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Buddhist Stories: The Land of Amitabha Buddha, Part 1 of 7, Aug. 15, 2015

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If I don’t have fear, how would I understand your fear? How would I know how to make you not fear, if I don’t know what it is? I’m born here to suffer and to know everything about humans, so that I can help you.

I’m just taking some time, different time, to see if you’re sleeping or not. You’re meditating? Sleeping or meditating? (Meditating.) Good! Honest? (Yes, honest.) I didn’t sleep all night; why should you sleep, right? (Yes.) Yeah! Hey! Good friends. Many people also up there have been with me for a long time. Long, long, long, long time. I’m glad to see such people. Because you are going soon, so I try to give you a lot of time. Did it benefit you somehow (Yes!) all these Buddhist sutras and stuff? (Yes!) Does it really make you feel more elevated? (Yes!) Because some are not good. Some are, yes, but some are not.

You asked me why I fear if I am Tim Qo Tu? And all this talk all these days makes no difference to you. I’m a very serious practitioner. That’s why I go to the mountain alone, with hunters and animals running around like that. I’m serious, that’s why I went to the Himalayas; I’m serious, that’s why I still meditate many hours a day. I don’t need you to believe in me ― nothing. I don’t need to prove to you ― nothing. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that I am Tim Qo Tu even. I don’t know why I told you. I told you not just for you― for the world, for other people to know the name, in case they need it. The same question you can say, “Why does the Buddha have to eat?” “Why does the Buddha need an ashram?” “Why does somebody have to build an ashram for Him? If He’s a Buddha, He can manifest a house by Himself.” He can, He can. But that’s not the point. That’s not the point. What for He comes, Buddha comes down, and “hula hula hup” and does all kinds of magic. And what is that? Even a magician can do that. Why did the Buddha accept offerings from other people? Anybody know? (To bless them.) Yeah, give them blessings! He didn’t want to stay anyway; He wanted to go. He wanted to go to Nirvana. But after (Brahma) god kind of begged Him, so He remembered all the compassionate deeds He does. But even then, He said, “It’s too difficult. I don’t want to stay here.” It was difficult for Him. At that time we were not that polluted here even. We had no cars, no televisions, not too much poison in the air or in the water. And people were still so difficult, not to talk about these days.

I just told you I’m Tim Qo Tu only. And then already, “Is She really? If She is, why is She scared?” Anyone would be scared. It’s just the hunters, they’re running around, and the animals are running around too, because they’re pushing them into one corner so they can shoot them. And in the dark of the night, they might not see me. I’d be happy to die tomorrow, honestly. Suppose I’m not fearful, suppose not, but I have to be fearful too, because all of your fearful karma is on me too. Didn’t you even know that? (Yes.) If I don’t have fear, how would I understand your fear? How would I know how to make you not fear, if I don’t know what it is? I’m born here to suffer and to know everything about humans, so that I can help you. To be in the desert or to be in the mountains, or to be in the forest, you have to really want it, no matter what. It’s not like I really want to look for the forest. I’m also OK here. It’s just at that time, I have to be there. At different times, I have to be in different places. So I keep running around, different mountains, different forests. Sometimes I stay in some houses, but rarely. Nowadays, rarely in the house, just outside. Either a little hut, simple, quickly built, you know the plastic huts they sell, like a shed, simple to build. Or just a tent or some box, plastic box, the plastic box they make so that you can put garbage inside and then clasp it and lock it. I stayed in one of them, too. It’s quicker. It’s quicker. Anywhere will do, anything, as long as I have to be there for the spiritual connection. I could do many things, but then you would not be healed. Everything you criticize on me is because of you. It’s truly like that, it is like that. I keep the Five Precepts; I don’t tell you lies. So anything you look badly at me, that is the mirror. You should check yourself first.

