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Between Master and Disciples

The True Saint Title, Part 2 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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I said to God, “Please help these faithful people. They do believe in You. Please, don’t let them lose faith in You, because where else will they turn to then? Just because of those evil priests that they lose their faith in You. It’s not their fault. Please forgive them, and help them, and bless them so that they can know how to find You again.”

I’m telling you, I’m so angry about all this, this terrible, injusticed society. (Yes, Master.)

Just one normal person, if he rapes somebody, he goes to jail. (Yes, Master.) And all these priests, they’re raping hundreds of thousands of children, and some adults as well. And nobody does anything! They will all go to hell: those who molest children, rape children, abusing their power, and those who have the power but ignore them, let them still walk around like an innocent person, like a normal law-abiding person. All of them will go to hell as well, not just those who committed the sin. Including the pope. Because he turned a blind eye. (Yes, Master.)

All of them will go to hell because that’s the law of Heaven. It’s stated in all the Bibles, in all the scriptures of all the religions. (Yes, Master.) You don’t do such things. It’s already in the Five / Ten Commandments, you don’t commit adultery. Meaning, no illicit sex. (Yes. Right, Master.) And not to talk about the priests. (Exactly. Yes, Master.) This they teach to all of the faithful but they don’t do it. They did the opposite, and more horrific than normal people. (Yes, Master.)

And all these governments, all this legal system, it’s just a laughing stock to me. It’s mocking Heavens and Earth. (Yes, Master.) So how can they even get away with it. No Heaven ever have this kind of low-life. You think all the Heaven people are like this? (No, Master. No, not at all. Definitely not.) Of course. So, only hells are like that. (Yes, Master.) Like attracts like. So, they will be attracted to hell. Sucked in there, and then do punishment. At that time, no Bible, no church, no lawyer can help them. God will turn Hiers head away. (Yes, Master.) God said, “Clean yourself of all the sins, otherwise when you pray, I will turn my head away.” (Yes, right.) (Yes.)

So I don’t know why all the faithful still believe that the priest can pray for them. How can they pray for anybody when they themselves are so sinful? And eating meat, and drinking alcohol daily. Big chicken, big turkey and big steak, and all that. They’re eating it every day. And how can God even listen to their own prayers, not to talk about praying for somebody else. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s just useless, they are just big cheaters. (Yes.) The biggest cheaters of all, compared to all the small thieves and small robbers around the world. (Yes, Master.)

I’m telling you this world is a mess. It’s truly like hell, almost like hell. In many areas. And even the Church is like hell like that. How can the society fare any better? (Yes, Master.) People have nowhere to turn to. (Right.) They lose their faith. (Right. Yes, Master.) I don’t blame them. I can’t blame them. I just hope they still believe in God. Not because of these ugly, evil priests that they will forsake God or forsake their faith in God. That’s all I hope for. That’s all I pray for. (Yes, Master.)

I said to God, “Please help these faithful people. They do believe in You. Please, don’t let them lose faith in You, because where else will they turn to then? Just because of those evil priests that they lose their faith in You. It’s not their fault. Please forgive them, and help them, and bless them so that they can know how to find You again.” (Yes.) I pray like that, many times.

Whenever I’m reminded of these atrocities from the so-called priests. Oh, my God. It’s like a second government. Worse than evil. (Yes, Master.) Talking about human rights, they all accuse the communists or China human rights violations and all that. (Yes.) And look at this church system. They are worse. (Yes, that’s right, Master.) It’s like a second government in the world with all Satans ruling in it.

Not only they make people lose faith in the church, they also smear the honor of all the good priests as well. (Yes, Master. It’s true.) I know, I saw many priests who are even vegan, and the Catholic priests, they’re even vegan.

"Interview by In Defense of Animals June 26, 2019 Father Donatello: I think just opening up that aspect of knowing that you know this is the way to go, if you're speaking like this, is the only way to really be that witness of Christ is to not eat animals anymore and to defend those who are being exploited in terms of where animals are used for experiments and entertainment."

"Pastor Rob: 'And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every seed green herb for meat. And it was so.' In these verses, it refers to the vegetation as being meat. That’s our true meat, of what we should eat. This, I would have to say, is one of the few times God spoke to humans directly. Throughout this Bible, and every scripture I’ve read, I’ve yet to see many passages where the Lord speaks to us directly. It is irrefutable; it does not say that we can eat animals at any time. So, please, and this is specifically to any other pastors, clergy, ministers, priests, deacons, it’s the first chapter of the Bible, follow it. Preach veganism from your pulpit."

No wonder even China, the government selects their own cardinals or priests. They don’t even have anything to do with the Vatican. Whether or not the Vatican recognizes them. (Yes, Master.)

