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Between Master and Disciples

The True Saint Title, Part 6 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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So, they just have to U-turn. The people outside must U-turn – now! Yesterday already. U-turn, be vegan. Don’t partake anymore in bloody killing, animal-person or man. Don’t molest any innocents. Then, maybe you still have a chance. And I may be able to intervene, and pray for you and help you in your hour of need.

What was your question? (It had to do with the reincarnation of the priests to smear the reputation of the church and of the teaching of Jesus.) Yeah, is that your question? (Yes, how long has this been happening.) Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been a long time of course but nobody has a record about it. Like these molesting children, raping children, murdering children is just recently uncovered. (Yes, Master.) All the unknown graves, unnamed, from all the children, from the Catholic-managed schools. (Yes, Master.) And then some people who were survivors of the rape from the priests, all that, or murdering from the priests, they came out and talked to the journalists and all that and then something came out, but not completely all out. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from France 24 English – Oct. 5, 2021 Reporter(f): Michael Rezendes is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with the Associated Press. He was part of the Spotlight Team at the Boston Globe that helped reveal sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church in the States. And he joins me now on the set. Michael, your research, your work in this with the Spotlight team was over 20 years ago. This report’s coming out in France today. Why so long?

Michael Rezendes (m): Well, usually it takes a particular scandal to trigger an investigation. It takes, most important of all, it takes victims who are willing to step forward to tell their stories, even though that's a very painful process, and to demand that someone take action. It’s the same in every country. And at the Spotlight team in Boston 20 years ago, we started investigating one priest. One. And we soon learned that there might be a half a dozen, and we were just honestly blown away by that possibility. Soon we learned and reported there were 70. And today in the Boston Archdiocese alone, that number is 250.”

So that means, before journalism existed or before all these confession stories, nobody even knew, nobody dared to say anything, because if you say something you will be in inquisition. (Yes.) You will have a blackened name, as a witch, or things like that, like in medieval times. They even killed the disciple of Jesus, direct lineage from Mary, Mary the disciple of Jesus, the Cathar Perfect, remember? They killed them in France a lot. Called them Cathar Perfects. They were still direct descendants of Jesus’ spiritual linage at that time, (Wow.) and they were all killed, put on the stake and burned alive, (Oh, God.) because they accused them of being witches. They put the hat on them as witches. And witches are to be burned at the stake. Terrible. Those times, such a dark thing, such evil.

It’s still evil, it’s just not as openly like that. (Yes, Master.) Just ignored, but it’s still happening. (Yes.) Almost the same, except they kill them in the dark, and not burned at the stake, those innocent faithful who believe in them, who worship them, who revere them as the representative of God in the priests’ clothing but they are wolves, they are tigers, they are lions, they are worse.

To compare them to wolf- and tiger- and lion-people is truly, I apologize because tiger- or lion-people, they don’t do harm like this, (That’s right, Master.) they only do their job. They kill the weak to eat, to keep the DNA of the animal-person strong, the strong should survive to keep going. (Yes, Master.) The weak and the sick and the older, they will hunt, that’s their job also, so actually they don’t do any more harm than that. So, to compare them to lion-, tiger-people, I really apologize, I am sorry.

They are not worth being called tiger- and lion-people, even. (Yes, Master.) Because true tiger- and lion-people, they don’t even harm their own species. They don’t eat their own children. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, they promote killing your own children, it’s just like eating your own children. (Yes, Master.) And then they’re raping children like that. They are worse than tiger- and lion-people. They don’t do that. They have their own partner. (Yes, Master.) And they are together for life. And even wolf-people, they are like that also. (Yes, Master.) They are just dog-people, untrained. Many people also have some wolf-people in their house because they probably adopted them when they were younger, when they were maybe abandoned or orphaned. (Yes, Master.)

