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Between Master and Disciples

The True Saint Title, Part 7 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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I have a place, far away in top Heaven, for good people, for virtuous people. Please listen to your heart, your compassionate nature, and do the right thing. Take away all the animal-people slaughterhouses and animal-people-raising places, and replace them with vegetable farms. Everybody will win. God will be pleased. God will bless your nations. God will bless all your families and friends. Please believe me. Amen.

It’s maybe in our news or something, that the European Union already tried to do away with the caged animal-people farms and is encouraging vegetable farms instead. Because they say that caged animal-people raising is creating zoonotic diseases and pandemics. So they are kind of wanting to do away with animal-people raising. (That’s wonderful.) That really makes my heart jump with joy. (Yes, Master.) Instead of hearing all these negative devils’ news from the Catholic church, that makes my heart so sad and heavy and pained. (Yes, Master.) So now and then, we have this…

Oh, the European Union! Bless you. Please do it. Please fade away the animal-people farm and make it into vegetable farms, and better, organic farms, even. Then everybody wins. (Yes, Master.) And you will save countless lives, now and generations to come. And God will reward you, in Heaven. I promise you that. And if God doesn’t, I will. I will take you to my Land, if you phase out this animal-people farm practice and make them all become vegan farms. I will take you to my Land. My beautiful, glorious, top Land, top domain of bliss, happiness forever. (Wow.)

Applause for the European Union, for even thinking about that. Please, put it into practice. Show the world that you are a newborn Union but you are wise in age. Please show it to the world. Make everybody follow your lead. Because if nobody else leads anymore, then the European Union, you must lead, lead in the right way, the righteous way, the compassionate way, the benevolent way, the way that is befitting the children of God and the followers of Jesus, or Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, or followers of the Buddhas, of Lord Mahavira, of the Hindu Masters, of Sikh Masters. Because in Europe, you have all kinds of faiths. And each one believes in some faith. So please, follow the faith, follow your heart, follow the teaching of all the enlightened Masters. That’s my message to the European Union.

May God bless you, may God enlighten you, may God protect you in this time of turbulence in our world. May you make the right choice, as soon as yesterday, or at least tomorrow, please, to save lives and to earn your place in Heaven. I promise you, even if God doesn’t reward you with a seat in Heaven, I will. I tell you with all my heart, all the truthfulness, I have enough power to do that.

I have a place, far away in top Heaven, for good people, for virtuous people. Please listen to your heart, your compassionate nature, and do the right thing. Take away all the animal-people slaughterhouses and animal-people-raising places, and replace them with vegetable farms. Everybody will win. God will be pleased. God will bless your nations. God will bless all your families and friends. Please believe me. Amen. (Amen, Master.) May it be that. (May it be that.) We pray for that. (Yes, Master.) We give them some extra push, power, inside. (Yes, Master.) We give them some enlightening power so they can just decide.

I’m so happy to see that Europeans are so advanced. Even thinking about that is already incredible. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about doing it. (Yes, Master.) But they will, they have to, otherwise we will all die. Heaven told me, a lot more people will die. I asked Them, “How much longer do You want to punish us, the humans, with the pandemic?” They said a lot more people will die. (Wow.)

"Media report from DW News – Nov. 1, 2021 Reporter (m): The coronavirus pandemic has now claimed 5 million lives. Nearly two years after the first outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, COVID-19 remains a leading cause of death around the world. The United States has the highest official toll, with more than 700,000 recorded deaths and less than 60% of the population fully vaccinated. Brazil has also been hit heavily, losing more than 600,000 lives, and India’s second wave ruined the country’s hopes of avoiding the worst. The official death toll there stands at just over 450,000. But many researchers estimate the real number is at least 1,000,000."

They told me, my disciples and family will be OK. (Oh, thank You, Master.) Of course, they won’t live forever, no? We are not immortal here in this physically-made body. (Yes, Master.) It’s made with earth and water. What do you think, how long it will last earth and water? (Yes, Master.) But they will be spared, if their time has not come to go to Heaven. (Yes, Master.) They will be spared.

That’s what They told me, and a lot of people will die or will be sick or half dead. (Wow.)

"Media report from Reuters – Dec. 30, 2021 Reporter (f): The number of COVID-19 infections hit a record high over the past seven day period in the United States and globally, according to Reuters data, which showed the average number of daily cases in the US surged to more than 258,000. Over 8,000 more than the previous record set last January. Officials say much of the spike is due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant racing out of control. WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus sounded the alarm for global cases Wednesday.