So, if they were a saint, my very much respectful salute and may they rest in God’s Benevolence. But if they were sinners, doing sadistic deeds against innocent children and women and men alike, then may they go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about beatification, or martyrdom or anything.

So, it’s not just because you die as a priest, you should be a martyr. It’s not like that. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) If you are good and virtuous, then you are a saint. (Yes.) But not if you still eat meat and drink alcohol, no, like every other commoner in the pub. (Right, Master.) In the English pub, or the Irish pub. Then you are nothing! Just because you can read the Bible, that means nothing. Does it? (No, Master.)

Anybody can read the Bible. (That’s right.) (True.) And at least they are honest, they married and they have children and they work hard for their own living. (Yes, Master.) They don’t cheat anybody to call them a priest and Reverend, this and that. And then eating people’s hard-earned money. Fat turkey, big chicken, or huge steak, and drinking alcohol and all that. (Yes, Master.) Ah! Just too good to be a priest! And even can molest children anytime. My God! Imagine that!? (It’s horrible.) (No, we can’t.) (Cannot.) (No, Master.) If any faithful are so devilish like them, then the government would condemn them and put them in jail. But these priests, they are walking tall, talking big. (Yes.) Just to eat well and drink. And drunken by alcohol. Doing nothing good. Not just doing nothing good but harm people. Hurt people, hurt children. See what I’m saying? (Right Master.) (Yes, Master.)

At least the government should forbid them to ever be priests again, so they don’t have any more chances to harm their own little children citizens. (That’s right, Master.) But no! They continue to turn blind eyes. The governments in the world don’t care if the children suffer in the dark, alone, helpless, defenseless, have nowhere to run.

My God. Tell me, is that all good justice? (No, Master. Not at all.) (It’s not.) They are legally protected. (Yes, Master.) While the government’s spending a lot of money just to jail those small crooks. (Yes.) Small thieves or small pedophiles. They’re nothing compared to this evil in the black robe or pink robe. I don’t care, white robe, whatever they wear. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) They stain the Church’s name. (Yes.) They blackened the teaching of Jesus. (That’s right, Master.) They bloodied the walls of whatever church they are in. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

And the biggest priest of all, the pope, does nothing. Just protects them, and sends them elsewhere, or even promotes them to higher priesthood, my God, so that they can molest more children!! All these are evil! Devils! They are devils. They’re working for the devils. They are not working for God. You can see it or not? (Yes, Master, we can.) I’m not scared to say anything like this, because it’s all truth. (Yes.)

"Message from the Archbishop July 31, 2021 Vigano (m): We have come to a point that even simple people with little knowledge of doctrinal issues, understand that we have a non-Catholic pope, at least in the strict sense of the term."

"Media Report from Euronews Aug. 27, 2018 Reporter (m): [Archbishop] Vigano says he has proof that as of the year 2000, the Vatican authorities had been informed by the nunciature in the United States, a former cardinal and Archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick’s immoral conduct. Unsanctioned, McCarrick was instead promoted to Archbishop and Cardinal. Vigano, a conservative, listed his allegations over 11 pages, including explosive phrases, such as, 'We must tear down the conspiracy of silence with which bishops and priests have protected themselves at the expense of their faithful.' It was Vigano himself who sent the Vatican a dossier against McCarrick. He did the same in 2008, forwarding to the highest Vatican authorities an even more damning report, but nothing was done. The church and indeed all churches are under increasing attack from governments and public institutions seeking to make them answerable to the law."

It’s like the daylight truth. Isn’t it? (Yes, Master.) (It is.) Let me take some breath, please. I’m so anguished inside. You know, I’m so… I’m so hurt. Worse than if I am myself in that situation. (Oh, Master…)

Oh, dear God, please help us. Please, I beg You again and again. Please protect the children. Please, please protect the children. Please enlighten those parents. Let them protect their children. Please let the parents watch all these priests in any church like a hawk; always check on their children, and listen to the children’s complaints. Don’t push it aside, please, because they will be telling the truth if the priests begin to lust after them, and begin to groom them for future molestation and rape, and murder, whatever not. Please, please help these children. Please, help their parents to understand that this is serious, so that they can keep an eye on their children, or better don’t send them to any church. And if they do have to send, or they do want to send, they have to keep an eye on them. They have to keep an eye on them all the time. All the time, otherwise their children will suffer, suffer… Oh, please.

My heart doesn’t feel good. I’ll call you back, OK? (Yes, Master.) I’ll call you back. (OK, Master.) Few minutes, yeah? (Yes, Master.) I need to go out, take some fresh air, drink some water. I’ll come back. (Please, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Don’t go away. (We’ll be here, Master.)

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