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Between Master and Disciples

The True Saint Title, Part 5 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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If the pope or any church big shot wants to really retain the church’s reputation, then they have to do the opposite of what they have been doing now. First, they have to really get enlightenment. I don’t care which Master they want to seek. (Yes, Master.) They have to meditate more. They have to eat vegan and not the flesh of other creatures from God.

So, it’s a lot of work for the photography, but I enjoy it very much, because I could not paint anymore, I could not write songs anymore. I don’t even have time for anything like that anymore. So, photography is the only thing that I still can do, artistic-wise. Sometimes it also helps put me at ease…. I love beauty in these photos. I look at them again, again and again. And I put my hand on my heart and I thank the Sun, thank all the trees and thank all the bushes and the flowers, and the wind and everything.

Sometimes the wind does help. Like, it’s too bushy in front of the object that I want. But then the wind blows all that away and so it reveals the object of adoration. And quickly I click. (Wow.) Because if I don’t do it then, I won’t have time next day or the day after. (Yes, Master.) Because some days I don’t have as much work as other days. (Yes, Master.) Depends on what you send and what business and other things or what inside meditation I have to do. So, whenever I have a chance, I take photos if I see something interesting. (Yes, Master.) And even just a normal tree or something, I could choose some angle and make a part of him look beautiful and very, very, shining and attractive to me.

I didn’t know that people really like it too. I thought it’s just for me. Because it’s too beautiful not to share. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) And then some disciples want me to make it into a book and write some comments on it so that I can sell it. I said, “I don’t have time right now. Every day we have one photo, then, you all can enjoy, free, and that should be enough.” (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I don’t really have time to write comments on the photos. (Yes.) And if I let any of you do it, maybe you don’t do it right. (Right, Master.) You don’t choose the one that I like or you don’t compare for compatibility.

Like if you put some photo with the other photo, it might not be that good. Outshining; one maybe outshines the other. (Yes, Master.) And it’s not fair and all that. Then, I have to check it again and do it all over again anyway. So, I said, “Oh, forget it then. Every day they enjoy one photo, that should be OK.” (Yes, Master.) Because to make it into a book, it takes a lot of work (That’s right.) for me to have to collect all of them, original, back again. And I have to compare them and I don’t have enough room to patch them all on the wall to see. (Yes, Master.) I’m kind of picky. I don’t just do anything; I want to do it the way that I really feel good about it. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, why we are talking about this now? What is it then? What did you do to make me talk about this again? What was it? Oh, the fate? (Ah, yes.) That’s all the questions, why I go to photographs? Never mind, it must be connecting and all. Just one moment. We go back to that theme again.

If the pope or any church big shot wants to really retain the church’s reputation, then they have to do the opposite of what they have been doing now. First, they have to really get enlightenment. I don’t care which Master they want to seek. (Yes, Master.) They have to meditate more. They have to eat vegan and not the flesh of other creatures from God. (Yes, Master.) In the Bible, it says already, “I made all the fruit and herbs in the field; that’s for you to eat.” (Yes, Master.) He did not say, “I made the animals for you to slaughter and eat.” (No. Did not say.) Hes even said that, “I don’t want any of these fat lambs or she-sheep because your hands are full of innocent blood.” That means God calls the animal-people innocent beings. Should not be slaughtered and eaten like that, the way they do now.

They’re not doing anything that’s in the manner of priests at all. The priests should be having compassion for all beings. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) That’s a required quality, no? (Yes, Master.) That should be an inborn quality, even. (Yes, Master.) They have nothing! It’s just an evil system, to fleece people who are vulnerable and who believe in God. They are fleecing people’s belief in God Almighty. (Yes, Master.) They are bleeding them. They’re sucking them. Just people are innocent, vulnerable. And it’s just been tradition since the time of Jesus to believe in monks, His disciples. Of course, they should. But these priests are not worthy at all. They’re low-life. (Yes, Master.) Low-life. Lowest of the low-life. Woe to them the day they die. They will know where they go.

But I’m telling you one thing. Their souls have already been captured in hell. (Oh!) It’s just that they’re bodies don’t know it. Because the mind, the brain doesn’t understand all these things. So the astral bodies, which contain their souls, are already being burned in hell. (Oh wow.) Only when they shed this physical body, then they can see it. Then they would really be in hell altogether, in spirit and astral body. Then they will suffer, they will know what pain is, whatever they did to others. This is because they’re ignorant, they don’t understand it.

See, they’re working for the devils, and they think the devil will reward them. No, they will “reward” them with fire, with darts, with swords, with burning cauldron oil. (Yes, Master.) Bubbling, boiling oil in cauldrons to do whatever they do, just like the way they eat the animal-people who have been tortured thus. (Yes, Master.) So just because they wear that robe, they cannot fool any Heaven and Earth, and hell, even. So the devil will come for them. Many of them are already in hell. Just the body is still there, dragging around, and if they don’t even repent or anything, then they will be in hell forever.

