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Faith Is the Mother of All Virtues, Part 1 of 7, July 7, 2019

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I’m not living for anything else. I live for that only. For the world’s wellness, for the animals’ suffering to lessen. I don’t live for anything else. Truly like that. And the Godses know I spoke the Truth. The Godses are my witness.


Thank you for doing a good job, all of you. Of course, we have the whole world behind us, I mean the whole world of brothers and sisters taking care of these things, but I also thank you because you really dedicated your life. This I told many times, but I want to repeat again. Just like a couple in love, always have to say, “I love you,” otherwise she forgets. Wedding day and all that, have to remember. I really want to say I thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

In Valencia, they say “grazias.” And normally we say “gracias.” In Valencia, they put the tongue out, I don't know why. Made trouble for me all the time when I went there. My tongue, I forget... But they understood. Even if you don’t put your tongue out, they also understand. Especially when you bow your head a little and they know you are grateful. I appreciate you guys, that you really decided to dedicate your life and do good things for the world. But this is a piece of cake for you, right? (Yes.) You guys are computer addicts anyway, or not?

You love machines. Men, macho stuff. Machine is... Yeah! When I was outside, I heard some wives complain. They say, “Oh, my husband, he loves the car more than he loves me! He takes care every day, the car he cleans and he polishes and he covers. Me, he doesn't even cover me, he doesn't care. At night we sleep, he takes over my blanket.” It's just a joke, but it's true like that. Men, they love other things more than women. Sometimes it seems like they love women more than other things, but it’s not true. I don't think so. I think they love things more than women. It’s just they need women sometimes though, cooking or something, or just to show that they have a wife, but maybe they don't care much.

Looks good. This is not a spring roll; these are (vegan) summer rolls. Different. Never mind. Good, good. If the food comes, you please eat when it's hot. And we talk and… Because you listen with your ears, not your mouth. I am the one who has to keep the mouth free, so you please enjoy before it gets cold. I eat when I can, when you don't look.

One thing important, I want to say that… Actually, before, I wanted to thank you. These days you are doing a good job. When I’m in retreat, I cannot take care of the world, I mean physically, or by work or note, anything. I note, but I still have it. I cannot give it to you unless it’s an emergency. So, when I’m in retreat, I can take care of things only for myself, my interests only. I could even watch movies if I wanted to, but I don't. I mean a real good movie, like spiritual or something like that.

But I never watch movies in retreat. Only once in a while, maybe my own lecture I can watch. Or something that is not so mundane like a musical, something like that, or some real spiritual show. But otherwise, not. I saw one show this week, it’s called something like “Six Paramitas,” the six perfections. The teaser was so wow! I said, “My God, I can’t believe the Taiwanese (Formosans) do so good!” Just like Broadway. I saw the beautiful decorations, and everything was perfect! But I still did not watch it, because too many people were on it. In my retreat, I don't want to see too many people, even on the screen only, even people already dead. So, I will watch it later on if I have time when I check the aired, the past shows, and maybe I’ll look at it. Really good.

Another show was good. I wanted to reward the Aulacese (Vietnamese) with something. I don’t know how. Maybe you guys can help me with that and report to me. There was a group who did the show called “King Lý Thánh Tông.” The dance group before, they also did a good job. For Aulacese (Vietnamese), it’s perfect. I want to reward them something, like some money, so they can do what they want with it. It was really a good show.

Many other shows, really, I felt so bad, that’s why I said before, “No, no! Don’t want Aulacese (Vietnamese) anymore.” They look like they just wear beautiful clothes and then move around a little bit like that. Don’t even practice well. You can see by the flexibility of the body that they did not practice long. That is a no-no. If we show something to the world, we have to do it perfectly. It’s for respect. That’s why these shows, I did not want any more.

But like the “Six Paramitas” is good. The Taiwanese (Formosans) were really perfect. I haven’t seen the whole thing. Of course, I saw only the teaser. Because I was on retreat, I could not see. But I think it’s perfect. And the Aulacese (Vietnamese) for Lý Thánh Tông, that was good. Maybe one or two shows before also, a long time ago, I forget. Because this kind of show, we should show. I don’t mean to criticize, but we have to be really, really critical of ourselves. If we want to show the world something, we have to do it with heart. And if we cannot, then it’s better we not do it. Understand (in Italian)? (Yes.)