And the wolf-person is just like dog-people that we have. (Yeah.) They are wonderful, they are loyal. Even many wolf-people returned to the wild, but when these caretakers or the one who helped them before come, oh, they run around them, licking them and kissing them and jump on them, loving them. (Yes, Master.) After many years, even. (Yes.) Not together in the house like the domestic dog-people. They were loyal, they were faithful. They are incredible beings. (Yes, Master.) So, to compare these devil priests to wolf-people, I am so sorry, I really apologize to the wolf-, the tiger- and the lion-people. I apologize. Forgive me.

Yeah. It has been going on long time. So, it wasn’t a question, right? It was a comment from you, right? (A comment and also maybe, I was also curious how long has this been going on and Master said after Jesus died, they seized the opportunity to take over and start doing these bad things.) Yeah. The Romans! That’s why they call it Roman Catholic. It’s not truly Christian anymore. (Ah. Right.)

I knew a priest when I was young because my father took me to a church about maybe 5 kilometers from my home. And I also have been given these wafers from that priest. (OK. Yes.) And he is a good one. He is a good one. And I even met him again in Paris and he didn’t look much different! Thirty-some years later I met him. (Wow.) And when I met him, he was already elder. He’s not like a young boy or anything. He was already a priest in the church.

I had a priest in the church and I met him thirty-some years later. He attended one of the Buddhist festivals, or something. They make some program, like drama, stuff like that. (Right.) And he attended one of them. And I was also there with my teacher, my Buddhist teacher. And he came. And before he left, he came to say to me, “OK, I am going now. OK?” Like a buddy talk. Because in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we don’t say ‘I’ when you are very friendly with each other. You say, you address yourself as “mình” meaning myself, could be also yourself. Like I am yours. Like the Aulacese (Vietnamese) couple, they call each other “mình.” Meaning you are mine, you are me. (Yes, Master.) Means myself. So, he came to me and he said to me “mình.” “Thôi mình đi về nghe,” meaning “OK. I am leaving now, hey.” Like that. Just same like when he was thirty some years ago. I was surprised to see him still so young. I don’t see him much older anymore. He was a very good priest. And he probably was one of those refugees that went out of Âu Lạc (Vietnam), after the war. (Yes.) I was happy to see him and he was so friendly and so humble. Just now I remembered about that. Such a priest worthy of reverence. (Yes, Master.)

Compared to these devils incarnate. Just have the robe of the priest, but nothing else. (Yes, Master.) Because even the normal men, they don’t do that to children! (That’s right, Master.) Even the atheist or the one who doesn’t know anything about Jesus or the church, they won’t do this to children. (No, Master.) You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Yeah! They are criminals! They’re devil criminals. They’re hell criminals, not normal criminals. Any other questions?

“Media Report from PBS NewsHour Dec. 1, 2021 Judy Woodruff (f): The future of abortion rights took center stage at the US Supreme Court. The justices heard arguments this morning over a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Mary Ziegler: What I heard today was that many of the justices seemed potentially ready to overturn Roe (pro-abortion court decision) now. Amy Coney Barrett asked questions suggesting that women didn’t need access to abortion; they could simply put children up for adoption. I don’t think these are questions you ask if you’re not seriously considering reversing Roe, which is what I fully expect the Court to do, and more likely sooner than not.

Stephen Breyer: It is particularly important to show (that) what we do in overturning a case, is grounded in principle and not social pressure, not political pressure.”

(Well, there’s some good news about abortion, Master. Or possible good news.) Yes? (The US Supreme Court has been deliberating a case about abortion and about the ruling, Roe vs. Wade, that was ruled many years ago.) Yeah. (And so, it’s possible that they will overturn that ruling.) Yeah, they should. (Yes.) Otherwise, they will also go to hell. (Oh, yes. And if they do that, then many states will go ahead and ban abortion.)

Yeah, wonderful. Please do that. (Yes, let’s hope they do.) If you are really a real justice and court supreme, please do that. Please do that. Otherwise, this karma, this consequence, the retribution, you will also be shouldering them. And then you will also be dragged to hell. (Oh, yes.) Because they have the power in their hands to save lives and if they don’t, then they will also go to hell. (Yes, Master.) Instead of saving lives, they’re killing lives, then they will be going to hell. (Yes.) Even not directly, but their order, their law. (Yes, Master.)