There’s such a hell, like relentless hell, then they will never have one second respite from torture, because they dare mock the House of God, the church. (Yes, Master.) And smearing the teaching of Jesus, just for their fat belly and alcoholism, alcohol addiction. Life is just too good for them. It’s so easy just to don that robe and then you can eat anything you want, drink all alcohol which is even forbidden elsewhere, and molesting, raping children, and adults alike. Depends. Depends on what church and where. (Yes, Master.) And the lusty taste of that so-called priest.

All this evil has to be eliminated from our society, not to talk about the church, (Yes, Master.) so that they have no more chance to hurt the vulnerable, innocent children and adults. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) They have to be eliminated. I don’t know what the governments are doing. I don’t know what they’re doing. They tolerate all this, they’re accomplices, they turn a blind eye. I don’t know why.

And some say because the church does some charity for the society, doing good for their county or their country. No! They don’t have to do that. Many nonprofit organizations, more honest, can do it. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s right, Master.) Donate to the Red Cross, donate to the charity organizations so that they can go directly help the poor and the sick, the needy. Don’t have to go through these fat bellies of the priests. (Yes, Master.) Cheaters and murderers, and pedophiles and child molesters. (Yes, Master.) The criminals of the church. Oh my God.

Anything else, my love? (I have one question, Master.) Tell me. (Earlier You mentioned that some of these priests had specifically reincarnated to come and destroy the reputation of the church and the teachings of Jesus. And it sounds like this has been going on for hundreds of years,) Yeah! Yeah, yeah. (because we’ve learned today in Paris this happened, and it’s happening today. So it sounds like it’s been happening for many hundreds of years, this.)

Yes, of course, my love. Of course, it’s been happening. After Jesus died, they jump on it, they take over the power of the church, because they see so many faithful, many followers. (Oh.) Many, because Jesus died in such an agonizing way for the sins of others. So they cash in on that. (Oh.) Because many people follow Jesus. (Yes, Master.) And they still do even after Jesus already went back to Heaven and all His good apostles are already gone, they still continue to believe because they don’t know anything else. (Yes.)

But these later day priests, so-called, these people, nowadays priests or since many hundred years after Jesus died, it’s no more. No more of the purity of the lineage. They don’t have any enlightenment conferred to them by good disciples of Jesus anymore. (Oh, yes.) Any Master dies, after a few hundred years, the lineage is gone. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) You have to seek elsewhere. After Buddha died, many of His monks (Yes.) continued the lineage and then continued further a little while, third-hand. But after a while, there’s nobody who practices well anymore and all the true enlightened Masters from the Buddha’s teaching, all gone. (Yes, Master.) So the lineage will not be there anymore. It probably is somewhere else because of another lineage somewhere. It’s still retaining, or a new Master’s born. (Yes, Master.) And they have direct communion. Like truly when Jesus gave the people the bread, that is really His body. And drink water with Him, that He gave to His faithful, that’s truly His blood. (Yes, Master.)

But nowadays, all these priests, with dirty hands that are touching children and molesting children, and go and give you this Communion wafer, will you eat it? Yuck! (No, Master.) (No.) Dirty hand, dirty mind, dirty heart. Filthy low-life. How can you go and eat this Communion wafer from their hands? Oh, please, give me a break. And even just use the hands and the mouth to tear apart the piece of chicken-people legs or chicken-people wings, and wash the mouth and go out, teach, talk about Jesus’ holy teaching. Does it have any power? Any blessing? (No, Master. No.) Give me a break, man. It’s all fake. Falsehood. Fake. “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Ignorant to the core. The bottom of all the ignorant. Even outside laypeople, faithful, they are even more enlightened than that. (Yes, Master.)

Every day read the Bible for what? Don’t understand a thing in there, don’t even follow the basic commandments from God. (Yes, Master.) They are just “wolves in sheep’s clothing” – fake. Fake from the top Vatican up to all the smallest priests, unless there are some priests who are good, who are vegan, that means they understand. They are more enlightened already. They respect the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” even indirectly. You see that? (Right, Master.) But these priests are few, very hard to find.

The parents, if they want to send the children to be altar boys or girls or something, they should check out the priest from top to bottom to see if they are good, if they are vegan, if they’re pure, if they’re clean, before they entrust their children to their hands. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they’re sending their children in harm’s way. (Yes, Master.) And they will never forgive themselves and nor the children can have a normal life, all their life, they will be obsessed with these dark memories, (Yes, Master.) dark horrible and filthy memories. How can anybody shake it off? (Right, Master.) Alright.

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