Good appetite! Enjoy your meal. (Thank You.) She always laughs when I speak Spanish to her. I said, “Please don’t laugh, I would think I speak it wrong.” She says, “No, Master! Perfect! Very well, very well!” Cheers! (Cheers!) (Cheers, Master.) Not yet? It takes too long. Come! Hey, everybody has. Cheers. (Cheers, Master.) Long live Supreme Master TV! (Long live Supreme Master TV!) And God bless all the staff, including the ones that are not here. I want to organize one day. It takes a little longer time to prepare, maybe when the weather is nice and all that.

When is the best weather here in Taiwan (Formosa)? Maybe August? (October. Even October, it’s hot.) October? It’s not too hot, not too cold. August is too hot? (Yes.) How about October or September? Hot still? (Still quite hot.) October good? (Yes.) Listen, why don’t we organize a gathering in October? Beginning of October, more or less? The first week. It’s good also, because Thái Tú Hòa passed away on the first of October. Maybe we offer that week also. All the Supreme Master TV from the whole world can come here. If they cannot afford the airplane ticket, please buy it for them.

I also feel very sad that I cannot travel a lot anymore because of my work, because of my health, or because of the carbon price of the airplane, so I cannot go anywhere and see some people that I really love, like the artists, the American artists. Maybe you can also organize that day, together they can come? Because we are also artists, the Supreme Master TV people are also artists. Then we can invite them also, to come here. We pay for everything, expenses. They come here and have one day with me, the artists that have been working with us all these years.

Fred Karlin. He already passed away. It’s very sad. He was such a gentle, sweet man. I loved him. But anyone else who would like to come and can come, October, we have a lot of time still to organize. They can organize that, right? Hopefully. And you can write to them one by one, all the artists over these years, be it American or Aulacese (Vietnamese) or Chinese or Korean or whomever, or Iranian. (Yes, Master.)

Please write to them and tell them we invite them. First of October, how about that? Easy to remember. (Yes.) It’s OK? (Yes, Master.) Just for a gathering, friends gathering. I would love that. Many years I thought about that, but I never had a chance to really, really think about it. I thought about it, but I didn’t have time to think about it. So, in these recent days, I had more retreat time, so I said we must do something. I’d like that. Just because I love them, no other reason.

They don’t need to perform anything for me. If they want, they can do it. Make all day for them. Anyone can just come up and sing or say any nonsense stuff. Supreme Master TV, they have talent, but not always performing talent. Never mind, they can come up and talk nonsense, make us laugh with some of their silliness. Anybody, not just artists, they can all come. We’ll make a stage; everybody can just put their name on the list and then ABC, from A to Z, so they don’t think we discriminate between them, a good artist and bad artist. Anyone can just... Even you guys can also come up, do standup comedy, or sit-down, sit-down comedian. Normally, it’s standup comedian.

Please eat. Oh, I talk too much! My calendar is going on again. Enjoy. (Thank You, Master.) You thank the Godses. Thank everyone involved in this beautiful meal, gods and humans.

All of you, take good care of yourself before it becomes bad. You understand? (Yes, we do.) Above all, take good care of your purity inside. Inside, if you’re pure, you can overcome many, many sicknesses, many obstacles, many problems. Many karma as well. Because most karma, Master took care of already. Just have a little bit. So make sure if you’re pure inside, dedicate your life, truly. Just want to drag that maya down and throw him inside the pit somewhere. That’s what we should do. Bring him down! And lift the world up! Just keep that thing only in mind, nothing else, OK? Everything else can come and go, real or fake, but your goal stays. Kick the maya, lift the world. Repeat! Too busy eating. Kick the maya, lift the world.

I'm happy to have a chance to look at you. I forgot what you look like. I'm sorry that some of you had to go. I mean some of them had to go. Maybe their destiny is like that. They cannot be around me. Because if they are around me, then they mess up. If they're not around me, they do a perfect job. I experience sometimes like that, some of you, I mean some of them. Maybe later, their karma will change.

We can change our destiny if we are determined to reach the noble goal that we want to reach. Really we can. And if we cannot, at least we have this noble goal to die for, and to die with. Nothing else really worth living for. I’m not living for anything else. I live for that only. For the world’s wellness, for the animals’ suffering to lessen. I don’t live for anything else. Truly like that. And the Godses know I spoke the Truth. The Godses are my witness.