Maybe I’m not Tim Qo Tu. Who cares? You have benefit. There was a film, “Bruce Almighty,” you remember? (Yes.) God told him don’t ever tell anybody that he’s God, you know, temporarily God. I guess he filled in on the job while the God went on a vacation. It’s really funny. But he didn’t have to tell anybody that he’s God. He has only one wife and she even didn’t believe anything in him. She left anyway. He did not have to do anything. He’s just a private person – wonderful. I thought I am kind of your teacher. So whatever happens to me, whatever I know, I let you know. That’s why I told you. Otherwise, I couldn’t care a hair about what you know and what you think about me and what you think I am or not. You think I really care? For what reason? For me, everything is really, really illusion. Truly like that. And there’s one thing to know, and another thing to really realize that. It’s one thing to know that you are Buddha inside, you have Buddha inside, and another thing is to realize your Buddhahood. That is the thing. But since I already became involved with you, so I just try to continue to help you as much as I can. Otherwise, I can just go like this. Everything is OK. Go or not go is OK. But since I stay with you now and then still it benefits you, so I will try, I will try. I came here to let you ask any questions you want – about the Buddhas, about the practice, and about your experience, and everything. These few days, a lot of your brothers and sisters tell good experiences, openly or with each other exchanging experiences.

Yes, please. (Hi, Master.) Hi. (Thank You for coming again tonight.) Tonight? No. It’s tomorrow. (I mean this morning.) This is morning. (Yes.) Tell me. (Well, first of all, You just mentioned that You can heal Yourself and it’s true. Like, I experienced it so many times You healed myself.) Yes, even you can do it! All of you can! (I truly saw it in a vision, and many times, and I know that You can do it for Yourself, too.) Yes. (But because You decided to bear our (bad) karma, You allow Yourself to suffer for us.) Yes, correct. (Also, I would like to thank You very much. For me, personally, I find that this experience to witness how You drag basically people to the Golden Era, it’s a miracle; it’s so amazing, mind blowing just to know, like, I had a vision how You actually stopped that tsunami from landing, and I was thinking all these predictions done by many psychics before, they were meant to be, except thanks to Your grace, humans escaped so many disasters. It’s just unbelievable. I also experienced when You elevated human souls to the Third Level. And it was actually interesting. I had a co-worker and she was in a psychic group. So, after a few months, after I saw when You elevated the human souls, she said, “Oh everybody knows that this fall something happened to people, like the consciousness of people went up and something happened,” and I thought to myself, “Wow! How lucky I am to actually know who did it and how it happened.” It’s unbelievable how much work and how... Like, I’ve read before the Bible, for example, when this time comes what’s going to happen and stuff, but it never crossed my mind how hard it is for You, Master, to deal with all of this, how much work You have to do. And it’s just... it’s hard to say. It’s nice to experience it. At the same time, it’s not nice to see how much You suffer. Like, I remember once before the Countdown, I felt so much, like I was scared for the people, for the world, and I kind of thought that in the universe, like the compassion You had for people and stuff. Well, basically it’s such a privilege to experience. I think this period of time what You’re doing is the biggest event in the human’s experience, in the human’s history at all. So, thank You very much, and thank You for letting me personally, for example, to witness it, to see it, and to have so much advantage in many, many ways.) You’re welcome. (Thank You very much, Master.) Thank you, thank you. Some others also experience similar. (Yes! I’m sure. Thank You.) You’re my witness. Thank you. Because if I tell all this, people think I am just telling a story, like telling a fairy tale or something. That’s why I don’t say anything. I don’t say a lot, very little, what I told you, very little. It’s OK, it’s not that hard.

