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Take Bold Action for a Vegan World! Part 1 of 5, Oct. 29, 2019

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Love is looking in the same direction. So, we are never apart. Besides, even if we are not seeing each other in this life, in this physical life, we will see each other permanently somewhere, somewhere you cannot imagine.

Hey! Hallo. Hallo. (Hallo, Master!) How are you? (Good.) You look beautiful there with the decorations. God bless you. Can you hear me at all? (Yes.) Good. I saw many of you from a foreign land have taken time and trouble to come to the New Land Ashram, and I wanted to see you very, very much. But I was still in retreat. And then when I wanted to see you in Hsihu afterward, I could not make it. You know karma, right? (Yes.) Karma is always the problem. You know, right? If it’s one person’s karma, it’s easier to take care of. If it’s many, many people’s karma, then you know already. It’s more complicated and inconvenient to take care of. Another thing is, if it’s the world’s karma, then oh, OK, you can imagine. You can imagine. This retreat I had to work a lot, a lot, a lot. Apart from inside work, even needed to take care of some of the outer work as well. And the maya was really swooping down on my retreat this time, very, very diligently, I have to say. If the maya could use all this power and diligence to help me, then I would be invincible. We could change the world into paradise just like that. Unfortunately, he did not. The entity, whoever the entity is that we call maya, doesn’t help us. He stands on the opposite side of our ideal and of human’s wellness. This retreat was not as smooth as the first one I ever had. And the more I’m working inside for the world, the worse kind of energy that maya will send over. But I won’t give up. I tell him all the time. I tell that entity [maya] all the time. You do what you want and I do what I want. But I would never give up because of you, so don’t dream about it.

I am in a little cold area. How about you? Do you feel OK or cold over there? (We’re OK.) You feel OK? (Yes.) Not too cold? (No.) OK, good, good. Anyway, I’m OK, I’m OK. It’s just a little bit challenging this time to fight with all sides − back, front, up and down, left, right. But I’m OK. Just that I cannot see you. That’s the only regrettable thing. I do feel that you wanted to see me very, very much (Yes!) and in my heart I would like to respond to that love that you send to me through your longing, because some of you haven’t seen me for a long time, and vice versa. I do regret not being able to see you. I did try, but in the last minute, I still could not make it; things happen, yeah? Alright? No need to mention a lot of negative things here for you. I’m glad to see you looking happy, radiant, after so many days of meditation. I congratulate. Congratulate. Nevertheless, we still have other times, other chances. We hope so. We work together anyway in this. So, love is looking in the same direction. So, we are never apart. Besides, even if we are not seeing each other in this life, in this physical life, we will see each other permanently somewhere, somewhere you cannot imagine. But you can think of, you can dream of this. It’s a brilliant plane of existence that we have no word in our vocabulary to explain, to expound, to describe ever, ever. And our brain cannot really understand or imagine. But never mind, we’ll get there. In some of your meditation sessions, your visions, you probably had some glimpse of it. And the Godses of the upper Level were so merciful, even to show us on this planet by the double Sun. You know, last time, somebody took a photo in Mongolia, it shows that. You know, there’s a planet behind the Sun, together with the Sun. There’s no way to describe the plane of existence, the new consciousness plane of existence. But it’s just a symbolic message for the world to know that we have a new planet for you, the worthy souls, the beloved children of God. And I’m very happy that we saw that in the physical dimension.

I saw you came from everywhere: Argentina, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany. What else? India. (Australia. Mongolia.) Mongolia. That I know. China, Vietnam or Âu Lạc. Where else have you come from? UK, USA, Australia. What did I miss out? Tell me. (New Zealand, Master.) Yes! New Zealand, of course. (Hungary.) Oh, wow! Hungary, so far. Thank you for coming. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. (Australia, Master.) Australia I had mentioned, no? Who else that I have missed out? (Canada, Master.) Canada! Yes, of course. I could not miss that. Much, much more. I would really have loved to see you in person. I mean, this is as personal as it gets for now. But I would have liked to be there with you. You know, breathing the same air. I don’t really miss you that much. I just miss the food that they prepare. I am sure they prepare wonderful food these days, right? Hoping that I’d come to enjoy it, and then you take care of it all. You took care for me these beautiful food including my portions, correct? (Yes.) I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to see this. I don’t have to be a Nam Sa-go or Nostradamus to envision all this stuff. Good for you. I don’t always have this good luck.

