'To having or not having (Inner Heavenly) Sound Hearers…'" You know, Quan Yin. Hearer or contemplating is the same. (Inner Heavenly) Sound Contemplator, or Sound Hearer, or Sound Meditators, same. Sound, the inner (Heavenly) Sound. Because if the Buddha meant sound hearing from the outside, musical and all that, then he wouldn't have forbidden the people who do the retreat with monks, who receive the Eight Ways of Purification, not to go out dancing, not to listen to music. Do you understand? (Yes.) I just make it clear to you that this is really the inner (Heavenly) Sound that Buddha means. Because in the Buddha's time also, the way of life for the monks and nuns, they should not listen to music. They should not go and watch theater. Maybe occasionally, on special occasions when the Buddha is there, and they just make a party, a little music for Him. But they don't specifically go out and buy music, or go to watch music like all of us, or go out to watch, like, pop singing and all that stuff. So this is clearly the inner (Heavenly) Sound. Proof enough? (Yes.) Believe me now? (Yes.) (Always.) "'… May or may not have (Inner Heavenly) Sound Hearers or Pratyekabuddhas. Since the worlds differ, the retributions in the hells also differ.'

Lady Maya spoke again to the Bodhisattva, 'Could You please tell us about the offenses done by those in Jambudvipa that result in retributions in the evil destinies?' Earth Store replied …" So she specified just for this world because so many worlds differ, and she's from the Earth. She just passed away and went to Heaven. So of course she was more interested in the world. And she asked that for the sake of earthlings, since this was where her home was. And her children, and grandchildren, and her husband, etc., were still there. Of course. And you ask for your own country's sake, right? Because so many countless worlds and countless planets, the queen could not sit there forever and ask the Bodhisattva to report to her all that. And also not interesting for us. She asked because she's from here. Thanks to her that we have this. We thank you, Mother of Buddha. OK. "Earth Store replied, 'Worthy Mother, please listen as I speak briefly about that.' The Buddha's mother answered, 'Great Sage, please tell us. We listen.' Then Earth Store Bodhisattva said to the Worthy Mother, 'Retributions that result from offenses done in Jambudvipa are described like this: Beings who are not filial to their parents, even to the extent of harming or killing them, will fall into the Uninterrupted Hell where for billions of eons they will seek escape, but in vain.'" Means they can never get out of there. Uninterrupted Hell doesn't mean that the punishments are uninterrupted, but meaning it's forever, it goes on forever. Meaning it never stops, that kind of hell, non-stop. Not just interrupted, like have a break or something, but goes on forever. Another sin; that is for parents… If you are not filial to your parents, this is also good that you know. In case you still have parents, be respectful, be kind, be protective. Be filial to them. That was the first sin.  

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