The hardest part of my job is you guys. Other things in the spiritual realm are easier. It looks hard, but it’s easier. Ego, arrogance, and ignorance are more difficult. In the physical level, it’s more difficult. Physical, intellectual, mental, all this garbage – are more difficult, more painful. It took a toll on my body many times. It’s only because I have to continue to live for everyone; otherwise, I don’t want to stay here even. Not because I’m depressed or suicidal; it’s not like that. I feel, “What’s the use? It’s all an illusion.” I’m just playing with kids and then they don’t even know. It’s like you’re a parent and your child is little, and you play with toys with them. You go “vroom, vroom, vram, vram” with them. At that time maybe you are deep … maybe even for some moments you become childlike again, but that doesn’t mean you grow back into a child, doesn’t mean your parental status is lessened, that you forget that you’re an adult. No, it’s not like that. You just play with the kids. For you, the toy motorcycle is nothing. You know it’s just a toy, but you play with him like it’s real. “Wow! My God. Come on, come on, come on!” This way, that way, just make it so exciting with the kids. Otherwise, you don’t care. You don’t care. But you know for sure that the kid is very happy with his toy, so you wouldn’t tell him, “It’s just a toy.” Or, you don’t want to destroy it because you don’t care. So, it’s not a question, it’s just... You look very grateful. I’m glad. You should be grateful also to Ihôs Kư Councils, God Almighty, Cosmic Beings; They’re all helping. I don’t really like it. Not just personal things, but I don’t like it that so many things that all Heavens and Earth do for all the people here and some people are so ignorant, so ungrateful. So ungrateful. That’s what I don’t like. I also don’t like people who don’t really practice, just jump in the group just for fun, because they have no life, they have nothing to do. Come in and just ruin our togetherness. I don’t like this kind of people. So many doubts in their heads because too low level, that’s the problem. If you have such experiences like her, for example, or like other brothers and sisters, you don’t even have any questions in your mind. You have no questions whatsoever. You’re just so grateful, grateful, grateful. You never can have even one little question in your head, because you know too sure, too well. Only low-level people have doubts, have questions, and thinking garbage.

Any more? You're English and he's Spanish. (I was born in Iran.) Oh, Iran. (I grew up in England.) How did you meet her, such a beautiful wife? (She came to study in Seville.) Seville is in Spain. (Spain, south of Spain.) South of Spain. South, but southeast, huh? (Yes.) And then? (We met there and then we had about three years’ relationship. She was living here and I was living in Spain. And then after three years, we decided also for her to come to Spain or for me to come here.) Yeah, so you come here. (When we met, I didn’t speak English, and she spoke very little Spanish.) It’s better, so you never can quarrel a lot. (Yes.) “What? Dictionary! Oh, man! Oh, forget it! Forget it!” It took too long to check out the sentence you want to say, and then you just cool down. Don’t speak English, better not. (It’s true because my English was very little, and I had to explain with hands, “Go eat” or “Go walk.”) Well, it worked all the same. You produced a child, so it must have been working.

OK, tell me what is it you want to say. (I just want to say, even last night I was saying to my wife, it hurts my heart when I can see You talking about the experience of other practitioners, they doubt You. And I don’t understand how some practitioners still doubt You after so many years. Everything You’ve done and everything You do,) Yeah, I wonder. (sacrifice Your life, Your money, everything for everyone.) I wonder myself. (And all the miracles You do for everyone and all the experience all these years.) Yeah. (And really it hurts my heart. On one occasion, one of my experiences I came to see You about five, six years ago here from New Zealand and I had a big infection in my left eye. For three or four days, I was putting drops and things.) It’s OK now, huh? (And when I got here, You asked me, “Where do you come from?” and I said, “I come from New Zealand.” Five minutes later, You took one of the tissues and You cleaned Your eye, and then I realized, “Oh, She’s cleaning Her left eye, like my eye,” and then I looked at my eye and my infection was gone.) Just like that. (And that is one of them. I mean, I have so many experiences and miracles. You help me in all kinds of ways. I don’t understand why still people doubt You, who You are.) Because they don’t practice, that is the thing. They didn’t come in to practice, and when they’re in, they’re not practicing. So they see nothing, they know nothing, they hear nothing. It doesn’t touch them. Sometimes, I thought I waste my time, but because of people like you, like Togo, or her, or many others, etc., some friends up there, that I still carry on, continue to carry on. It’s very difficult to be a Master. You have to dance, you have to sing, you have to know everything else. Lucky, lucky that I have a little talent. I earn my own money; otherwise, I wonder what else you would do to me if I relied on you to live. I wonder.

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