Dr. Ghebreyesus (m): Delta and Omicron are twin threats that are driving up cases to record numbers. Which again, is leading to spikes in hospitalizations and deaths. I’m highly concerned that Omicron, being more transmissible, circulating at the same time as Delta, is leading to a tsunami of cases.

Reporter (f): Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta, all registered record numbers of new cases on Tuesday. The French health minister told lawmakers on Wednesday that France was seeing a dizzying rise in cases with 208,000 reported in the space of 24 hours. That’s a national and European record."

I have kept telling them all these decades but nobody believes me, do they? (No.) Oh my God, it’s already in front of their eyes, all these urgent and disasters and diseases and pandemic like that. You see, they keep chasing vaccines, (Yes.) relying on vaccines instead of relying on God and the universal commandments. God only gives Ten Commandments. It’s not difficult to follow. (No, Master.) Thou shalt not kill. Including if you eat the animal-people, those animal-people have to be killed for you. Right? (That’s right, Master.) That is an encouragement for continued murderers of animal-people. (Yes.) So, it is the killing also, indirectly. (Yes, Master.)

So, if they just follow the Ten Commandments of Christian or Hinduism or Buddhism, they will be spared. (Right.) Their life will be well and good, healthy, and they will go to Heaven afterwards. How come nobody listens? Such a simple Ten Commandments or Five Precepts of Buddhism. Or Hinduism or Sikhism or Jainism ̶ every religion teaches you “Thou shalt not kill.” That’s very simple.

Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. When you eat the animal-people’s dead flesh, you commit many sins. You commit the killing sin. (Yes, Master.) … Not just thou shalt not kill but thou shalt not steal. You’re stealing their lives also. (Yes, Master.) Imagine if somebody kills you like that every day, and your families and friends. They just cut your throat like that or skin you alive like that? Imagine, would you like that even, right? All these people. (No, Master.)

All these people outside, I’m asking you that question. If you are the animal-people in the slaughterhouse or in the animal-people raising, livestock raising, would you like to be treated like that? If the answer is no, then don’t partake in this evil, criminal business. It’s not food that you’re eating. It’s other beings’ lives that have been murdered, tortured for you.

I hope all the people that have not heard me, or have not believed what I said, please think again. Please U-turn now. You still have a chance, please do it. So even if you catch COVID, it will be mild and you will be rescued. You will be OK very soon if you U-turn.

"Media report from DW News – July 3, 2021 Reporter (f): A recent U.S. study published in one of the British medical journal’s publications looked at how being predominantly vegetarian impacted the severity of a COVID infection. People who mostly followed a plant-based diet were found to be 73% less likely to develop a moderate to severe case of COVID if they did get infected. That’s compared to those who ate a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Those who follow predominantly plant-based diets were much less likely to get seriously ill if they became infected."

Just be vegan and believe in God. That’s all you have to do. You don’t even need to go the church, if you don’t believe in the church. If you don’t have time to go. Just believe in God, pray to God every day and turn vegan. Be vegan, make peace, do good deeds. Even if you don’t believe in God, just do that. You will be saved now and thereafter from hell. Amen. (Amen.)

No more questions from the team? (No, Master.) Not from you either. So I say good bye now. Let you go and take a nap before we have to wake up and meditate again. (OK, Master.) Our morning meditation. You’re OK, yeah? (Yes, Master.) It’s good. Other people can sleep for you anyway. We are all one. They sleep.

Alright. If nothing more, then I think it’s time to catch a quick sleep before you have to get up for your prayer and meditation again. OK. Never mind, you’re still young. Look, I’m still up, so why should you sleep? (That’s right, Master. Still work to do.) If you want to sleep outside in the tent or something, meditating, it’s OK with me. (Yes, Master.) But make sure you’re not staying in a too windy place or something that could make you have a cold and get sick. OK? (OK, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, you can do what you want.

Alright, my love. (Thank You, Master.) May God bless you, may God safeguard you, may God keep you pure and holy and unconditional to do this holy work, to help humankind and the animal kingdom and other kingdoms, tree kingdom, forest kingdom as well. They all need help, but nobody speaks for them. (Yes, Master. OK.) God bless, God Love. Bye-bye. (Good night, Master.) (God protect Master.)

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