I don't tell lies. (Yes, Master.) You know. What for? What's the reason I should tell lies? Is there any reason? (No, Master. We believe You, Master.) Believe. Thank you. Good for you. In Chinese, they say, “Faith is the mother of all virtues.” Meaning your faith, your belief, is the topmost of ten thousand virtues. Ten thousand is just a figure. Not just ten thousand. Meaning however much virtue, if you don't have faith, you don't believe, then it's nothing, because belief, faith, is the topmost of ten thousand virtues.

(Master, You look like a European royal today.) Royal? (Royal, like a European queen) Really? (with the hair and the shirt.) Where is the crown? I left it somewhere. Thank you. Why European? Why not Korean, like last time? European, really? The hair, the hair did it. (Yes. I thought maybe Monaco? Royal of Monaco.) Mo what? (Royal of Monaco.) (The scarf and the hair.) (A Monaco royal.) Monaco? (Yes.)

Yeah. I was in Monaco. But when I was there the first time, many people just kept calling me princess. I said, “No, no, I am no princess.” Like, I went to a restaurant or something, hotel, they said, “Oh, hallo princess-this, princess-that.” And I said, “No, no, I’m not a princess.” Because I think they thought I was a princess of some sort. Because the prince of Monaco at that time, His Majesty Prince Albert, he was still young, and everywhere he went, normally he’d drive a car himself, but sometimes, if he went to some club with a lot of people, then he had one bodyguard, with a gun, I guess. And I had, at that time, four bodyguards. So, they thought maybe I was kind of a big shot or princess. I was dressed, I don’t know, like a princess or something. I’m not sure, I can’t remember. So, I said, “No, no, I’m not a princess.” And they said, “Oh, You are my princess. You are our princess.” Like that, a lot of times.

And I told you, there was one taxi driver, he brought his best Mercedes, white, long and big Mercedes, came and said, “For You, princess.” I ordered only a taxi and he brought his Mercedes. I said, “Wow! Is that my taxi?” He said, “Yes, for You, princess.” He didn’t say taxi or anything. I was thinking he made a mistake. I said, “I ordered a taxi. You are the one. Why is it a different car today?” He said, “For You, princess.” I thought he was just joking, so I didn’t care.

In Monaco, a taxi driver, you don’t look down on him. Because a license in Monaco, it costs more or less one million US dollars or Euros. I forget, Euro or American dollars, but one million anyway. Because Monaco is a small and precious area; it’s like a very rare, precious gem in Europe. Very small but very beautiful, pretty. All the richest people, or not all, but all the rich people live there. Those richest, those of the richest people, most famous – the models, movie stars – they all have apartments there, houses, or whatever. Because all the way around, you can always see the sea, beach. And over there it’s very clean, very safe.

And it’s very difficult to get a taxi driver license in Monaco, and he had an apartment as well. I knew it because after, one day, I went around with some agent. I was thinking maybe I’d live in Monaco; it feels safe. Because over there, you have a lot of police everywhere. There’s no crime, nothing. No paparazzi, nothing allowed in Monaco. That’s why the rich people, the famous people, they like to live there because they feel safe, protected. It’s not allowed for the paparazzi to harass famous people of any kind. (It’s) the law. And they treat women top-class over there. That was because Princess Grace, mother of the present Prince of Monaco, American actress, she made it more prominent that women are to be respected and cared for there. Like very respectful for women, have to be treated like a lady.

So, all the models, they live there too, and movie stars, and rich people, billionaires, millionaires. So, when you’re in Monaco, you see only private helicopters, big yachts, glorious mansions and people, all kinds of top cars in the world. You don’t see normal cars. And rarely do you see any Monaco citizen working. They told me, “We Monaco people, don’t work.” It’s not true actually, but it’s the impression that people have because the country is so rich. And rich people, they don’t have to pay tax or anything, no income tax. And if there are some people, poor people, working class people, the government builds houses, condos, apartments for them in some little less central area; very cheap, very, very cheap. You can buy like those small apartments for yourself, only €50,000 euros, government built, but maybe you have to be qualified. You have to show that your income is so less, and you’re working how long, loyally, in where and where.

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