Kill animal-people, you also go to hell. Eating animal-people meat, you go to hell also, not to talk about killing innocent children. Human beings. (Yes, Master.) Don’t say I’m threatening anybody, it’s all over everywhere. In the Holy Bible, in the Qur’an, in the Hadith, in the Buddhist holy sutra, in the Jain sutra, in Hinduism sutra, in Sikhism, everywhere! (Yes, Master.) Whatever religion, you name it. (Yes, Master.) So don’t say I’m threatening, I’m just telling the truth and reminding them again that they have to do the right thing, or else. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have the power to punish anybody. I just have to tell them the truth, like that. At least they think twice. OK? (Yes, Master.) Or re-think it. And maybe if they heard me, or at least maybe their soul heard me, maybe they will do the right thing. (Yes, Master.)

And all the priests who maybe have not done any sin yet, maybe they should reflect and think twice, and be virtuous, be God-fearing, be God-believing, and don’t molest children and other faithful. The vulnerable ones. (That’s right.) Then maybe God might forgive them. But they have to also be vegan. Because killing animal-people indirectly is also a great sin. Not just one or two, but during the course of their lives, how many numerous animal-people they kill, indirectly, and make their holy temple of God be like a graveyard. (Yes.) Because God says that, in the Bible it says that, your body is a temple of God, (Yes.) and the Holy Spirit dwells within you. And if you make it a graveyard, by eating all these dead corpses, then you are sinful, man. You disregard, disrespect the temple of God. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not me who says anything. (Yes.) I just maybe elaborate it, to clarify. Or reminding all of you. OK? Including my disciples. (Yes, Master.)

You are my so-called disciples. I have to teach you. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) If other people don’t listen, at least you listen. I have to teach you and my outside disciples somewhere that they have to be reminded all the time. To keep themselves pure and compassionate, loving, and fear God. (Yes, Master.) Don’t fear God, just, I mean, fear the law of the Universe. (Yes, Master.) That even God cannot save you if you commit, if you trespass the universal law, you will be gone to hell. No one can help you. (Yes, Master.)

So, they just have to U-turn. The people outside must U-turn – now! Yesterday already. U-turn, be vegan. Don’t partake anymore in bloody killing, animal-person or man. Don’t molest any innocents. Then, maybe you still have a chance. And I may be able to intervene, and pray for you and help you in your hour of need.

Alright. My love. But I think they have something better, just as you said. Just now. (Yes.) About the abortion, they are delivering it. And one of the places completely banned abortion. What country is that? I have read it but I forgot. (Well, this is in the USA, and then Mississippi was a state that was banning, for 18 weeks) OK. (abortion, but now they might be overturning the whole thing.) They say 15 weeks something, but that’s too late already. (Yes.) Any week is late. OK? (Yes, Master.) Never mind. But it’s better than nothing already. (Yes, Master.) It’s just like baby steps. (Yes.) And they probably will grow into a bigger revolution for sustaining and upholding goodness and justice. (Yes, Master. We pray for that, Master.)

(And because Trump put three of the justices into the Supreme Court,) Yeah, I saw. (and they are conservative, so they might very well decide to overturn that abortion ruling.) Yeah. Ms. Barrett or something? What’s her name? (Coney Barrett.) Yes. She was a devout Catholic. (Ah, yes.) And she doesn’t believe in pills or stuff like that. She has seven children, even. (Ah, yes.) And working in the law court. And now she’s one of the Supreme Justices. (Yes.) Yeah. I remember that, long time ago. Before Trump went out, he appointed her. (Yes.) So I hope she really follows the teaching of Jesus. Not the Catholicism, but the teaching of Jesus. (Yes, yes. Yes, Master.)

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