So, some places are very beautiful, like Hungary. That countryside area where we meditated and had a good retreat before. I could not stay. I wanted to. I loved that caravan, little trailer, very small one, like two by two, or two by two and a half. I had everything inside I needed, even a sink to wash my hands, to get some water to cook hot water sometimes, independently. I felt very free in that little trailer. Later, we even had a bigger one, right in the very corner of the garden. And I tried to stay there too, but it didn’t feel as cozy as that little one. It was about like a half-oval shape, and inside there was a bed even, that I could share with my dogs. And then there was a small sofa, bench-like, and a table you could work on. And then outside, we built an extra little porch, and then I could put the dogs, some dogs, in a kennel outside. And I even built a little staircase for the dogs. We didn’t have enough room, so I had a duplex for the dogs so he could come down like that. And I really felt very, very comfortable in that little trailer. So comfortable.

And the Hungarian people treated me so nicely, treated me like a princess, or a queen. They brought me good food, cooked beautiful (vegan) goulash. I didn’t have anywhere else such a beautiful goulash as I had over there. I still remember that. There was a sister, she cooked fantastic goulash. I can’t remember her name. I am not very good with the Hungarian language though. Their language is really out of this world. I don’t hear anything similar in Europe. I don’t see anything written similar in Europe. Right? Hungarian people? (Yes.) It’s very different. But the goulash, it was, oh, really extraordinarily good at that time. Maybe she cooked with love. Or maybe it was the right ingredients. Because they have special red chili sauce in Hungary. If you don’t have that, it doesn’t taste the same. That is a very, very important ingredient in the goulash that the Hungarian people cooked. It’s made in Hungary. It’s grown in Hungary as well. Hungary is a country with a lot, a lot of agriculture products, and good ones, healthy, wholesome. So if you live in Hungary, it’s an agricultural country, you would never be hungry at all. I don’t know why they put the name “Hungary.” You would never be “hungry” in “Hungary,” that’s for sure.

It’s in the middle of Europe, and the climate would be always similar; it would not change that much. Maybe with climate change, it changes a little bit. But because it’s in the middle of Europe, it won’t be affected that much. And the agriculture tradition of Hungary would never change. Everywhere you go, you will see, they grow vegetables, they grow cereals, they grow sunflowers, in the fields many other products that can feed the whole country and surplus. That’s right, Hungarian? (Yes.) See, I know. I know your country. If it is hot somewhere, you could go to Hungary. If the climate changes too much, you could go to Hungary. If you feel like others cannot provide enough food for you, you go to Hungary. The life standard there is very, very frugal. You can buy a simple house, maybe US$30,000, and you will be happy in there already. I never wanted to leave my little trailer. I don’t need a little house; my little trailer was good enough. Because over there, people leave you alone, people truly leave you alone. You are in the middle of farmland; around you are all farms, paddies or wheat farms or corn. They grow all kinds of stuff. Only farmers live around there. So, you can see very beautiful scenery, and (it’s) open, and the air is fresh. We have a lot of trees around too. And nobody bothers you ever. So you feel very free to live there.

And the Hungarian people, they are very simple, very pure-minded. Except for Slovenia, I didn’t see any other country in Europe who has group meditation with pure native people, like in Hungary. We also thank our brothers and sisters over there who, in the beginning of my mission even, meaning way, way, way back. I don’t want to remember because that will remind me that I’m too old. But way, way back when I wasn’t very known everywhere in the world, since I first came to Hungary one time and then they began to translate my whatever teaching, that meager teaching, in writing at that time. And then they disseminated it all over. And therefore, we have many of our Hungarian brothers and sisters, and that’s due to the diligence of the brothers and sisters, the first ever brothers and sisters in Hungary. We didn’t have a lot at that time, but he was one of the main, pushing and pulling the wheels of the Dharma in Hungary. So many people in Hungary joined him. And not just joined, but whoever had been initiated has not wavered from the path due to the translation of whatever teaching he got at that time. I pray that Heaven bless him, and all involved in my early days.

I still miss Hungary very much. I miss that little trailer. Please don’t sell it, don’t rent it out. Save it for me, empty even. It’s not much; it’s only two by two. And it’s nothing much inside for anybody to buy or to envy as a value. It’s just a little trailer for one person. It’s a single trailer. Lucky I am single, so I can have such a beautiful trailer. For two people it might be too crowded, even though we say “two’s company,” but in that trailer it would be a “crowd.” The dogs, they didn’t mind, I didn’t mind my dogs, because they don’t make trouble at all. They don’t play games with you; they don’t bother you. They’re always peaceful and loving, attentive, and appreciative of whatever I give to them.

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